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Your Morning Commute
Tune in Monday - Friday to listen to YOUR MORNING COMMUTE. The only podcast providing executives straight talk about all things workplace culture because culture is never built in a day. It’s built every day. This is Shelley Smith, the culture curator and CEO of Premier Rapport where culture matters. If you want to connect with me keep listening and come join the conversation as a culture curator member or get professionally certified as a culture curator. Find out more at Now let’s get through today’s traffic jam together.

144 YMC: Daily Standup Agenda: 4 Key Elements
Jul 2 • 7 min
How are your morning calls or huddles going? By now you should be in a flow - however you might be missing some key elements that can and will help you and your team level up. On today’s #YourMorningCommute we break down those 4 elements, that are sure to…
143 YMC: Projects (Pineapples) & Task (Bananas)
Jul 1 • 5 min
When you look at your calendar, do you have pineapples or bananas listed in your blocks? What are you delegating, pineapples or bananas? When you have 15 to 30 minutes to work on ‘something’ - is it a pineapple or banana? Listen to today’s…
142 YMC: No Meeting Time Blocks
Jun 30 • 4 min
We are great about scheduling meetings….I say that with a smile on my face…but what about protecting your calendar for NO-Meeting blocks too. Enjoy today’s time management hack on this 142nd episode of #YourMorningCommute Workplace Culture is your…
141 YMC: The 6 Most Powerful Pivots You Can Make Today
Jun 29 • 4 min
There so many things that make us uncomfortable and often we don’t even realize… what we decide to do…is instead avoid them. Today I challenge you to get #deliberate and #intentional with these 6 pivots that can and will greatly impact your workplace…
140 YMC: Your Management and Leadership Skills Crisis Disruption
Jun 26 • 6 min
Crisis, begets opportunity — making the current crisis’ an extraordinary cauldron in which to develop new skills. For better or for worse, the practice of core leadership skills that we all know are important (and may ordinarily struggle to implement) is…
139 YMC: Building and Maintaining Workplace Culture Can Be Tough
Jun 25 • 7 min
Don’t let anyone fool you—company culture can be tough to define with a remote workforce and civil unrest. It takes a concerted effort, and even if you have flexible, experienced people, you still straddle a fine line. 4 Key elements always remain that…
138 YMC: Quick Culture Pulse Check-in activity takes 5 minutes
Jun 24 • 3 min
Are you looking for a way to take a quick check on the alignment of your culture? I am talking about perceptions between self, new hires, team to before Jan 2020 to now AND the alignment to your mission, vision, values, culture statements, and…
137 YMC: Your Workplace Culture Commitment
Jun 23 • 5 min
When you listen in…I know this about you - you are committed to workplace culture. Passion is great too but moving your vision into reality is far more rewarding. It is my job to pack your bag with everything you need to curate the culture you are in…
136 YMC: What If?
Jun 22 • 7 min
Open-ended questions allow you to think creatively and get ahead of the possibilities (lean into them intentionally) and gracefully maneuver through the bumps, curves, road blocks, and pitfalls that might trip us up. What does this have to do with…
135 YMC: Personal Message on this special day
Jun 19 • 4 min
I hope you listen to today’s message. —- Send in a voice message:
134 YMC: Culture Curators Manifesto
Jun 18 • 6 min
Culture Curator Manifesto is on my mind today. Listen in for all 18 top of mind points. Are you ready? Is this you? —- Send in a voice message:
133 YMC: Future of Work
Jun 17 • 4 min
For years those inside the “Human Resources” field have sought after and yearned for opportunities to be a deep strategic partner, manager, LEADER - are you seizing the day? Enjoy the message from the current President of the Peninsula Chapter of SHRM in…
132 YMC: Have you checked in with your new hires?????
Jun 16 • 3 min
Many have been hired during the last 90 days - when is the last time you checked in on them? Meaning, asked them for their perspective. Remember they don’t know the ‘old’ normal - only the ‘new’ COVID 19, crisis on the daily, remote working mode kind of…
131 YMC: Rate Your Personal Development
Jun 15 • 5 min
When you work on yourself - you are working on your team and your workplace culture health. Rate yourself as it relates to your business skills, career goals, behavioral alignment to core values, your role, and your personal wellbeing. Listen to today’s…
