Talk Jam Podcast

Talk Jam Podcast
Welcome to TALK JAM…Musicians jam, just for fun. Here at TALK JAM, recorded live and then flash-frozen in a secret undisclosed location somewhere on the planet, two good friends talk about everything under the sun. It’s about writing, it’s about boo

Kelly’s Top 5 Time Travel Movies and Susan’s Top 3 Time Travel Books
Aug 10 • 60 min
Episode 32 of TALK JAM is a lighthearted look at time travel, both movies and books. Kelly and Susan LOVE time travel stories, so this is right up their alley! Join us for this lively talk about what makes great time travel stories great!!Episode 32 is…
Why Does Wayfair Have Missing Children’s Names on Products?
Jul 25 • 26 min
Episode 31 is a disturbing conversation about the online furniture company Wayfair, which may or may not be involved in some deeply upsetting activities, possibly involving child sex trafficking. Susan was first alerted to this by a YouTube video from…
How to Spot Hoaxes & War of the Worlds
Jul 24 • 33 min
TALK JAM Episode 30 is a discussion about hoaxes, primarily financial hoaxes, in their various forms. Kelly has a background as a credit-card fraud investigator, going back to the 1990s, and talks about her work in recognizing and investigating…
Kanye West
Jul 20 • 32 min
Show Notes:Episode 28 is a long-ranging talk about the upcoming presidential election, including some observations about Kanye West’s late entry into the race as an independent candidate, a reminiscence about Ross Perot and Bill Clinton, and some…
Episode #29—Silver Bullet for Covid 19—Inhaled Budesonide
Jul 20 • 27 min
Show Notes:Episode 29 is a fascinating discussion about Dr. RIchard Bartlett, a Dallas emergency-room doctor who’s been using an unusual protocol for COVID-19, which includes a 100% CURE rate among his ER patients, some of whom are extremely ill with…
Song of the South Movie and Other Censured Movies Through History
Jul 8 • 27 min
Episode 27 is sponsored by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler’s great children’s book, THE AMAZING MR. BIG, a very short story (in rhyme) that covers all the important concepts in the Bible. Great for children to start learning about God and his story; check it…
Diet Discussion with Susan Sloate on Fasting, Dirty Keto, My Fitness Pal
Jul 6 • 29 min
Episode 26 is another diet update and a discussion of how we’ve managed our diets during the lockdown. It isn’t easy to do intermittent fasting while locked down, nor is it easy to maintain calorie and exercise schedules, as Kelly does, while unable to…
Symbolic Dreams From God: A Discussion with Author Teresa Ward
Jun 22 • 58 min
Symbolic Dreams From God A Discussion with Author Teresa Ward
Gone With The Wind & Sammy Davis Jr.
Jun 15 • 51 min
TALK JAM Episode 24 has two jams, both dealing with the racism concerns we’ve been focusing on over the last few weeks.Jam 1 is a passionate discussion about GONE WITH THE WIND and HBO MAX’s decision to remove it from its service. Susan is a huge GWTW…
Kelly & Susan Discuss Reactions to Riots in America and the Insurrection Movie
Jun 8 • 54 min
Today’s episode of TALK JAM is sponsored by FORWARD TO CAMELOT, the time-travel thriller by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn, about the JFK assassination, available on Kindle and paperback at Amazon and other online bookstores.Episode 23, Jam 1 is a…
Missing Robin Williams & A Report on the MAGA Boaters Trumptilla
May 30 • 47 min
We miss Robin Williams so we decided to talk about his movies and comedy & a report on 1000 boaters for Trump parade discussion.
Interview with John Soforic, Best-selling Author of The Wealthy Gardner
May 17 • 59 min
Interview with John Soforic, Best-selling Author of The Wealthy Gardner, a personal finance book.
