The Art Eater Podcast

The Art Eater Podcast
Join Richmond, Andy and Shawn each week or so - We are game industry vets and creators of the Art Eater blog. This is for people who love art, culture and especially gaming not to mention interesting tangents and weird facts. We hope this will be your new fav podcast.

13: Guilty Gear XX, Midnight Carnival ft. James Stanley & Thomasorus (Part 3)
May 23 • 159 min
Enter a new challenger! @Thomasorus, fighting game veteran, journalist and Chief Editor of Bas Gros Poing joins us along with returning guest, Part Time Shuffle creator, James Stanley (@Beefy_Kunoichi) to dive into the deep end of Guilty Gear XX (X2 in…
12: Guilty Gear X, Are you Ready? Its Cool. ft. James Stanley (Part 2)
May 16 • 102 min
Professional artist and competitive fighting gamer, James Stanley (@Beefy_Kunoichi) joins us again for Part 2 of our Guilty Gear series as we jam on its amazing second installment, Guilty Gear X. We talk being anime as hell, great stages, gatling combos,…
11: Guilty Gear: Heaven or Hell, Let’s Rock ft. James Stanley (Part 1)
May 4 • 102 min
We are joined by creator of the comic, Part-Time Shuffle and competitive fighting game expert, James Stanley (@Beefy_Kunoichi) to get deep into the bold, aural and beautiful fighting game series, Guilty Gear. Join us for this multi-part series as we start…
10: Comfort Games in a Time of Global Crisis
May 2 • 86 min
Richmond and Shawn are back with some good’ol fashioned discussion about comfort games. From Heroes of the Storm to GeGeGe no KitarĊ, we wrap ourselves in the warm blanket of our favorite games. The value of hand-crafted artistry and the solace of Final…
09: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Lighting, UI & Artistry
Apr 5 • 76 min
Richmond and Shawn are sheltering at home and used our time to deep-dive into the FFVII Remake Demo. We talk exhaustively about the well-crafted lighting, interface, sound design and the beautiful blending of nostalgia with over 20 years of gaming…
08: Baldur’s Gate 3 Impressions and D&D’s Video Game Legacy
Mar 4 • 135 min
We talk extensively on Baldur’s Gate: from impressions of the PAX Baldur’s Gate 3 demo, past titles, the history of BioWare and Larian Studios to troll cook and the influence of campfires while Andy digs deep into the history of D&D and how the game has…
07: Vanquish, Bullet Hell and Modern Cover Shooting
Feb 28 • 55 min
Part 2 of our last episode, we discuss Vanquish, another modern classic by Platinum Games that added new mechanics and language to games, redefined cover shooters and made smoking a main gameplay element. From Cliffy B’s inspirations to the bullet hell…
06: Bayonetta : Witches, Buddhism, Feminism & Style!
Feb 24 • 94 min
Recently remastered, we discuss Platinum Games’ breakout stylish action game, Bayonetta from Hideki Kamiya, the influential director behind Devil May Cry, Okami and Viewtiful Joe. We explore one of the most striking character designs of modern games from…
05: Vagrant Story, Forgotten Masterpiece
Feb 17 • 106 min
This week, we dive into a masterful PSOne classic, Vagrant Story. From the kindred spirits of Yasumi Matsuno and Hideo Kojima to the artistic mastery of Akihiko Yoshida including butt-based design philosophies and a lineage of creators that spans much of…
04: Most Influential and Favorite Games of the 2010s
Feb 12 • 147 min
We are back with our picks for most influential games in the last decade along with some personal favorites. We go to dark places in our souls, we explore rims of the sky, monsters and the hunting thereof, as well as our odyssey with Mario and even the…
Bonus: Professor Andy : 01
Jan 13 • 36 min
Introducing a new bonus episode series - Professor Andy! We’ve cut together post-episode chatter where Andy regales us with tidbits & thoughts about Final Fantasy, Bruce Lee, the greatness of Digimon, fashion in Pokemon, Dragon Quest and more.
03: The Decade in Games
Jan 2 • 115 min
For the end of the year…and the decade — we talk about how the industry and games have changed. Go back in time with us as we discuss the rise of AAA, interesting trends, mobile, CCG & optimism for the next decade of gaming.
02: PlayStation 25th Anniversary Mega Episode
Dec 9, 2019 • 154 min
Join us as we take a walk down memory lane and sprinkle on heavy amounts of nostalgia as we recount some of our favorite PlayStation One games including obvious classics, Japanese-only gems and fun asides…
01: Hello & Death Stranding
Nov 29, 2019 • 88 min
Our inaugural episode! We kick off The Art Eater Podcast with a discussion with our first impressions of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.