Arthramid Vet

Arthramid Vet
Episode 1 to introduce this exciting new treatment for joint lameness and osteoarthritis in animals.

Dr Leigh de Clifford - Episode 6 Discusses Published Literature
Apr 1 • 11 min
Dr Leigh de Clifford discusses the Published Literature to date for the development of the use of 2.5% PAAG in treating lameness
Kim McKellar- Episode 5
Mar 2 • 13 min
In Episode 5 we talk to Australian legend Dr Kim McKellar, Equine Veterinarian, about his experiences of Arthramid Vet from over 50 years in clinical practice; “I wish I had this product 30 years ago”.
Aziz Tnibar- Episode 4
Jan 26 • 23 min
In Episode 4 of our series we meet with Dr Aziz Tnibar, another of the original researcher’s behind the use of 2.5% PAAG in the treatment of lameness and osteoarthritis in animals. Dr Tnibar says Arthramid Vet is “the best treatment we have for OA” and…
Dr Marc Koene- Episode 3
Dec 19, 2019 • 17 min
Top German Equine Veterinarian, Dr Marc Koene claims Arthramid Vet is “A major game changer in orthopaedic treatment”. Dr Koene shares his insights having worked with the product for over 8 years as one of the original researchers.
Arthramid Vet Episode 2- How to use
Dec 17, 2019 • 17 min
This second episode in our series discusses how to use Arthramid Vet in the management of joint lameness and osteoarthritis in horses.
Arthramid Vet Episode 1
Nov 14, 2019 • 15 min
The first in a series of podcasts from Innovative Medical Solutions to introduce Arthramid Vet. An exciting new dynamic tissue scaffold hydrogel for the long lasting and effective treatment of pain and joint lameness in animals.