Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!

Delivering Perfect Parts Faster!
Delivering Perfect Parts Faster! A manufacturing podcast series directly from inside the walls of manufacturing laboratory Phillips Precision, Inc. located in Boylston, MA. The birthplace of industry changing innovations; Mitee-Bite® Pitbull® Clamp, In?

Hidden Profit Exposed in Inspection!
May 1 • 36 min
Why is inspection often overlooked as a profit improving process? Many companies view parts inspection as a cost of doing business – a non-value-added expense. BUT it doesn’t need to be so expensive. In this episode of Delivering Perfect Parts Faster,…
Quality Inspectors Should Wear Capes!
Apr 1 • 35 min
A Quality Inspectors role is multifaceted and stressful trying to keep pace with production, technology advances and required quality standards. It’s an unreasonable expectation that they are also skilled at programming and design of complex inspection…
The Battle at First Article Inspection
Mar 2 • 31 min
Companies using modular inspection fixturing are no longer running at risk and the battle at first article inspection has been resolved. Modular inspection fixturing is changing the game for metrology labs everywhere. Listen in on this episode of…
Turnkey Metrology For Today’s Technology
Feb 3 • 35 min
Turnkey metrology solutions, cutting edge marketing and workforce awareness.
Automation Integrations - Positioning For The Future
Dec 31, 2019 • 30 min
Robotics help Deliver Perfect Parts Faster!
Modular Inspection Fixturing - Bridging The Gap
Dec 11, 2019 • 21 min
What does going modular in the inspection lab do for you?