GenX Stories

GenX Stories
GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself. Join hosts (and friends for over 20 years) Eve Simon and Sacha Cohen every other Wednesday as they dive into all of the things that matter the most to our generation. Ev

12: Reality Bites: Movies That Made Us
May 27 • 43 min
Grab some popcorn and a wine cooler—we’re going to the movies! On the final episode of our first season, we discuss growing up on Star Wars, E.T, and Sixteen Candles in the 80s and then having our lives reflected back to us in 90s indie hits like…
11: Come As You Are: GenX, music and memories
May 13 • 36 min
Music makes the world go round, even in a quarantine. In the second to last episode of the season, we throw back to the music of the 80s and 90s and talk about the music that made us who we are today. From teenage heart throbs and pop music icons to…
10: Who’s Zooming Who?
Apr 29 • 32 min
Dating during a pandemic. Is it even possible? And, are there any good things about meeting a potential suitor via Zoom? We sat down with Matchmaker Extraordinaire Laurie Berzack to discuss what’s has happened with dating and matchmaking since we all…
9: Mad World
Apr 15 • 23 min
It’s been just over a month since most of us went into self-isolation. How is GenX doing under these remarkable circumstances? Is the resilience that served us well over the years enough to get us through this insane situation? Are introverts managing…
8: Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Apr 1 • 18 min
The coronavirus crisis rages on, forcing us to shelter in place and socially isolate. The very fabric of our lives has been shredded like an old punk rock t-shirt. But we persist. In today’s special episode, we discuss what it’s like when everything is…
7: My-My-My Corona
Mar 25 • 36 min
A global pandemic that once existed only in sci-fi films is now our reality. Self-isolation, social distancing, Zoom all day long, obsessive hand washing, toilet paper shortages, and trying to keep our parents and kids in check…welcome to this brave…
6: We’ll Have What She’s Having
Mar 11 • 38 min
Sugar cereal, the weird joy of carob, McDonald’s happy meals, The Silver Palate Cookbook, Ally Sheedy’s Captain Crunch sandwich in The Breakfast Club, and early introductions to health food. Today’s episode looks back at the food of our youth and how it…
5: Fade to Black - Our Mortality
Feb 26 • 30 min
Only two things in life are certain, so the saying goes: Death and taxes. This week, we tackle mortality, celebrity deaths, and what it’s like to face life-changing loss. Eve opens up about the diagnosis that shook her world, Sacha discusses losing her…
4: Crazy for You - First Relationships
Feb 12 • 27 min
Ah, dating in the 80s and 90s…
3: Sign of the Times
Jan 29 • 25 min
We take a look back at how growing up in the 80s and 90s shaped our own activism.
2: Square Pegs - GenX at Work
Jan 15 • 29 min
What was it like to begin a career in the early 1990s and what’s it like to be middle-aged now in the workplace?
1: Showing Our True Colors - Body Image and Beauty
Jan 15 • 34 min
On today’s episode Eve and Sacha discuss what it was like growing up as “two chubby Jewish girls” in a land of skinny shiksas.
Welcome to GenX Stories!
Dec 9, 2019 • 1 min
Trailer for GenX Stories, a Podcast coming in Jan 2020 about how the so-called “lost generation” found itself. Everyone has a GenX story. What’s yours?