130 YMC: Does a football team go on the field without a playbook? No…why are you?
Jun 12 • 4 min
Today’s sports analogy - professional football teams. What team do you know that the players go out on the field to play without a playbook they have used, set plays in, guided them, used as a reference, refresher…used to remap, reset, pivot to another…
129 YMC: Resetting Tips
Jun 11 • 3 min
Resetting is needed at times and now might be the time. Listen as I explain what I do in a less than 3 minutes to reset my day, my focus, my workplace culture, my intentions, my business objectives. —- Send in a voice message:…
128 YMC: 4 Levels of Empathy & Compassion
Jun 10 • 7 min
A lot of people would suggest that empathy and compassion are some of the fundamental tenets separating good people from bad. The same could be said about the quality of a given organization and ultimately, its ability to retain its best talent as we push…
127 YMC: 3 Leadership Qualities in times of Crisis
Jun 9 • 7 min
Now more than ever, we need strong leaders to take charge and guide us through these difficult times so that we come out the other side able to renew our economies and return to more prosperous, healthy and satisfying lives. So what are the…
126 YMC: 8 Ways to Prioritize Your Professional Development
Jun 8 • 6 min
At a time when so many of us are time-poor, finding time for professional development can be a real struggle. But doing so has a number of benefits. It can help to enhance your professional value and build up your expertise, and it makes you more capable…
125 YMC: I should have told you
Jun 5 • 4 min
Thank you goes along way. Don’t regret giving someone a lift today. Building confidence of what’s right, helps to build positive contagions all around us. Listen in to Friday’s morning workplace culture inspiration and Challenge. —- Send in a voice…
124 YMC: How do you give Love to Your Team
Jun 4 • 3 min
List of questions for each of you to reflect on today and then move forward with any necessary pivots. There are 8 points to Loving Your People (contribute, be kind, be patient, be honest, encourage people, apologize, forgive, thank people) How are you…
123 YMC: Are you talking to your team? It is not time for silence - I CAN’T BREATHE
Jun 3 • 6 min
Tough conversations - hard conversations - must have open dialogue - are you doing it? Are you talk to your team? Listen in for more. I also have resources posted on my business facebook page from today’s live. —- Send in a voice message:…
122 YMC: Our Emotional Intelligence: Empathy, Social Responsibility, Problem Solving
Jun 2 • 5 min
When we discuss emotional intelligence - I want to first recognize there are many layers but today lets zoom in on 3 areas: #Empathy, #Social-Responsibility and #Problem-Solving. Today I ask you to be more attentive in each of these areas, when you reach…
121 YMC: Top 10 Gossip Behaviors to be on the lookout for
Jun 1 • 5 min
Continuing our Dirty Dozen Yellow Light series part 3 - top 10 gossip behaviors pulling your workplace culture into the wrong direction. Be on the lookout for these yellow light traffic signals slowing you down - push pause before the red light and get…
120 YMC: 7 Signs your Communication has gone bad and hurting your workplace culture
May 29 • 6 min
Continuing our Dirty Dozen breakdown from yesterday with a deeper dive into Communication Yellow Caution Lights! lack of too much - too fast - too many changes - waste of time saying one thing and doing another unclear priorities lower participation on…
119 YMC: 12 Caution Signals in your Workplace Culture - The Dirty Dozen
May 28 • 6 min
There is a dirty dozen out there telling you to slow down as your workplace culture is about to come to a halt. Think of it like traffic light signals, guides, warnings. This is part 1 in a three part series. The Dirty Dozen List - taking you from green…
118 YMC: Crisis at Work - How strong is the trust?
May 27 • 5 min
There is a storm brewing…how deep is the trust inside the walls of your organization? Are you and all your employees on the same page of whether they are or are not going to be required to return to work in a traditional space? That is just as one…
117 YMC: Lead with Team and US to avoid Anxiety and Fear
May 26 • 5 min
In times like these anxiety and fear creep in and sometimes settle in like an unexpected house guest - well that isn’t good. Leading with WE and US can help you avoid the permanent unwelcome guest settling into your workplace culture. Making sure you are…
116 YMC: Transformation with Clarity and Intentions
May 22 • 4 min
How are you transforming your business? How are you changing how you recruit, interview, on boarding, layout your office space, bring team members back or decide to keep them remote? How are you transforming your business model, your organizational…
115 YMC: Stop Trying to be Everything during Quarantine
May 21 • 4 min
Stop Trying to be Everything during Quarantine! If you don’t have all the answers - it’s okay! If you need to ask for help - it’s okay! Slowing down to speed up is absolutely an intentional plan that leads to success. —- Send in a voice message:…
114 YMC: Be the Better Part of Someone’s Day Today
May 20 • 4 min
Inspire Your People: reminding us to be the better part of someone’s day today. Remove the ego. Let go of any entitlement and remember your work is always about making things better for someone else. Give others time. Give them your time patiently and…
113 YMC: Continue Leveraging Your Remote Workforce
May 19 • 6 min
As the massive shift of remote work and some re-entry continues, it’s only human to feel uncertain about the impact this change has on managing and keeping your teams engaged. Ensuring your are balancing your managing and leading styles. Today I ask you?…
112 YMC: What are you company philosophies?
May 18 • 5 min
What are your company philosophies around training, recruiting, on-boarding, innovation, development, collaboration, trust, problem solving and the list goes on. Can your team quote them? Is your team living them? A company philosophy is “The way we do…
