The Relaxed Male Podcast

The Relaxed Male Podcast
Helping men build better bonds with their sons

The 4 Pillars: The Man’s Mind
Aug 6 • 39 min
Keeping a man’s mind sharp is important for many reasons here is the How’s and why’s behind you want to keep learning and growing
4 Pillars of Relaxed Male: The Man’s Body
Jul 30 • 42 min
What is the Man’s Body means in relation to the 4 pillars of the Relaxed Male? It means health. Why is health important to be a Relaxed Male?
A Conversation on Race with Big Brother Jake Warner
Jul 23 • 34 min
This Episode is an open discussion on race and is it as bad as the media tells it? How can people have talks about race and come to understand each other?
The 4 Pillars of Relaxed Male
Jul 16 • 23 min
What does it mean to be a relaxed male? Well, it means being able to be present with those that mean the most to you and have the success you want.
Denying Your Emotions
Jul 9 • 41 min
When it comes to men we are often accused of denying our emotions. When in reality we process them differently. So what happens when we do deny our feelings?
You Are Not Broken
Jul 2 • 28 min
We look to the past to define us when in reality we define who we are. If you don’t like who you were in the past then decide to start changing that.
The Man Box Part 2
Jun 25 • 55 min
This is the second part of a two-part episode about the concept of the man box. Why it is a flawed way of thinking. And maybe I actually agree with it?
The Man Box Part 1
Jun 18 • 64 min
What is the man box? What does it have to do with toxic masculinity? The two are one and the same and we talk about why it is wrong.
Powerful questions you need to ask yourself
Jun 11 • 66 min
Do you ask yourself questions? Do you ask yourself good questions? Do you ask yourself powerful questions that will help you be better?
Having Gratitude
Jun 4 • 36 min
How do you change your mindset from one of I cant to being able to accomplish what you are after? It starts with having gratitude.
Using Fear to Your Advantage
May 28 • 41 min
So many times we avoid fear. When in reality we should go running into that scary place. We can use fear as a means to grown and become stronger.
How Did You Get There?
May 21 • 30 min
We often want to point to others for the failures in our life. We want to make sure that there is someone we don’t like to blame but is that right?
The Stories We are Living Out
May 14 • 38 min
We all live by a story we tell ourselves. are you telling yourself the right story? Are you living a story based on other people?
Avoid the Crab Bucket
May 7 • 46 min
Our friends Family and other people who are emotionally invested in us often give the worst advice because they care. Why would they try to sabotage our quest for a better life if they care for us? The answer is found in a bucket full of crabs.
You Dramatic Life
Apr 30 • 32 min
Why do we seem to be attracted to drama? Does drama actually help us in any way or is it just noise? Today drama and why we seem to relish in these emotionally fueled stories.
The Benefits of Joining a Mastermind
Apr 23 • 28 min
how would it benefit you to join a mastermind? Well this episode will explain
Taking Action
Apr 16 • 26 min
If you want to have the best you have to do one thing most people won’t do, take action. With action, you grow and become prepared for that success.
Ending the Suffering
Apr 9 • 36 min
We all find ourselves suffering at our own expense. Here is how you can stop suffering
The Biggest Liar is The People Pleaser
Apr 2 • 26 min
Why are people pleasers the worst liers? It is because they lie and manipulate others around them and lie to themselves
The Fixed Mindset
Mar 26 • 28 min
The fixed minset is the thought that you are only as goos as your talent. This mindset holds you back from being able to grow and become better.
The Growth Mindset
Mar 19 • 29 min
There is a mindset that will help you become the best you possibly be and there is a mindset that will hold you back. This week we are talking about Carol Dweck’s book mindset and what the Growth mindset is why it is good and how you can change your…
The Scarcity Mindset
Mar 12 • 47 min
One of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to finding success in their dreams is that they have a huge case of Scarcity mindset. They believe that their resources are limited and that they are often stuck in their environment because of their…
The Abundant Mindset
Mar 5 • 37 min
What makes the abundant mindset such a great mindset to have? How can you actually change how you think to be more abundant in your life? We talk about what it means to have an abundant mindset and how to get one.
Its About The Mindset
Feb 27 • 29 min
Your mindset determines how successful you will be. The good news it’s changeable.
Be Yourself
Feb 16 • 23 min
Why do those who march with a purpose seem to succeed more? Why do you want to actually be your own person?
What is Anxiety?
Feb 9 • 47 min
What is anxiety and how has it become such a predominant factor on so many adults in today’s society?
Whats Holding You Back
Feb 1 • 35 min
Why can’t you even start looking for that path to the success that you are wanting to have? You talk and talk and talk but never take the big leap into your dream. We talk about why and how to get past it.
Why Do We Feel Stuck?
Jan 23 • 34 min
We often have problems as we start down the path of a new task. One of the biggest problems is getting stuck on a problem. WE cant advance till we figure out how to overcome this obstacle. This feeling like you are stuck is common and you can get out of…
Being Self-Reliant
Jan 16 • 29 min
To be able to build self-respect you have to be self-reliant. How do you build self-reliance? That is what we are talking about this week. How and why relying on yourself is so important and how you can become self-reliant.
Not Happy? Are you Supposed to be happy?
Jan 9 • 28 min
Do you really deserve to be happy all the time? Well, the answer can be yes and it can be no. If you think others should make you happy you are sadly mistaken and why is explained in this episode. If you wonder why you are not happy and full of anxiety…
Have An After Action Review
Jan 2 • 20 min
For every event in your life, there is a lesson that needs to be learned. A good way to learn from life events ask yourself these questions whether it is an argument with the wife or finishing a project for work. What did you do good? What did you not do…
Set a Goal To Have More Goals
Dec 26, 2019 • 62 min
If you desire change, there is one big thing you have to do in order to have that change. That one thing is to have a plan. That plan is the road map to the success you crave. What is a goal? Why are goals important for you to have success? How do you…
Emotional Discussion
Dec 19, 2019 • 38 min
Emotions are something all people feel. This episode talks about why they are important. Why suppressing emotions leads to more problems and why men are often stoic and it is for the good of the men and the people they influence.
Responsibility, Why it is Important?
Dec 12, 2019 • 30 min
Men need to have responsibilities in their lives. When a man has nothing to be responsible for he is often aimless and becomes depressed. While a man who has a sense of responsibility is often driven and takes pride in his actions.
We are missing the Connection
Dec 5, 2019 • 23 min
Us men need to connect with other men. Many folks these days try to make up excuses that they are connected to other people through social media. Yet that connection lacks the needed emotional connection we crave. Start going and talking to the old men at…
How is Relaxed Male Going to change my mindset?
Nov 29, 2019 • 16 min
Hello men, So today we have our very first episode of the new podcast the Relaxed Male. This is another channel that will help men find out that they have more potential of achieving their dreams than originally thought Now, this episode does a brief…
The Relaxed Male Podcast Trailer
Nov 29, 2019 • 0 min
So what can you expect from this podcast? I foresee a lot. This podcast is out to help men understand that their dreams matter and that the reason for the burn out is because of all the friction you generate be going against your calling. I would like for…