Call Me Kazy with Fay Chapple

Call Me Kazy with Fay Chapple
Self Help, Relationship Help, Business Help and sometimes no help at all but a whole lot of fun! They call me a game changer and the real deal, But I’m not just a cliche - You can Call Me Kazy Join Fay as she brings you a dose of reality in a world far from it! Celebrate what you have, strategize what you want, Implement that one thing that will actually make it happen! Cut out the drama and noise and every week you‘ll discover mind-opening topics on business, relationships, health, wealth, reality, with some office gossip and celebrity news thrown in too!

E7: Are You Too Exhausted For Success?
Jan 26 • 21 min
Can you be just too damn tired to be successful? Will you always lose? —- Send in a voice message:
E6: Do You Walk Your Talk, Or Just Talk?
Jan 19 • 27 min
Are you a fraud that is holding back your own success? Song: Because you’re mine I walk the line. Artist: Johnny Cash —- Send in a voice message:
E5: Do You Bet On Yourself or Against Yourself
Jan 13 • 19 min
How to win when no one has your back. Song: Honey I’m still free – take a chance on me Artist: Abba —- Send in a voice message:
E4: I did it! Where’s My Gold Star
Jan 12 • 13 min
Do you need a pat on the back to do your job? Here’s why everyone successful hates you. Song: Congratulations, congratulations my friend. Artist: The Rolling Stones —- Send in a voice message:
E3: The Secrets of Successfully Staying Alive
Jan 12 • 22 min
When life throws you lemons, here are my top 10 ways to get through the day, the week or just the minute. Song: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Artist: Kelly Clarkson —- Send in a voice message:
E2: Can you bounce back from the brink?
Jan 12 • 13 min
What happens when you lose everything as you know it except your life? What happens when you just don’t see it coming? Song: Life is a Highway. Artist: Tom Cochrane —- Send in a voice message:
E1: Does a name define you or hold you back?
Nov 28, 2019 • 23 min
Did your parents set you up for failure or success by naming you? A name can influence your identity, but can it determine your future success? Song: What’s your name little girl, whats your name? Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd —- Send in a voice message:…