111 YMC: What is on the other side of the curve for you and your team?
May 15 • 3 min
What’s on the other side of your curve? Yesterday I was reminded of the Pot Roast story…listen in for more. #CultureMatters —- Send in a voice message:
110 YMC: 5 Common Areas that Cause Conflict at Work
May 12 • 6 min
Potential conflict is all around us if we allow it to creep in. Conflict at work often stems from 1 or all 5 of these areas. Deeply impacting what right looks like inside your company culture - shared vision - shared purpose, creating a sense of…
109 YMC: How Do You Create a High Performance Culture?
May 11 • 7 min
How Do You Create a High Performance Culture? 1. ANALYZE:Get a Clear Picture of Your Current and Desired Culture First you need a clear picture of your current culture in terms of organizational health (the values and behavioral norms) and strategic…
108 YMC: Repairs are costly
May 8 • 5 min
The cost of repairing your culture is more than defining, building and maintaining it on the daily. Where are you spending your time, money and energy? Don’t fall into the traps of recessions past and repeat mistakes. Bring forward the learnings and ditch…
107 YMC: Are you Protecting your Investment: Your Employee
May 7 • 4 min
Are you protecting your investment? I am not talking stocks and bonds - I am talking about your team members. I am talking about your continued - redefined - pivoted - realigned training and development. Over the next couple of days we will further unpack…
106 YMC: Furlough communication and return to work updates
May 6 • 6 min
On today’s episode of #YourMorningCommute some thoughts and or reminders around two questions. 1. How should employers remain in touch with employees during an extended furlough? 2. When a furlough is coming to an end, how should an employer ease the…
105 YMC: Forecasting the Curve vs. Flattening the Curve - language part 6
May 5 • 5 min
Flattening the curve seems to be a part of our normal language now - let’s flip this into business where there are many curves on the daily. The secret to successfully navigating curves that can become crises is to anticipate and plan for them.…
104 YMC: Transparency vs Social Distancing - language part 5
May 4 • 5 min
Language shift or repurpose number 5 - The purpose of social distancing is to prevent the spread of disease. Transparency in business prevents the spread of negativity, rumors, low employee morale, lost productivity, and so much more. Listen in to today’s…
103 YMC: Multiplier vs Super-spreader - language part 4
May 1 • 4 min
Language shift part 4 - In business, a multiplier is a leader who helps others grow. Listen in for more around embracing a new term in a different way multiplier vs super-spreader. Who are your super-spreaders and multipliers? —- Send in a voice message:…
102 YMC: Tracing Success, Community Success vs Contract Tracing and Community Spread - language part 3
Apr 30 • 5 min
Tracing Success vs Contact Tracing Community Success vs. Community Spread Part 3 of our language shift - therefore our mindset shift in our new reality —- Send in a voice message:
101 YMC: Lessons learned vs diagnosing cases - language shift part 2
Apr 29 • 4 min
Continuing to shift our language part 2 - Look at the crisis as a mirror that reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of doing business the “normal” way. Defining and maintaining your culture daily keeps you from going into repairing…
100 YMC: Part 1 Language Shift: Indexing
Apr 28 • 5 min
In this 6 part series I begin to unpack and shift COVID-19 new language. My intent it to further help you improve your workplace culture upon re-entry by rethinking some of the COVID-19 language that has begun to paralyze many along the way. Today in part…
99 YMC: Work is complicated
Apr 22 • 6 min
Let’s call it - work is more and more complicated right now - but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping your day focused and simple for your team to consume is the name of the game we are playing right now. How you bob and weave is critical. Are you a manager…
98 YMC: 5 Sources of Change Influence
Apr 21 • 6 min
Change is hard…it’s happening so rapidly now…how do we keep up or adjust? Listen today’s 99th episode of #YourMorningCommute for more around loving what you hate, doing what you can’t, turning foe into friend, inverting short term for long term, control…
