The Easy School of Hard Knocks

The Easy School of Hard Knocks
Things a monkey can learn. A life only the strong can live.

Make It About You, Not Them: Practical Tips in Achieving True Performance Success
Mar 29 • 15 min
I recently featured my friend and pastor Tim Conkling on my sister podcast, The Trumpet Jungle ( .He spoke, rather eloquently I must say, about the root cause of performance anxiety. With all due respect to the Rev. Dr.…
Victory Begins in the Morning: How to Start Your Day With Intention and Purpose
Mar 21 • 35 min
Have a good day! It seems so easy, doesn’t it? But how many times do we try to pump ourselves up to do something great, only to find ourselves farting around on Fakebook at 10 am, wondering when the motivation to really work will finally arrive, telling…
Crisis of Conscience: How to Deal With Irreconcilable Views at Work
Mar 15 • 44 min
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Who Are You? and What Do You Do? My Personal Identity Manifesto (and why you should have one too)
Mar 6 • 26 min
Discovering your “true self” is so…cliche - yet essential at its core. I asked myself, Who are you, and what do you do? Here’s what I came up with. I host a free webinar every Friday on how to build your own Personal Identity Manifesto. Go to…
How Our Thoughts, Actions and Mindset Crystallize Into Habits and Eventually Our Way of Life
Mar 2 • 9 min
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