The Writer’s Room with Charlotte Wood

The Writer’s Room with Charlotte Wood
Novelist and author of the popular book ‘The Writer’s Room’, Charlotte Wood continues her in-depth conversations about the creative process. She talks to writers and other artists about how they work, what keeps them going, and the joys and challenges of making art.

5: Long Litt Woon on mushrooms, mourning & memoir
Apr 21 • 44 min
In Episode 5 we’re talking memoir with anthropologist and writer Long Litt Woon. We discuss the tricky questions involved in making a book about yourself. What to put in, and what to leave out, for example. How long after an experience should you wait…
4: Jerry Saltz on How To Be An Artist
Mar 9 • 42 min
In Episode 4, we hear from Jerry Saltz about how he went from life as ‘a failed artist’ to long-haul truck driver to renowned art critic, and about his new book, How To Be An Artist. Jerry Saltz is the senior art critic at New York magazine and its…
3: Vicki Hastrich, Night Fishing & artistic cross-pollination
Feb 5 • 48 min
What does a writer do when a novel in progress seems to die under her pen? Keep pushing on? Throw it out and start a new one? Vicki Hastrich, author of the acclaimed NIGHT FISHING, did neither of those things. In her words, she ‘went fallow’ – she stopped…
2: Finding your creative tribe
Jan 13 • 38 min
Every artist must be self-reliant, but it’s also true that creative people have always sought out the community of like-minded others. From Virginia Woolf’s Bloomsbury circle to Elizabeth Gilbert’s online clan, writers in particular have often worked…
How can you write while the earth is burning? Sarah Sentilles on why making art matters
Dec 18, 2019 • 36 min
Every artist comes up eventually against some big, scary questions, like: what’s the point? How can I justify making art in the face of the world’s catastrophes – a burning planet, endless cruelty, broken politics? And yet we know other people’s art has…