97 YMC: What ‘ing’ are you in?
Apr 20 • 5 min
What action are in and are you doing it intentionally? Relaxing Reflecting Freezing Watching Waiting Pivoting Maneuvering Doing —- Send in a voice message:
96 YMC: Celebrate your successes & give some shoutouts today
Apr 17 • 1 min
It’s shoutout day. Celebrate your wins, your victories, your successes, your team, your organization, your vendors, your strategic partners - share and shout it loud. —- Send in a voice message:
95 YMC: Culture is Like Concrete
Apr 16 • 2 min
Catch and fix problems early. Any good leader knows you need to fix problems when they’re small. They’re less expensive and easier to fix then. No one’s feelings get hurt. And the fix is much easier than if it’s snowballed. When it comes to culture as a…
94 YMC: Re-entry Phase Prep & FAQs
Apr 15 • 5 min
For weeks now, we talked about not only the survival mode, but stabilization mode that will lead you, us into the re-entry phase of each of our organizations and community. How are you preparing the list for re-entry? Are you phasing the team back in?…
93 YMC: Silence Is Not Golden
Apr 14 • 4 min
Silence is not golden at all right now. It is better to say you don’t know how to answer questions right now instead of saying nothing. You are doing far more harm than good. The less your communicate, the deeper hole you are placing your company in when…
92 YMC: Great Leaders Do These 6 Things
Apr 13 • 8 min
Great leaders are among us; they are all around us. They rise from the crisis and the chaos. They have a clear vision, even now. They know how to include their team, at all levels. Their actions are aligned with their words. They share in leadership…
91 YMC: Creative and Intentional Training
Apr 9 • 5 min
A recent study reveals 52% of employees are misaligned to the company business strategies, goals, culture, behavioral fits and overall outcomes. On today’s 92nd episode of #YourMorningCommute I challenge you to pull together intentional training in 20…
90 YMC: The New Normal Now & Future
Apr 8 • 4 min
On this 91st episode of the #YourMorningCommute I talk about your new perfect day - now and in the future. There are lots of conversations about the new normal but what does that mean for you NOW, your team, and your company in the FUTURE? How are you…
89 YMC: Dominance Extraversion Patience Formality Hardwiring & Motivation
Apr 7 • 8 min
Let’s talk motivation today and our individual behavioral hardwiring as well as those of our team members. Today #YourMorningCommute provides some tips and or reminders of what motivates us differently to ensure we (you) are leaning into each team member…
88 YMC: Innovation - One New Idea
Apr 6 • 3 min
Starting today ask yourself and your team for one new idea. New way of communicating, celebrating, innovating a product or service. Don’t sit on your hands and thoughts - keep moving forward. #CultureMatters —- Send in a voice message:…
87 YMC: Employee Empathy Mapping
Apr 3 • 4 min
What is it that you see, say, do, feel, believe in your current role? In your current company? As a leader, ask yourself these questions first and then ask your immediate direct reports and your immediate supervisor. Look for alignment, gaps,…
86 YMC: Empathizing vs. Commanding
Apr 2 • 4 min
Don’t command; empathize. Leadership demands that leaders establish an emotional connection with their team members. For example, while AI will hijack the technical and hard-skill elements of leadership, so long as we have humans at work, they will crave…
85 YMC: Two Way Communication Flow
Mar 31 • 3 min
Communication is always important but ensure it is right, tight, focused and flowing both directions. Don’t just talk to be talking or suggest you are communicating effectively when you aren’t. Tip 1: Top down communication in the morning. Tip 2: Bottom…
84 YMC: Building Trust and a Shared Sense of Purpose
Mar 30 • 7 min
A company’s biggest asset is its people. Its biggest challenge is empowering managers with the skills to coach, mentor, and develop the talent critical to the productivity and longevity of the business. To gain a better foothold in the market for talent,…
83 YMC: The Dilemma: Defining What Success Is
Mar 24 • 5 min
Check your ego at the door (now the virtual door). The Dilemma now is making sure you are leading your team and making even more leaders on your team. How are you defining what success looks like NOW with each team member? You are probably finding…
82 YMC: Uncovering and Recovering from Your Virtual Working Blindspots
Mar 23 • 6 min
Now that many of you are beginning your 2nd or 3rd week into your team(s) virtually working for the first time, you may be discovering some virtual working blind spots. Now is the time to realize that is normal, expected and you are not alone. Listen in…
81 YMC: Performance Development vs. Management - 4 strategies
Mar 20 • 3 min
On this 82nd episode of #YourMorningCommute - I am focused on 4 strategies that always work - listen in for more around a culture of learning, feedback, empowerment, and embracing change. #culturematters Where is your #cultureplaybook? —- Send in a voice…
80 YMC: How You Treat Your Employees Now Is Telling About Your Culture
Mar 19 • 4 min
