The Crux

The Crux
Hosted by Climb Marketing, The Crux is a monthly discussion on digital marketing and advertising strategies, challenges, success stories, and trends. The show offers candid advice and actionable tactics to help marketing professionals and business owners confidently achieve their goals for online traffic, visibility, and leads.

Staffing Your In-House Digital Marketing Team
Jul 26 • 29 min
In episode 9 of The Crux, David Oltean and Jeremy Lopatin discuss which digital marketing practices should be outsourced vs. kept in-house. Topics discussed include digital marketing strategy, content marketing, creative, social media, email marketing,…
SEO Pet Peeves
Jun 19 • 22 min
In episode 8 of The Crux, Taylor Caldron and David Oltean discuss their biggest SEO pet peeves, including website design shortcomings, shady sales practices, link-buying schemes, and annoying lingo.
Meet Our Director of Digital Advertising: Hubert Sawyers III
Jun 1 • 32 min
In episode 7 of The Crux, Climb Marketing’s new Director of Digital Advertising, Hubert Sawyers III, shares the story behind his path into digital marketing, a few favorite past projects, and some of the guiding principles behind his approach to…
Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19
Apr 13 • 25 min
In The Crux’s 6th episode, Jeremy Lopatin and Robbie Bolog discuss the challenges for B2B digital marketers during the COVID-19 pandemic, including budget cuts, advertising messaging during a crisis, the shift away from in-person sales activities, and…
SEO in 2020: Algorithm Updates, Featured Snippet Changes and Trends
Mar 20 • 22 min
In episode 5 of The Crux, Taylor Caldron and David Oltean of Climb’s SEO team discuss Google’s recent search algorithm updates, changes to featured snippets and SEO trends to expect in 2020.
How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency
Feb 19 • 22 min
In the Crux’s fourth episode, Robbie Bolog and Climb Marketing President Jeremy Lopatin discuss reasons to consider hiring a digital marketing agency and how to determine if a prospective agency is the right partner for your company.
Organizing Paid Search Accounts
Jan 15 • 20 min
In the Crux’s third episode, Robbie Bolog and Riley Duncan of Climb Marketing’s Digital Advertising team discuss their approach to structuring Paid Search accounts for streamlined management and positive results.
Where to Start with SEO Research and Discovery
Dec 13, 2019 • 16 min
In The Crux’s second episode, Taylor Caldron and David Oltean of Climb Marketing’s SEO team discuss their initial approach and thought process when diagnosing the state of Search Engine Optimization on a website.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for B2B Websites
Nov 11, 2019 • 22 min
In the first episode of The Crux, David Oltean and Robbie Bolog of Climb Marketing introduce the podcast and discuss common issues with conversion rate optimization (CRO) for business-to-business websites.