Growth Masterminds Podcast

Growth Masterminds Podcast
Growth Masterminds is insight from the smartest people we know … to help smart marketers get smarter. Growth Masterminds is presented by Singular, the marketing intelligence platform that optimizes over $10B in ad spend annually for clients like Lyft, Nike, Rovio, Wish, Doordash, and Twitter.

Creative: A game designer and a marketing director on how pink cows, purple velvet shoes, and stone pillows help you beat the competition
May 11 • 31 min
How do pink cows, purple velvet shoes, and stone pillows help you beat the competition? Well, they probably don’t. But creativity will. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Lee Eisenhuth, who leads design at PeopleFun. They make games like…
Using AI to boost customer acquisition, with Lomit Patel (VP of Growth at IMVU)
Mar 31 • 37 min
Lomit Patel leads growth at IMVU. Before that, he led performance and digital marketing for Roku. He also ran customer acquisition at Texture, which Apple acquired and turned into Apple News+ At IMVU, Lomit cut customer acquisition cost by a factor of…
AdExchanger senior editor Allison Schiff on TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, the goddess of growth, and the marketing that works on her
Feb 15 • 36 min
You’ve heard of walking softly and carrying a big stick? Allison Schiff talks softly and carries a massive stick … with a great sense of humor. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we take a peek behind the martech and adtech curtain with a reporter…
DraftKing’s Jayne Peressini on ghost ads, measuring TV, multivariate testing, scaling a growth team, and much more
Dec 19, 2019 • 28 min
Jayne Peressini started her career with Glu Mobile in London, then worked for Cisco, Razorfish, Reddit, and Machine Zone. She is now the senior director of growth marketing for DraftKings. We talk about: The state of adtech … what’s changing, what’s…
Thomas Petit on ASO, conversion optimization, why VO and tROAS don’t really work for subscription apps (and more)
Dec 13, 2019 • 51 min
We talk to mobile growth expert Thomas Petit on ASO, conversion optimization, the duopoly, how indies can still succeed, getting featured by Google and Apple, and much, much, much more! Thomas Petite is a mobile growth consultant for Deezer, Lingokids,…
2 super women in games: How to get featured by Apple and Google, how to know when to scale, and how to build a games studio in a non-traditional market
Dec 3, 2019 • 32 min
We talk to Lauren Clinnick and Christina Chen of Lumi Interactive, a small games studio in Melbourne Australia about how they got the apps featured by Apple and Google six times … and what that did for their business. We also talk about growing a small…
Eric Seufert on mobile chaos, mobile games, and mobile attribution
Nov 20, 2019 • 41 min
Eric worked for Skype. He was VP of user acquisition for Rovio. He was head of platform for N3TWORK. He built Agamemnon and runs Mobile Dev Memo. In this episode, we talk about: the biggest changes in mobile the elimination of the IDFA the impact of GDPR…