New strategies are forming, new ways of conducting business are forming. We need our employees now and in the future. How we treat our employees now is telling on our overall workplace culture and strength of our companies in the future. Actions now -…
79 YMC: These 5 Things Remain True
Mar 18 • 5 min
These 5 things remain true - listen in for more: Contact, Community, Collaboration, Communication and Culture. Because of the work so many of my clients and members have done in the past has properly prepared them for what is happening now. Your workplace…
78 YMC: It Isn’t LUCK that Gets You There
Mar 17 • 5 min
Happy St. Patricks Day - You can count on luck or you can lean in to more intentionality. There are a ton of positive things happening right now - how are you leaning in to allow your team to become stronger? #CultureMatters —- Send in a voice message:…
77 YMC: Remote Work Can Work
Mar 16 • 4 min
With COVID-19 concerns top of mind for many organizations, work-from-home policies are changing overnight. But for those companies that haven’t previously embraced this flexibility, it can feel disruptive and even a bit scary. But it doesn’t have to. Your…
76 YMC: Focus on What you Can vs. Can’t Control
Mar 13 • 5 min
All over the world is mounting stress, anxiety, frustration, fear…today let’s try and shift our mindsets into what we can control vs what we can’t. Listen in for 4 core tips to better manage today and beyond. #YourMorningCommute —- Send in a voice…
75 YMC: Communication and Innovation at the Top Now
Mar 12 • 4 min
We will all come out new and redefined…meaning how we do business is changing again. Unfortunately the Coronavirus is making us all rethink how we do business as a whole. Now is the time to tap into your team of innovators & design thinkers.…
74 YMC: 3 Steps to Modern Day Recruiting
Mar 11 • 1 min
How would you rate your modern day recruiting? Listen in for the 3 steps on today’s 74th episode of #YourMorningCommute —- Send in a voice message:
73 YMC: The Lack of these 7 can send you spinning
Mar 10 • 5 min
Where are you lacking today? Listen in for more around the lack of these 7 and what happens when you are indeed lacking. #YourMorningCommute is here to get you started each and every day. Culture isn’t built in a day, it is built everyday. What are your…
72 YMC: Job Description, Self Reflection, Forward Feedback
Mar 9 • 2 min
When is the last time you asked your employee to take the job description of where they are now, where they want to go, asked them to self-reflect and then you gave them specific feedback to aid and assist with their future. I am not talking about a…
71 YMC: Self-Awareness & Asking for Help
Mar 5 • 4 min
The more self aware you are the better you are at asking for help and sooooo many other things. However, today on the #YourMoreCommute we are focused on asking for help. Listen in for more #TodayIsAboutYou —- Send in a voice message:…
70 YMC: The Entire Lifecycle of an Employee - your blindspot
Mar 4 • 5 min
On this 70th episode of #YourMorningCommute I discuss the entire lifecycle of your potential employee and retaining them. One of the biggest questions I am often asked to weigh in on, keynote, write a blog, write a book and certainly help you - the…
69 YMC: Teaching the Team to Raise their Hand
Mar 3 • 4 min
On today’s #YourMorningCommute I talk about teaching your team members and yourself to raise your hand and say ‘I can do that’ - increasing their momentum and your team stickiness to stay together - have each others backs - build and maintain trust and…
68 YMC: 4 Things to Make Your Organization Hum
Mar 2 • 3 min
Today’s morning commute I talk about 4 ways you can positively impact your team, your organization and make it HUM. It just takes 3 minutes today to get your culture fueling on and set your tone for the day. #YourMorningCommute #CultureMatters —- Send in…
67 YMC: Calendar, Roles, Goals, Alignments
Feb 28 • 4 min
Are you spending your time in the right buckets to achieve your goals? What about your team? It’s always a good time to look and adjust. —- Send in a voice message:
66 YMC: Do you own your errors?
Feb 27 • 7 min
If you want to create a culture of transparency, culture of learning, or culture of TRUST…you have to own your own mistakes- errors as well and do so publicly. Yep - call yourself out and what you learned. This allows others to know you are human and so…
65 YMC: Are you the problem?
Feb 26 • 5 min
Sharing some mirror/mirror (maybe some tough love) time today and making sure you check yourself first before pointing the finger or scratching your head wondering what is going on - lets start with our own reflection. #YourMorningCommute #Self-Awareness…
64 YMC: What are you going to do today?
Feb 25 • 4 min
Now that we have all established you, we, are all crazy busy…what are you going to get done today? —- Send in a voice message:
63 YMC: 4 P’s of Training
Feb 24 • 5 min
Are you following the guide for training? The 4 P’s of training include Prepare, Present, Practice, Perfect. Listen to todays #YourMorningCommute for more. Don’t allow your day to go sideways - be #intentional #CultureMatters —- Send in a voice message:…
62 YMC: New Implementation Require Adequate Training
Feb 21 • 4 min
Often when ‘things’ go sideways it stems from the lack of training. Today lets talk about best ways to implement new systems - listen in for more on today #YourMorningCommute —- Send in a voice message:
