The All Arcadians | By Sexy Hackers Clothing

The All Arcadians | By Sexy Hackers Clothing
The All-Arcadians is a fantasy radio play following a team of misfits attempting to find their way in the magical land of Arcadia.

The All Arcadians Episode 6: Roll for Trolls
Feb 15 • 18 min
Shoshanna and Obeliss are fighting. It’s not pretty. It might even split the party. Can they overcome their differences in time to stop the Trolls? Also, there are some supporting characters doing supporting character things. But they’re not important,…
The All-Arcadians Episode 5: Roll of Procedurals
Jan 30 • 19 min
Now on the run, T’Becky and her team run afoul of a pair of fantasy detectives employing procedural magic who think someone on the team is a murderer! Can they clear their names and find Dean Claudio and Karl or will they get into more shenanigans?…
The All-Arcadians Episode 4: Roll for Buy 1 Get 1d4 Free
Jan 15 • 17 min
The quest is on, but they’re gonna need some equipment first. Where can a magical team get magical items for a magical quest? At a magical store, of course. But who is the mysterious (and annoying), Squibs McKenzie?
The All-Arcadians Episode 3: Roll for Backstory
Dec 30, 2019 • 20 min
Dean Claudio has a mission for the newly formed team, but in order for them to trust him, they’re going to need to explore their pasts. Well, mostly T’Becky’s. Will they join Dean Claudio’s quest?
The 28 Days of Shoshannukkah… a Poem
Dec 23, 2019 • 8 min
Pleasant Shoshannukkah, Mortals! It’s the greatest holiday season of them all. The 28 days of Shoshannukkah! Learn the origin story of the Goddess’s holiday. And in terrible verse! This holiday Dungeon and Dragons-style adventure is published every 1st of…
All-Arcadians Episode 2: Roll for Friendship
Dec 15, 2019 • 20 min
The newly formed team of T’Becky, Obeliss, Shoshana, and Barb are given their first quest by Karl. But can they become friends or even professional acquaintances? And before they can claim their prize they must face a Baws!
All-Arcadians Episode 1: Roll for Pilot
Dec 1, 2019 • 15 min
Elven Ranger and the University of Arcadia dropout T’Becky tries to get a quest from Karl. While trying to convince Karl she meets a violent Demon Sorcerer named Obeliss, a Halfling Rogue who thinks she’s a goddess, and a Barbarian Bouncer Orc.