The podcast about the tactile internet

Panel – Space Innovation with Extended Reality
Dec 6 • 48 min
Dave moderates a panel discussion about the use of VR, AR, and XR in space exploration and education. Panelists are Rob Ray, Senior Designer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Dr. Susan Jewell, founder of Mars Academy USA and avatarMEDIC. This…
Current issues in haptic interaction design
Dec 1 • 53 min
Dr. Marcello Giordano is a Research Scientist at Chatham Labs with a background in human computer interaction (HCI) and haptics. He received his PhD from McGill University in Canada, where his work was concerned with haptics in musical interaction and…
Ghost in the Interface
Nov 28 • 34 min
Laura Buecheler is the CEO and Co-founder of GHOST-feel it GmbH, a Berlin-based startup focusing on haptic user interfaces. She is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur with a mission to connect different disciplines. Laura believes her past experience…
Evolution of Touch Technology
Nov 11 • 89 min
Dr. David Parisi is a professor specializing in emerging media. In this episode, we talk about his new book, Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing, which traces the iterative development of haptics across four…
Cool Heat
Nov 8 • 69 min
Inventor and entrepreneur Dr. Matthew Smith created the first wearable personal thermostat. In this show, he relates his experience starting his company, lessons learned through constant engagement with customers, and the exciting and complex science…
The Signal and the Noise
Nov 6 • 65 min
Dr. Carolina Brum is an HCI expert with a background in music, gesture acquisition and signal processing. As part of Google's ATAP team, she helped create the radar-based gesture input feature for the Pixel 4. Topics of discussion include sensor fusion,…
Introducing INIT
Nov 6 • 11 min
There’s a revolution underway – a quiet revolution of the senses. Technology is shifting from engaging just your eyes and ears to engaging your entire body. Embodied media and next-generation wireless networks, sometimes collectively called the Tactile…