SkinWalker Radio

SkinWalker Radio
Skinwalker Radio, named after the infamous Skinwalker Ranch, is a podcast that covers unexplained phenomena, ranging from secret government projects and conspiracies, to apparitions, or UFO’s.

Norio Hayakawa
Mar 18 • 61 min
Norio Hayakawa is a New Mexico based UFO researcher with over 50 years experience in the field. We discuss “DUMBs” deep underground military bases, the origin of UFOs, Skinwalker Ranch, the potential emergence of a new religion centered around ufo…
Corona Virus - Is it a Bio Weapon?
Mar 5 • 36 min
What is the origin of the Corona Virus and what does it mean for Americans? Everyone wants to know how bad it will get and what we can do about it. We dive deep into this subject in today’s show and talk about how to prepare for a pandemic within the USA.…
TicTac UFO Incident with Witness Patrick Hughes
Feb 20 • 63 min
Interview with Pat Hughes who was onboard the USS Nimitz during the infamous TicTac UFO incident. Pat tells the story from his perspective as an Avionics Technician assigned to the E2 Hawkeye that was airborne at the time, as well his thoughts now that…
Drones and New Religions
Jan 31 • 109 min
Drones and New Religions, in this episode of Skinwalker Radio we follow up on topics we’ve covered so far, and a few more that have made the news recently, like the mystery drones over parts of the Midwest and a few AATIP updates. We also get into the…
Interview with Skinwalker Ranch researcher and NIDS investigator Bruce Cornet
Jan 11 • 67 min
Bruce was a member of Robert Bigelow’s NIDS team at Skinwalker Ranch. He joined the team at the tail end of the investigation and Bigelow was standing down the investigation. The hope was that the addition of Bruce to the team would convince Bigelow to…
What is Shadowman?
Dec 31, 2019 • 21 min
In this episode we drill down on shadow man. Its a unique phenomenon that needs to be addressed. On several occasions people visiting Skinwalker Ranch have come across a dark misty looking figure resembling a man. On more than one occasion, this creature…
Rabbit Holes
Dec 19, 2019 • 105 min
In-between interviews, we venture down into a variety of rabbit holes. We talk about Skinwalker Ranch, UFO’s, Paranormal, Supernatural, Free Will, Religion, Conspiracy Theory etc…. You name it, its here. So don’t take it to seriously, we have far more…
Interview with James Keenan - Author and Skinwalker Ranch Researcher
Dec 2, 2019 • 63 min
James has studied the events of the Uintah Basin for years. He has spent countless hours studying petroglyphs left behind by ancient Native Americans that depict UFO’s and portals. James and I discuss a lot of ideas about the nature of the paranormal…
Eyewitness Interview with Chris - BAASS employee at Skinwalker Ranch
Nov 17, 2019 • 73 min
In this interview we sit down with Chris, who worked at Skinwalker Ranch under the employment of BAASS from 2010-2016. He gives a candid interview about his experiences with the paranormal and we discuss all the most common sightings associated with the…