Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast

Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast
Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast, is led by expert hosts Dr. Ahmar Zaidi and Dr. Mike Callaghan from the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and produced by BloodStream Media. Each episode of Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast brings listeners a series of segments packed with critical education and research information that patients and families need to know, as well as updates and clarifications from the social media “buzz” around sickle cell. Cheat Codes also features interviews with leading experts, moments from major conferences, and contributions from people living with sickle cell, all while Dr. Z and Dr. Mike keep the show fresh, fun, and off-the-cuff! Enjoy, share, and subscribe to Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast.

#20 - From Aberdeen to the White House: Ashley Valentine is Making Moves
Oct 20 • 81 min
Dr. Z and Dr. Mike sit down with the co-founder of Sick Cells and advocate extraordinaire, Ashley Valentine, to talk about her recent trip to the White House, what lobbying is, and how she is continuing to make a difference in the lives of sickle cell…
#19 - RISING STAR: Dr. Seethal Jacob
Oct 6 • 69 min
Dr. Z and Dr. C talk to a rising star in sickle cell disease, Dr. Seethal Jacob, and her work at Riley Children’s Hospital. Subscribe to and rate Subscribe to and rate Subscribe to and rate Connect with BloodStream Media:
Sep 22 • 50 min
Dr. Z and Dr. Mike sit down with legendary sickle cell physician Dr. Wally Smith from VCU School of Medicine. Wally R. Smith, MD is the first recipient of The Florence Neal Cooper Smith Professor of Sickle Cell Disease. He also serves as the…
#17 - Advocacy with Shamonica Wiggins
Sep 8 • 66 min
In episode 17 we sit down with advocate extraordinaire, Shamonica Wiggins to talk about her life as a warrior and advocate. We discuss disparities in healthcare and lack of funding in sickle cell disease! Subscribe to and rate Subscribe…
#16 - Tuskegee, Trials and the Road to Trust: Clinical Trials in Sickle Cell Disease with Dr. Jeremie Estepp
Aug 25 • 69 min
On Episode 16, Dr C and Dr. Z welcome Dr. Jeremie Estepp, a pediatric hematologist and clinical researcher from St. Judes Research Center in Memphis, TN! The Dr’s dive into talking about research and trials, including the tragic…
#15 - Hydroxyurea and Sickle Cell Outside of the United States w/ Dr. Patrick McGann
Aug 11 • 62 min
On Episode 15, Dr. Z and Dr. C welcome Dr. Patrick McGann, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (one of the best sickle cell centers in the country, maybe even the world!) Dr. McGann always knew he wanted to be a…
#14 - Sickle Cell is My Superpower w/ Alex Smith
Jul 28 • 60 min
On episode 14, Dr. C and Dr. Z welcome sickle cell warrior and recent college graduate, Alex Smith onto the show! Alex talks about the impacts of growing up with sickle cell; from missing school to not getting to participate in certain activities, and…
#13 - We Build More Than Cars in Detroit w/ Dr. Ken Bridges
Jul 14 • 88 min
On episode 13, Dr. Ahmar and Dr. Mike talk about a place that hits close to home - their home, the great city of Detroit! Joined by prominent Detroit-based doctors, Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney and Dr. Patrick Hines, the four dive into the…
#12 - SICKLE CELL 101 w/ Cassandra Trimnell
Jun 30 • 40 min
On Episode 12, which was recorded on World Sickle Cell Day and Juneteeth, Dr. Ahmar and Dr. Mike speak about how COVID-19 affects the Black community disproportionately and in turn the sickle cell community. Additionally, advocate Cassandra…
#11 - WARZONE: the ER and SCD
Jun 16 • 71 min
On this episode, we learn how Dr. Patricia Kavanagh became a sickle cell advocate. Additionally, Dr. Mike talks about pain and Dr. Patrick Hines joins us as a guest co-host. Subscribe to and rate Subscribe to and rate Subscribe to and rate …
Racism in America - Special Episode
Jun 9 • 72 min
