Lawyer Marketing FAQ - The Firm Theory Podcast

Lawyer Marketing FAQ - The Firm Theory Podcast
Are you trying to attract more clients? Curious about the latest tips and tools available? Want to try something different, but not sure what? Mark and his guests will talk about it all. Not all attorneys have the large budgets to dominate the commercial and billboard space. But there are things you can do to stand out in the crowded marketplace. So if you’re a lawyer, a legal assistant, or another marketer that works with lawyers, then slide on in and let’s discuss some of the trials and tribulations of what it takes to bring more clients to your door.

The Only Marketing Tool You Need
Jan 7 • 1 min
We all want a great camera, the best computer, the most expensive software. I want those things too. But you don’t need them to start creating content that will attract the kinds of clients you actually want to work with. The one tool you need is the one…
Lawyer Marketing FAQ - Trailer
Dec 12, 2019 • 2 min
In 2008 when the market crashed more people went to law school than went bankrupt. Today there are more lawyers per capita than at nearly any time in the history of the US. Standing out in that crowd takes more than just standing in front of some books…