61 YMC: What are you celebrating?
Feb 20 • 4 min
Are you celebrating daily successes? Why or why not? It’s a mindset shift when you focus on what is going right and why it happened…then and only then do you begin to build positive contagions in your organization. Listen in for more #YourMorningCommute…
60 YMC: Align Your Business Strategy With Your Talent Strategy
Feb 19 • 6 min
Few companies align business strategy with talent strategy. Are you a YES or NO when answering these 3 statements about your organizations strategy’s and alignment. We have a talent strategy. We have a business strategy. Our talent strategy is completely…
59 YMC: 3 Ways to Help Implement Change in Your Company
Feb 18 • 4 min
There comes a point in every business when something happens that radically changes how the business operates: Leaders start to implement processes. For employees who are used to improvising as they go and doing things their own way, this shift can be…
58 YMC: Top 10 Reasons Employees Stay
Feb 14 • 3 min
Top 10 reasons employees stay - listen to today’s morning commute for more. Ask yourself how you would rate your organization on these statements and or how you can continue to do better. #YourMorningCommute —- Send in a voice message:…
57 YMC: Modern Day Recruiting Tip 1
Feb 13 • 4 min
When the candidate asks you to describe the culture, the climate, the environment at your company - how do you reply? How does your team of interviewers reply? Does it match what the candidate will find while doing company research to prepare for the job…
56 YMC: Surprise! I Found Customer Service
Feb 12 • 6 min
I am happy to report I found the missing customer service on my morning commute in Atlanta, GA. How confident are you in the customer service you serve and train for all your internal and external customers? Listen in for some basics and where I found it…
55 YMC: You Told Me What You Expected
Feb 11 • 4 min
Wow what a breath of fresh air when I met with a new client yesterday. She shared a little of her past that included a quote from one of you previous employees “You told me what you expected from me.” Listen in for more #YourMorningCommute Take the easy…
54 YMC: Way to Reward Your Team that Don’t Cost Money
Feb 10 • 4 min
Don’t let your day go by, or week go by, or month go by without real conversations with your team members. Simple things like 1:1 time with real conversations go along way. True time is money BUT time well spent with your team pays off big. Listen in for…
53 TMC: Problem Solving Get to the Root Cause First
Feb 7 • 6 min
Yesterday we talked about upping our Time Management Skills and today we discuss our Problem Solving Skills - bottom line you have to Analyze, Curate and then Create - don’t just give surface solutions before you fully understand the real problem. A lot…
52 YMC: Time Management. Overwhelmed. Burnout.
Feb 6 • 6 min
4 Things we should always strive to improve Time Management, Communication, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail - today on the our morning commute we dive into more on Time Management - the difference between #overwhelmed and #burnout and then some tips…
51 YMC: What does the Google commercial have to do with your Culture Playbook
Feb 5 • 6 min
By now we have all watched the google commercial series from the superbowl…today let’s talk about what that has to do with your culture playbook. Building muscle memory and ease in recall is the purpose of the commercial by using google itself. Your…
50 YMC: Take It To The House
Feb 4 • 4 min
“Take it to the house” was one of my favorite memories of this years Super Bowl. For many reasons it touched my soul - full of encouragement. It encouraged a new generation to come It showcased and encouraged up and coming talent It showed passion and…
49 YMC: Jimmy Fallon Disruptive
Feb 3 • 3 min
Intentional disruption is what I am calling Jimmy Fallon’s workout (Michelob Ultra Light) commercial. Loved it - today you are challenged to have some fun with the team to get some of those boring or difficult tasks you and the team need to get done. Take…
48 YMC: Employee Performance a Concern, Then Hire Right First
Jan 31 • 4 min
34% of 600 executives surveyed said employee performance was a top concern that keeps them up at night, with 26% saying hiring right causes un-sleepable nights too. Let’s flip that on it’s head - hire with intentionality first then the performance and the…
47 YMC: Are you People Solving or People Developing?
Jan 30 • 3 min
Did you know that the average business leader spends 61% of their time on people problems (high turnover, low engagement, poor performance)? That’s the equivalent of 1,269 hours a year—almost 10 full weeks! What if you could get almost a third of that…
46 TMC: Fear of Delegation the Mindset
Jan 29 • 5 min
Lets begin to ask why we or others do and don’t delegate. Perhaps you have burned or let down in the past (well perhaps you didn’t delegate effectively or in it entirety from the start - that’s another YMC topic) or do you feel guilty? What is the real…