May 14 • 54 min
Episode 20-Diets, Lockdown Binge-Watching & Mothers DayJam 1—Diet Update—In Jam 1, Susan gives us an update on her progress with Intermittent Fasting while in lockdown (spoiler alert: it’s not great news). While she HAS kept fasting for at least…
Out of Shadows & Media Manipulation / Questions for the 12 Disciples of Jesus
Apr 20 • 57 min
Out of Shadows Documentary & Questions for the 12 Disciples of Jesus and sequel to the Passion of the Christ
Covid-19 Lockdown & Bob Dylan’s Murder Most Foul Lyrics Discussion
Apr 9 • 64 min
Todays discussion about the Covid-19 Lockdown and Bob Dylan’s song, Murder Most Foul
The National Post article on Chloroquine by Susan, Favorite Easter Films & POTUS Conference Call Bonus
Mar 26 • 39 min
The National Post article on Chloroquine by Susan, Favorite Easter Films & POTUS Conference Call Bonus
The Amazing Mr. Big Interview, COVID-19, Ethiopian Nomads & Aloners
Mar 22 • 64 min
Mr Big, COVID-19, Ethiopian Nomads, & Aloners- You don’t want to miss this episode.
I Love Lucy & Great Athletes: After the Sports Career Ends?
Mar 5 • 36 min
I Love Lucy & Great Athletes: What happens after their sports career ends?
A Day In Line at a Trump Rally & The #walkaway Movement
Mar 5 • 37 min
Susan and her experience at a Trump rally and a brief history of the #walkaway movement.
A History Episode: Edison, Ford, Ringling, A Mystery Criminal & Susan’s 28 lbs are all History
Mar 4 • 27 min
A History Episode: Edison, Ford, Ringling, A Mystery Criminal & Susan’s 28 lbs is all History
Talk Jam on The State of the Union, Brexit and the Acquittal of President Trump
Feb 7 • 48 min
“Episode 12 is a three-jam extravaganza… brought to you by the Novel Over My Dead Body and”Jam 1 is the State of the Union address and all the things we loved about it. Lots of moving moments to talk about there,…
Talk Jam About the Super Bowl and Super Bowl Parade
Feb 7 • 28 min
This episode of the Talk Jam Podcast is brought to you by the book Forward To Camelot by Susan Sloate and Kevin Finn. More information here”Episode 11 is a full-on two-jam episode about The Super Bowl! We jam about this year’s…
The Titanic Conspiracy & Titanic Mania Around the Globe
Jan 25 • 41 min
This episode is about a conspiracy theory surrounding the sinking of the Titanic along with information about all the new replicas and museums.
Qanon & Symbolic “Q” in Pop Culture & The Bible, Megxit Update, Diversity in Presidential Candidates
Jan 23 • 48 min
Susan gives a great background on Qanon while Kelly mentions Q from Star Trek & The Bible. We revisit Megxit and discuss diversity among the candidates the 2020 election.
The Royals, Megxit, Duke & Duchess of Sussex, Roller Skating History, Skateland Screenplay
Jan 16 • 39 min
Megxit, The Royals, Screenplay Writing Tips, Skateland and Interesting Roller Skating History
New Year, Diets, Fasting & The 2020 Census
Jan 15 • 35 min
Diet Update, Fasting, Exercise & The 2020 Census
Interview with Kelly about her Novel, Over My Dead Body & Funny and Interesting Jobs by Kelly & Susan
Dec 19, 2019 • 51 min
Talking today about Kelly’s book, Over My Dead Body and Funny & Interesting Jobs
Kelly and Susan Jam About Disney World in Orlando, FL.
Dec 13, 2019 • 30 min
Today’s episode is all about Disney World and all the amazing fun experiences Kelly and Susan have had in the parks over the years.
Kelly and Susan Jam About Writing and Icky Jeffery Epstein Stories
Dec 13, 2019 • 25 min
Authors, Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler & Susan Sloate talk about unique supernatural circumstances that can happen to authors while they are flushing their stories out. Jam 2, Icky Jeffery Epstein.
Kelly Interviews Author Susan Sloate on her Time Travel Conspiracy Novel, Forward to Camelot.
Dec 12, 2019 • 30 min
Susan and Kelly discuss Susan’s Bestselling Time Travel Novel, FORWARD TO CAMELOT, and the JFK assassination, on which it’s based. Lots of revelations of things most people don’t know!
Kelly and Susan talk about their diets, The Beatles & the movie, Yesterday
Dec 6, 2019 • 36 min
This episode is about Kelly and Susans plethora of diets ,The Beatles and the movie, Yesterday
Introduction Episode: Meet Kelly and Susan, Jam about Star Trek, Nanowrimo & The 2016 World Series
Dec 4, 2019 • 50 min
This episode is about meeting your hosts, Star Trek, Nanowrimo & The 2016 World Series