The Worm Hole Podcast

The Worm Hole Podcast
Join me, Charlie Place, every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month as I chat with authors about their books.

15: Terri Fleming
May 24 • 37 min
Charlie and Terri Fleming (Perception) discuss looking at the further lives of Mary and Kitty Bennet, working with Austen’s original stories and prose, Mr and Mrs Bennet’s relationship, and organising bookshelves.
14: Zoe Duncan
May 10 • 41 min
Charlie and Zoe Duncan (The Shifting Pools) discuss coping with and healing from war trauma in reality and fiction, the use and power of dreams, employing various styles and formats, and how fascinating reader interpretations can be.
13: Dan Richards
Apr 26 • 41 min
Charlie and Dan Richards (Holloway, The Beechwood Airship Interviews, Climbing Days, Outpost) discuss asking to join well-known people for lunch and producing fascinating interviews for your book, travelling the less beaten paths of your mountaineering gr
12: Weike Wang
Apr 12 • 39 min
Charlie and Weike Wang (Chemistry) discuss having both a scientific – in epidemiology no less! – and a writer background, making use of extracts and white space and preferring them beyond more long-form prose, the difficulties of studies and incorpora
11: Laura Pearson
Mar 22 • 46 min
Charlie Place and Laura Pearson (Missing Pieces, Nobody’s Wife, I Wanted You To Know) discuss the process of grieving for various members of a family, writing a book about cancer when you are working through the same, and changing stories almost entirel
10: Camilla Bruce
Mar 3 • 25 min
Charlie Place and Camilla Bruce (You Let Me In) discuss the darker side of faerie, being as in the dark about answers as your readers are, survival and coping methods following trauma, and the habits of cats inspiring your work.
09: Fran Cooper
Feb 23 • 39 min
Charlie Place and Fran Cooper (These Dividing Walls, The Two Houses) discuss open mic nights, current and recent sociopolitical situations in Paris (and the world), the way we talk about women and motherhood, and the complexity of relationships.
08: Andrew Blackman
Feb 10 • 48 min
Charlie and Andrew Blackman (On the Holloway Road, A Virtual Love) discuss life on the road, following in Jack Kerouac’s footsteps, offline and online identity, writing an entire book about a character but never giving them a voice, current climate chan
07: E C Fremantle
Jan 26 • 47 min
Tune in as blogger Charlie Place and E C Fremantle discuss changing pen names, a horrific murder case in the Stuart nobility, coping as a new mother in a one-of-a-kind situation, and the historical line between witchcraft and ‘simple’ superstition.
06: Nancy Bilyeau
Jan 12 • 61 min
Charlie Place and Nancy Bilyeau (The Crown; The Chalice; The Tapestry; The Blue; Dreamland) discuss the life style of Dissolution-era nuns, using a website’s ‘contact me’ form to great success, there being more relics than there were items, using your fam
05: Samantha Sotto
Dec 20, 2019 • 47 min
Tune in as Charlie Place and Samantha Sotto (Before Ever After, Love and Gravity, A Dream of Trees) discuss characters that join you in your car in the midst of a traffic jam, time travelling with Issac Newton, switching from your fully researched work in
04: Phillip Lewis
Dec 8, 2019 • 47 min
Charlie Place and Phillip Lewis (The Barrowfields) discuss planning out fictional houses, the detail and beauty of classical music, books about books, and how real life in all its ups and downs makes its mark on your work.
03: Naomi Hamill
Nov 24, 2019 • 28 min
Tune in as Charlie Place and author Naomi Hamill (How To Be A Kosovan Bride) discuss post-war Kosovo, using a narrative method that divides opinion, and researching Albanian folklore.
02: Orlando Ortega-Medina
Nov 10, 2019 • 42 min
Tune in as book blogger Charlie Place and author Orlando Ortega-Medina (Jerusalem Ablaze; The Death of Baseball) discuss celebrity fictional reincarnation, writing short stories that don’t have messages, and working with ideas that could - if misinterpret
01: Nicola Cornick
Oct 27, 2019 • 34 min
Tune in as book blogger Charlie Place and author Nicola Cornick (House of Shadows; The Phantom Tree; The Woman in the Lake) discuss burning down your place of work in fiction, every day objects of ill repute, and solving Tudor mysteries yet to be solved.