45 YMC: Are you wasting your training dollars?
Jan 28 • 3 min
How deliberate are you with your training and development focus and spending. Are you developing your team towards needed competencies, delivered to their motivation needs and styles, tied back to the characteristic needs of the job, designed to achieve…
Ep44YMC: Trends
Jan 27 • 3 min
Tracking your trends and those of your team allows you to capitalize on your success or adjust before you lose traction. Are you looking at your trends? #CultureMatters and it starts with people. —- Send in a voice message:…
43 YMC: Develop Your Leadership Momentum
Jan 24 • 4 min
Developing a team member or group to become more agile in their ‘self’ competencies can cause detours in your vision. Remember to first seek and understand an individuals personality and behavioral hardwiring before you begin to train and drive to…
42 YMC: Assessment: Validation, Reliability, Scientifically Proven
Jan 22 • 5 min
On today’s #YourMorningCommute I discuss behavioral & cognitive assessments. How are you using them? Are they adding value? Are they first and foremost scientifically proven, validated and reliable? Can they help your execute your business objectives and…
EP41 YMC: Noise is All Around You, How are You Filtering It
Jan 21 • 5 min
There is so much noise around us on the daily now. How do you keep it a bay to stay focused? Are you a part of the noise in a good way or creating unnecessary noise for those around you. Today is a mindset piece to being more intentional about how you…
40 YMC: 7 Tips to Aid in Your Sphere of Influence
Jan 17 • 5 min
Who is within your sphere of influence? If you are a CEO, you have an internal audience (your employees) and an external audience (customers, vendors, board members, the public). If you are an HR director, you also have a sphere of influence. Your sphere…
39 YMC: Reset Your Mindset and Reframe How Others Come To You With Problems
Jan 16 • 5 min
Do you find yourself drained with others coming to you with problems? Start with reframing your mind and remember you are their leader, mentor, guide, developer - it’s up to you to pivot your behavior to them, not the other way around. Help them by…
38 YMC: Showing Empathy Doesn’t Mean You Are Soft
Jan 14 • 4 min
Showing Empathy Doesn’t Mean You Are Soft - shift your mindset today on the word empathy. You can’t just be sympathetic and try to be liked every time someone comes to you with a problem or concern. But you need to be able to understand the problems, as…
37 YMC: The House that Judy and Stan Built
Jan 13 • 3 min
We / You have an idea, a vision, a dream…you hire a team of talented individuals to make it come alive - but then reality sets in and nothing’s going how you planned it in you mind. You are frustrated and start to take it out on your “talented team…
36 YMC: Why Are You Giving Performance Reviews
Jan 10 • 6 min
Today on the morning commute I ask the question: Why are you giving performance reviews? Is it for development, or merit increases, or goal setting or bonus? Why? Of course we talk frequency, training and REAL development. What is your training philosophy…
35 YMC: Adjust Your Sails To Reach Your Destination
Jan 9 • 5 min
“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~ Jimmy Dean. Don’t focus on what you can’t do but what you CAN DO. Listen in as we finish out our week strong, intentional and on course.…
34 YMC: Culture Handbook Why It Matters
Jan 8 • 6 min
This year I am focused helping the culture curator members create their Culture Handbooks (playbook). This is VERY different from an employee handbook and even more vital to the continued success of a company. Listen in to today #YourMorningCommute to get…
33 YMC: 3 Leading Causes of a Toxic Workplace Culture
Jan 7 • 5 min
Listen in for today’s challenge and pulse check with your own mindset. Three underlying causes of a toxic workplace culture and one could be you. Leadership stops believing in the overall vision for their company or team. Employees stop trusting the…
32 YMC: Tips to Return Back to Work With Grace
Jan 6 • 5 min
Happy New Year! Many if not all of us took some time off recently. Returning back to work can be challenging at times. Whether you are returning or welcoming others back to the office, make sure you get your social on first before diving back into the to…
31: YMC 6 Signs You’re A Great Leader
Dec 20, 2019 • 9 min
What makes a great leader? It’s a question we’ve all asked or thought about at some point. Answers might vary, but there are several traits that appear time and again: confidence, competence, and charisma, to name a few. While these are helpful traits for…
30 YMC: Do You Have Strategic Alignment
Dec 19, 2019 • 4 min
The cost of doing business when your team disagrees on the go forward strategy. This begs the question - do you have strategic alignment across your entire team & board? Are you sure? How do you know? What worked in 2018, 2019? Listen in to this episode…
29 YMC: 6 Tips for Direct Feedback Learning and Growth
Dec 18, 2019 • 8 min
The research shows employees want more feedback, not less. Look and listen for your next opportunity to give feedback—then use these tips to deliver feedback that doesn’t fall like a ton of bricks. Shift your culture to one of learning and growth through…
28 YMC: Final Tips for On-track Holiday Employee Engagement
Dec 17, 2019 • 4 min
The holiday season is about our emotional state (happy, sad or somewhere in between). Yesterday we talked about flex-schedule and remote work as tips. Listen for the final list to stay on track and avoid those potholes. This works as individuals as well…
27 YMC: Remote Work During the Holiday Season for Engagement
Dec 16, 2019 • 4 min
It’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of the holiday season, for better or for worse. With company parties, end-of-the-year tasks and personal commitments, this time can become an all-encompassing behemoth of festivity. It filters into nearly every…
26 YMC: Count the Ways You Provide Professional Growth to Your Employees
Dec 13, 2019 • 6 min
