The Purposeful Work Podcast

The Purposeful Work Podcast
The Purposeful Work Podcast is all about how to create a work-life that leverages your gifts and syncs with what matters most to you in life as a whole. The podcast explores questions about meaning in life; positive impact; the faith/work intersection…

2.4 Redeeming Work: Bonus Episode! Bryan on “A Theology of Hustle Podcast”
Mar 24 • 54 min
We have a bonus episode! In this episode, Bryan is interviewed by Currey Blandford, host of the A Theology of Hustle podcast. In a far-ranging discussion, Bryan shares his own story of finding purpose in work, offers some details about jobZology and…
2.3 Redeeming Work: An Interview with Nick Dale, HR Tech Professional
Mar 12 • 29 min
This episode features Nick Dale, who is featured in Chapter 6 of Bryan’s new book, “Redeeming Work: A Guide to Discovering God’s Calling for Your Career.” Nick is living his calling as an HR Tech professional right now, but a few years back, he endured…
2.2 Redeeming Work : An Interview with Nate Lake, Director of Athletics Communications at MSU-Denver
Feb 11 • 30 min
In this episode we hear from Nate Lake, who is featured in Chapter 2 of Bryan’s new book, “Redeeming Work: A Guide to Discovering God’s Calling for Your Career.” When Bryan and Nate first met, Nate was a senior in college who was passionate about…
2.1 Redeeming Work: An Introduction to the Series (and the Book!)
Feb 4 • 16 min
Bryan discusses his purpose in writing this book, and why a book for Christians should be of interest to listeners who want more purpose in their work regardless of their faith perspective.
1.4 The Zookeeper’s Secret: An Interview with Stuart Bunderson, PhD, and Jeffery Thompson, PhD.
Jan 24 • 48 min
Stuart and Jeff discuss their famous study of callings among zookeepers, the double-edged sword of pursuing a calling, a recent global conference they sponsored on calling research, and tips to make your work more meaningful.
1.3 Meaningful Work and the Dutch Video Game Industry: An interview with Evgenia Lysova, PhD
Jan 13 • 42 min
Evgenia discusses international research on work as a calling, the process of editing a special issue on calling in vocational psychology’s top journal, her research on callings within the Dutch video game industry, and experiencing meaningful work while…
1.1 Welcome to the Purposeful Work Podcast!
Nov 14, 2019 • 9 min
Hear about the story and meaning behind the podcast
1.2 “What Meaning in Life Means” an Interview with Dr. Michael Steger, World’s Leading Expert on Social Science Research Related to Meaning in Life
Nov 14, 2019 • 49 min
Interview with the world’s leading expert on social science research related to meaning in life