Jolly Good Kangaroo

Jolly Good Kangaroo
Your collection of children’s stories in British and American English - handpicked and performed by George Young and Janet Hsieh.

Emily the Cow
Sep 1 • 4 min
When Emily makes a - some might say - rather strange request to her dad, the sky’s the limit. Actually, even the sky’s not the limit, thanks to Emily’s lucky, and very magical, nickel…
Sam the Brown Sailboat (Feat. Samantha Brown)
Aug 10 • 4 min
Sam the Brown Sailboat LOVES to travel. So it’s rather fitting we think that our very special guest for this episode features none other than Travel Guru: Samantha Brown! Where will Sam the Brown Sailboat and her wonderfully colorful luggage take us to…
Bert the Seal (Feat. Joel Lambert)
Jul 15 • 4 min
**Featuring Actor, Presenter and Veteran Navy SEAL Joel Lambert!** Bert is an extra special Seal - he’s highly trained, and has a very particular set of skills…particularly when it comes to surprising his friends…
The Spider and The Ferris Wheel
Jun 25 • 5 min
Dee Du the Spider has dreams bigger than her little spiderweb - when she sees a giant green circle on the horizon, she just HAS to go on a big adventure!
Saria the Little Monster
Jun 1 • 1 min
Saria has a little secret: every night right before bedtime, she becomes a little monster!
May 26 • 2 min
You may have heard a certain movie golf player tell another golfer to “be the ball”. What happens when someone takes that to a whole new level in the game of Basketball? Time to find out! Story by Clark Ness
May 1 • 1 min
Here’s a little story that’s dedicated to every little child who’s fascinated by those bright and shiny ornaments that we like to call “lights!” —YOU CAN READ ALONG BELOW!— Lights By Janet Hsieh Once upon a time there was a boy who loved lights. He would…
Christine Has a Space Suit
Apr 1 • 2 min
Suit up - it’s time to go to space! But what’s Christine’s teacher going to think of all this? Not to mention the Robot Dog…wait, did someone say Robot Dog?! Original story by Clark Ness:
Mar 15 • 1 min
George and Janet tell a tale as long and squiggly as the tentacles on our story’s hero. Original story by Clark Ness:
Mar 1 • 2 min
You can fly? YOU CAN FLY! Here’s a tale of cockroach that’s perhaps just a little misunderstood by our protagonists, Janet and George. (Also featuring special cameos from Miss Rat and Mysterious Ant…)
Time Out! (Blooper Reel: Miss Rat and The Pile of Cookies)
Jan 15 • 0 min
So here’s the thing - we don’t make a perfect episode in one take. Here’s a little insight into the many many mistakes we make when we tell stories!
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
Jan 5 • 7 min
From the author that brought you “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, comes the continuation of the series – picking up right where we left our friend Peter. This time, it’s cousin Benjamin’s turn to lead the adventure back to Mr. McGregor’s garden…
Miss Rat and The Pile of Cookies
Jan 1 • 7 min
How many truly epic tales consisting of a Rat, Janet, and a humungous pile of cookies do you know off the top of your head? Well now you have at least one more to add to your list!