How does your organization promote the professional growth and development of employees? It doesn’t (ouch) Regular, constructive reviews Staff awards (internal or external) Combines professional and personal needs/development Opportunities for growth…
25 YMC: Are You Stuck in the On-boarding Loop
Dec 12, 2019 • 6 min
What’s an on-boarding loop - that feeling that you are stuck in traffic going on and off the exit/entrance ramps but not going anywhere. Starting and stopping in traffic, you thought you on-boarded right, but then your new team member lets you down.…
24 YMC: Stuck in the Ditch of Annual Performance Reviews
Dec 11, 2019 • 6 min
It’s no longer called being progressive to give feedback around performance on an ongoing basis. If you are still giving feedback once a year in a combination performance and merit increase you are really STUCK IN A DITCH in the past. If you want to…
23 YMC: There is a Knot in My Necklace
Dec 10, 2019 • 6 min
How effective are you at getting tight knots out of small chains? Do you stay calm or end up tossing the chain and take the loss? These knots can be like our team members - we spend time and money finding them, on boarding them and then when KNOTS occur…
22 YMC: Don’t Sweep It Under the Rug
Dec 9, 2019 • 6 min
Ugg, NBC and CBS are both back in the news for #MeToo and #Bullying ongoing claims, investigations and conversations. I say Ugg as it seems they and others are still trying to sweep things under the rug; they are tolerating and accepting their workplace…
21 YMC: How to Recognize Change Fatigue in Your Team
Dec 6, 2019 • 6 min
Continuous change is common today. Organizations everywhere are stepping up their change management processes, engaging key people, and implementing successful initiatives. But what happens when too many project changes begin to take a physical and…
20 YMC Employee Burnout: Signs and Tips
Dec 5, 2019 • 6 min
Trends continue to rise with employee burnout -According to the 2020 Global Culture Report, 79% of employees are suffering from mild, moderate, or severe burnout. Burnout affects not only the individual’s mental and physical wellbeing, but also the…
19 YMC: Retail Employees Staying Engaged
Dec 4, 2019 • 6 min
Tis the season for retailers and it can be draining on the entire team. How do you get and keep your employees engaged in retail? Focus on basics - it’s okay to have employees working to get a check and nothing more. Don’t stress on the fluff - do the…
18 YMC: Basics of Respect
Dec 3, 2019 • 5 min
Respect is often listed as a core value in many organizations but is it clearly defined? Listen to today’s quick podcast around the basics of respect. —- Send in a voice message:
17 YMC: When Your Best Employee Has the Worst Attitude
Dec 2, 2019 • 5 min
I hear this often and find it really upsetting: We shouldn’t put best and worst in the same sentence while describing a high performing, top of the heap employee. That just doesn’t make sense. Avoid these potholes in your morning commute. Don’t excuse it…
16 YMC: Core Findings in High Purpose Cultures
Nov 27, 2019 • 6 min
Research shows a core finding inside several High-Purpose Cultures exists with the correlation of employee- and customer - focus. They’re well defined and make clear exactly what the organization stands for. Not only that but they live it everyday through…
15 YMC: Say Thank You Today - Be Specific
Nov 26, 2019 • 3 min
Saying thank you shouldn’t sound robotic, but rather authentic and highly intentional. Today, focus on your thanks you with those you work around: a team member at any level. But don’t just say thank you - tell them specifically why you appreciate them.…
14 YMC: 3 Principles to help Cope with Culture Clash
Nov 25, 2019 • 5 min
Work styles vary wildly from company to company, country to country, which can make expansion challenging and difficult to keep the workplace stress at bay. But one thing is for sure, every company regardless of industry or location has people. Listen to…
13 YMC: Change, Transformation, Data, Your Team
Nov 22, 2019 • 4 min
We all know and agree change is hard, first stop saying change and talk about adapting instead. Start with your team - who are the champions going to be, the challengers along the way and those that can move you forward as catalysts? Don’t forget to start…
12 YMC: How would you describe your culture? Quick exercise
Nov 21, 2019 • 3 min
Aligned on expectations and norms is key inside a workplace culture and it’s overall health. Listen to this quick exercise to take a pulse check. —- Send in a voice message:
11 YMC: Talent Strategy Alignment as you head into 2020
Nov 20, 2019 • 4 min
So…you have a talent strategy now - my question is it comprehensive? is it working they way you envisioned? how are you supporting your strategy? Have you planned your 2020 next move? —- Send in a voice message:
10 YMC: Deliberate Discomfort
Nov 19, 2019 • 6 min
Growth and comfort do not live in the same town. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is when we begin to grow and help those around us grow as well. By the way the book Deliberate Discomfort by Jason Van Camp is coming out in a few weeks - make…
9 YMC: The Teach becomes the Student
Nov 18, 2019 • 2 min
Even the best of mentors and teachers must become a student to keep the pencil sharp. Enjoy this morning commute and watch out for those accidents and detours. —- Send in a voice message:
8 YMC: Analyze: Employee Mapping
Nov 8, 2019 • 6 min
How do you move through levels step by step to identify your success gaps to move/shift/level-up/transform your workplace culture? It all begins with understanding how to get from point A to point B to close those success gaps. Where are you now, where do…
7 YMC: Move Your Culture
Nov 7, 2019 • 2 min
I am often asked, how do you really change a company culture. My first response is it starts with day one and builds from there. Meaning your daily actions, how you literally show up every day. You and your team. What you do, is not only who you are but…
6 YMC: What does workplace culture mean to you?
Nov 6, 2019 • 3 min
What does it mean? What is most important about it to you? How is it aligned to your MVVC statements? What is the best way you can contribute? —- Send in a voice message: