The Invested Dads Podcast

The Invested Dads Podcast
A weekly show where Josh Robb and Austin Wilson take you on a journey to better your financial future. Listeners can expect to hear explanations on a variety of investment and financial planning topics, news and analysis, and discussion around many of …

029: Fantasy Stock Draft
Jul 2 • 31 min
The Invested Dads take on their first-ever fantasy stock draft! Josh and Austin each pick ten different stocks, in ten different sectors, and invest a fake amount of $100,000. They will compete for exactly six months, ending on December 25, 2020. The…
028: Should You Buy Or Rent A Home?
Jun 25 • 25 min
In this episode, renting vs. buying is the topic of discussion. Listen now to understand the pros and cons of both!
027: Mobile Payments Are Here To Stay
Jun 18 • 24 min
Today’s discussion is around mobile payments and how they are changing the game of purchasing!
026: Debt - Friend Or Foe?
Jun 11 • 39 min
Is debt good or bad? What drives interest rates on various types of debt? What is collateral? Should I sell my investments to pay off my mortgage? How do I pay down my debt? Which is better, the avalanche or snowball method? These are all great…
025: Our Silver Episode
Jun 4 • 34 min
How has it been 25 episodes already?! The guys are back at it this week, on their silver anniversary, with a special episode on PRECIOUS METALS! Ever thought about investing in a precious metal? Josh and Austin discuss the idea of investing in gold or…
024: How Taxes Impact Your Investments
May 28 • 24 min
Josh & Austin discuss the different ways your investments are taxed, what tax-loss harvesting is and how it may be useful to you, tax-free investments options, and more.
023: Building Wealth With Women
May 21 • 22 min
The Invested Dads have another very special guest joining the podcast! Jessica Hinks, financial advisor, CFP, and beloved coworker is coming on to talk about women in finance.
022: The Internet Of Things
May 14 • 42 min
Today we’re discussing the Internet of Things and where we think this kind of technology is headed.
021: Would You Invest In Tulips?
May 7 • 30 min
Today is all about asset bubbles throughout history, specifically in the case of tulips in the early 1600’s!
020: Cryptomania
Apr 30 • 27 min
Josh & Austin are talking about Cryptomania—that is, the hype around cryptocurrency around the world!
019: What Is Going On With Oil?
Apr 23 • 26 min
What the heck is going on with oil? Listen in now to get some clarity on this oil madness.
018: Seeing 20/20 In The Midst Of A Pandemic (ft. Joe Sangl)
Apr 16 • 37 min
Today Joe Sangl is joining The Invested Dads to discuss his newest book and give some great insights, advice, and tips on how you can reach your financial dreams.
017: Am I On A Roller Coaster?
Apr 9 • 31 min
This week, Josh & Austin discuss volatility…which seems appropriate considering the tumultuous start to the year for equity markets. Topics include: what it is, some statistics (which Austin will nerd out about), and what you can do to continue to…
016: Who Wants A Stimulus Check?
Apr 2 • 47 min
This week, Josh & Austin are continuing to record from home (so please forgive any audio flaws). In this episode, they will explain many of the provisions in the recently passed CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) and what…
015: Your Weekly COVID-19 Update
Mar 26 • 36 min
Today, Josh & Austin are continuing to record from home (so please forgive any audio flaws). In this week’s episode, they will provide valuable insights into the spread of the virus, the pending fiscal stimulus package, the Olympic games, as well as…
014: From Quarantine - Coronavirus Update
Mar 19 • 25 min
Today, Josh & Austin are heeding federal and state recommendations and working from home (so please forgive any audio flaws). In this episode, they will provide an update on the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak both in the US and abroad as well as discuss…
013: BONUS EPISODE - COVID-19 Bear Market
Mar 13 • 63 min
Today, Josh & Austin have a special guest! As a follow up to our recent Coronavirus episode, Adam Zuercher, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management (and an invested dad himself), joins the guys to discuss updates to the…
012: Streaming Wars
Mar 12 • 27 min
Streaming services are more powerful and prevalent than ever before, so today is dedicated to discussing who the major players are, the business side of it, the consumer side of it, how you can invest in this industry, and more!
011: So How Do You Pay For College?
Mar 5 • 36 min
Josh & Austin talk about how to save and pay for college!
010: Should You Be Worried About the Coronavirus?
Feb 27 • 25 min
Josh & Austin are talking about the coronavirus: What exactly it is, the health concerns, the possible solutions, and its impact on your investments.
009: Don’t Fall For It (ft. Ben Carlson)
Feb 20 • 35 min
This week Ben Carlson joins The Invested Dads Podcast to discuss his newest book, Don’t Fall For It: A Short History of Financial Scams.
008: How Does the SECURE Act Affect Me?
Feb 13 • 33 min
This week, Josh and Austin are talking about the SECURE Act! Recently signed into law this past December, this act is making some major changes to retirement plans. Today Josh and Austin will be discussing the changes it’ll have on your IRA, 401k, 529…
007: Autonomous Vehicles, Driving Us Into the Future
Feb 6 • 40 min
Josh and Austin discuss autonomous vehicles, what they do, the concerns, their future, and possible investment opportunities.
006: Economics of the Big Game
Jan 30 • 30 min
Josh and Austin discuss the economic impacts of the Super Bowl
005: Dividend Investing For Dummies
Jan 23 • 26 min
Josh and Austin talk about dividend investing, what it’s all about, its risks, its benefits, and advice on how to do it right.
004: 20 Bold Predictions for 2020
Jan 16 • 29 min
Josh and Austin give us their predictions for 2020 in news, economy, trends, and more.
003: New Year’s Resolutions
Jan 9 • 33 min
Josh and Austin discuss some financial New Year’s resolutions going into 2020 that will help put your mind at ease
002: 19 Noteworthy Headlines from 2019
Jan 9 • 60 min
Josh & Austin discuss some of the most interesting news headlines from 2019.
001: The Most Epic Podcast Launch of 2020
Jan 9 • 18 min
Josh and Austin start with how they met, their backgrounds, and some basics of financial literacy looking into the new year
Trailer: The Invested Dads Podcast
Dec 5, 2019 • 2 min
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