Yewwwtoob - your daily dose of full-spectrum surf conversation. We’re a bunch of regular doods from the NJ/NY area who can’t really hang out with other people because…well…they don’t speak surf. HOSTS Tyler Kalian - Addicted to surf and the idea of a balanced life filled with family, success and surfing. Drew Eastwood - Surf Resort manager. Strike mission maestro. Being like water. Phil Manning - Traveling web developer. Has lived and surfed in some of the top locations around the world.

Agro Lineups & Surf Relationships
Nov 22 • 60 min
Two opposite worlds of surfing - agro lineups and surf relationships. Is there a place for fighting in the lineup? And how to manage surf trips while keeping the Mrs. happy.
Surf Media Outlets & the Best Surf Workouts
Nov 17 • 85 min
In this episode, the boys discuss where they get their fill of daily surf content, Ty and Drew almost get in a fight, and what the best surf workouts are to stay in surf shape.
Surf Travel & Toob Time
Nov 14 • 77 min
The boys talk barrel riding - best techniques, best barrel and who the f*ck is Fisher!? Also, what’s more preferable surf travel - last minute strike missions or booking a longer period of time in advance.
QuiverCast - Performance/Fish/Retro/Travel Surfboards
Nov 11 • 76 min
In this episode, the boys discuss what goes into a board purchase decision, how to choose which board to travel with, and how/when hipsterism infiltrated surfboard design.
INTERVIEW: Michael McKenna | NJ Surf Photographer
Nov 8 • 82 min
Michael McKenna is a NJ Surf Photographer who has taken photographs at 3 Pipe Masters and been featured on Surfline’s ‘Good to Epic’ twice. You can find his work at or on instagram @michaelmckennaphoto.