BloodStream Media hosts Ahmar Zaidi and Patrick James Lynch are joined by guests Phillip Okwo and André Marcel Harris for a discussion on race, violence, and healthcare in America. Take Action Right Now: Guests: ; …
#10 A GLOBAL PROBLEM – Sickle Cell Disease Worldwide
Jun 2 • 70 min
A discussion with Dr. Andrew Campbell, sickle cell director at Children’s National in Washington, DC, and his recent international work. Dr. Mike talks about how genes show themselves, and a crucial study from Africa. Dr. Z shouts out some big…
#9 - The Standup Kid: NORE DAVIS
May 19 • 38 min
Doctor Z and Doctor Mike talk with the bad-ass stand-up comedian and actor about the “back of the bus” disease and how he manages being a sickle cell warrior with a thriving career. This is a special episode full of wisdom from Nore! Listen,…
#8 – GENE THERAPY: The Biology, Psychology and Sociology of Genetic Wizardry
May 5 • 59 min
Will gene therapy give you HIV? (spoiler: no), and what is a gene, anyway? Plus, an interview with Dr. Vijay Sankaran (@bloodgenes, aka the “blood gene whisperer”) from Harvard/Boston Children’s, and Dr. Mike takes us through…
#7 – COVID on My Mind: Myths on social media, Immunocompromised, + CMO and Vice CMO of SCDAA – Drs. Biree Andemariam and Lewis Hsu
Apr 21 • 74 min
Doctors Mike & Ahmar discuss nonsense being discussed on social media, explain the term immunocompromised, and learn about the SCDAA committee leading the fight against COVID-19. That and Dr. Mike takes us through the published literature…
SPECIAL EPISODE - COVID-19 First Hand Account
Apr 17 • 24 min
Sickle Cell Patient Latoria Brown shares her battle with Coronavirus.
#6 - THE MOON OF ENDARI: Sickle Cell in the NY Times, Vaso-occlusive crisis + Emmaus Life Sciences CEO Dr. Yutaka Niihara
Mar 20 • 49 min
Doctors Mike & Ahmar discuss an unfortunate New York Times article covering sickle cell therapies, explain the significance of a vaso-occlusive crisis (or episode), and learn about Endari’s journey through development during an interview with…
EMERGENCY POD: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - BloodStream / Cheat Codes Crossover
Mar 6 • 28 min
BloodStream’s Patrick James Lynch is joined by Dr Ahmar Zaidi & Dr Mike Callaghan from Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast to discuss the coronavirus (COVID-19) and what it means for people affected by sickle cell disease, hemophilia, and beyond. …
#5 - ADAKVEO STRIKES BACK: Adhesion, #SickleCell and Ameet Mallik + Dr. Mimi Huizinga from Novartis
Mar 4 • 45 min
Doctors Mike & Ahmar debrief the social media buzz from the “November to Remember”, discuss the role of adhesion in sickle cell, and present the story of Adakveo’s development with Ameet Mallik and Dr. Mimi Huizinga from Novartis. All that, plus…
#4 - A NEW HOPE: Voxelotor, ICER, and Dr. Ted Love from GBT
Feb 19 • 45 min
Doctors Mike & Ahmar discuss the pros & cons of ICER, the FDA’s approval of Voxeltor, and drug development with GBT CEO Dr. Ted Love. Plus, the Warrior Word of the Day, and so much more! Listen, subscribe, and spread the word about…
#3 Cannabis, Dr. Z @ TEDxDetroit, and Sickle Cell Nutrition
Dec 4, 2019 • 27 min
The docs debate the value of medicinal cannabis, breakdown the function of the spleen, and review seminal research of hydroxyurea. You’ll also hear audio from Dr. Z’s TEDxDetroit speech as well as from sickle cell patient and certified nutrition…
#2 Hydroxyurea, Hemoglobin, and Dr. Baba Inusa from ASCAT 2019
Dec 4, 2019 • 37 min
In Episode 2 of Cheat Codes, Dr. Z makes the case for hydroxyurea during the What’s Happenin’ Now segment, Dr. Mike provides clarity on what “hemoglobin” actually is during our Warrior Word Of The Day segment, the guys interview Dr. Baba Inusa during…
#1 Welcome to Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast from Dr. Z & Dr. Mike
Dec 4, 2019 • 38 min
Welcome to Episode 1 of Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast, led by expert hosts Dr. Ahmar Zaidi and Dr. Mike Callaghan from the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan! Each episode of Cheat Codes brings you a…