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Is the Bible’s history true? Do we have evidence that supports the book of Genesis? What about evolution? Join our informal discussions and get answers to these questions. It will prepare you to think through science topics from a biblical perspective, and in the process you’ll get to know the team at a little better!

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?
Dec 6 • 13 min
We agree that for a lot of people who celebrate Christmas it has lost its meaning. But that does not in itself make it wrong. Most people in Western countries will celebrate Christmas and give each other gifts. What a great opportunity we have to explain…
Is God a Moral Monster?
Dec 3 • 10 min
Is there a difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament? How do we understand things like God commanding the extermination of the Amalekites and other judgments? And how does this all point to the Gospel? Helpful…
Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct Millions of Years Ago?
Nov 25 • 16 min
Dinosaurs are set up as a giant challenge to the Christian that’s trying to hold onto biblical history and science at the same time. How do we answer the challenge? Helpful Resources Dire Dragons (Book) Dragons or Dinosaurs? (Book) Exploring Dinosaurs…
How to Deal with Hostile Skeptics
Nov 22 • 15 min
Christians can often feel intimidated by the barrage of questions they receive from skeptical questioners. Gary Bates and Erin Hughes try to help us understand what is actually behind such questions and because this should help us formulate relevant…
Did Adam and Eve Exist? Featuring Dr Robert Carter & Keaton Halley
Nov 21 • 13 min
Did Adam and Eve exist? Keaton Halley and Dr Robert Carter discuss evidence from genetics that supports a historical first couple—including mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosomes, and the genetic diversity present in humans today. They refute claims by theistic…
Can Science Prove God Exists?
Nov 20 • 11 min
People who ask, “Is there proof for the existence of God?” usually aren’t open to the proof that God exists. But if you were looking for God, what would you expect to find? Erin Hughes and Robert Carter discuss things like life, intelligence, and…