The Peter Bowden Podcast

The Peter Bowden Podcast
Connection, Community, and Digital Leadership

Turn your congregation’s YouTube channel into an online newcomer welcome center
Sep 30 • 15 min
In this digital ministry strategy session, Peter Bowden shares how to turn your congregation’s YouTube channel into a newcomer welcome center in 5 simple steps. Many congregations are on YouTube, but only a percentage of those are utilizing YouTube’s…
Congregations: On reopening, relaunching, and reimagining!
Sep 23 • 17 min
In this ministry strategy session, differentiating between REOPENING, RELAUNCHING, and REIMAGINING your ministry! Covid19 has rapidly accelerated existing digital and cultural trends. We’ve probably seen 10 years worth of change over the last six months.…
Peter’s Podcast Pandmic Pivot!
Aug 1 • 3 min
Hi friends! I wanted to let you know that the COVID19 pandemic has created a huge demand for my support from congregational leaders - my core training community. In response, I am shifting the focus of this podcast — primary focus on congregations,…
Covid19: Prioritizing small group ministry, moving groups online with ZOOM
Mar 12 • 26 min
A digital ministry strategy session with Peter Bowden discussing congregations, COVID19, and the value of prioritizing moving your congregation into online small groups, integrating worship and small groups, and Zoom breakout groups.
What if we have to cancel church because of the Covid19 Coronavirus?
Mar 6 • 24 min
On covid19, social distancing, limiting large gatherings, and your digital ministry strategy. This is a strategy session to get your congregation thinking about the Covid19 coronavirus and your digital strategy should you face community spread and…
Leading in a Video First World
Feb 4 • 57 min
We’re entering a “video first” world where video dominates! How do you lead in a social media environment where video is the norm? In this audio master class I share video tips and strategies to help you bring your leadership online. CONNECT VIA TEXT Text…
The Digital Path to Membership
Jan 9 • 22 min
With the New Year people are looking to connect with organizations, from visiting a local congregation to joining a fitness club and getting involved in the climate movement. Social media and digital culture are changing how people research and connect…
The Plan: Empowering You to Build Community
Dec 16, 2019 • 7 min
An overview of my community-building goals, plans for this podcast, and what we can accomplish together. I want to empower you and the organizations you’re affiliated with to promote connection, conversation, and meaningful community. Connect via Social…
Invitation: Help Shape Our Conversations
Dec 10, 2019 • 1 min
I’m using a text platform to connect with those of you who want to help shape our conversations. I’ll share periodic questions before recording episodes so I can weave in your ideas, interests, and insights, and other feedback into the podcast. Replies go…
My Path from Spiritual Exploration to a Community Building Revolution
Dec 10, 2019 • 6 min
Friends, as promised here’s a little more on my story. Lot’s to share but I thought I’d keep it short as we’re getting to know each other. Want to know more about certain aspects? Let me know. Happy to share more. I share how I went from being painfully…
Introducing the Peter Bowden Community Podcast!
Dec 10, 2019 • 1 min
Welcome to my podcast! I’m Peter Bowden, a community builder, small group expert, and digital leadership coach. Whether you’re looking to build community in your personal life or lead an organization — a nonprofit, corporation, congregation, school, or…