The Misophonia Podcast

The Misophonia Podcast
Candid conversations with people who live with Misophonia. Misophonia is a disorder in which there is a strong sensitivity to certain sounds. A person with misophonia feels rage and an inability to focus on anything but that sound. It feels like a figh…

Heather (That Girl With 4S) and Michael
Sep 9 • 58 min
Excited to bring you this episode with Heather, maybe better known to some of you as That Girl With 4S - @chewwithyourmouthclosed, her social media account. She’s also quite active in forums helping people make sense of their miso and the the miso of…
Sep 2 • 52 min
This week I’m talking to Melody, an artist living in Israel. I haven’t talked to enough people outside of North America or Europe so this was really cool. It’s a really interesting conversation because she talks about some unusual triggers and coping…
Aug 28 • 42 min
If you were expecting this episode a couple days ago my apologies, I got over extended on a number of projects that I’m trying to finish off by the end of summer and had to slip this week’s episode. I assure you we’ll be back on schedule every Wednesday…
Aug 19 • 42 min
Brianna is a psychology student at San Diego State and an advocate for all mental health issues. In the vein of last week’s episode with Malya, here Brianna and I talk about the support system she has in place and how she got there, her supportive…
Aug 12 • 52 min
Malya is a high school student in Utah. A lot of students, and parents of students write in wondering about how to survive at school with miso. Malya is a strong advocate for herself at school and has great support from her family. She does some work…
Aug 5 • 51 min
Christos is yet another resident of England, though originally from Greece. We talk about everything from metalcore music, telling our friends and partners about miso, anxiety attacks, mandatory army duties in Greece, and how to badly injure your hand…
Jul 29 • 38 min
Some of you may be familiar with Dorian after she posted a beautiful, raw Instagram Story @dorianlouise where she talked about her misophonia publicly for the first time. It got a great reaction and hopefully inspired others to speak out and share their…
Jul 22 • 54 min
Cory is an artist living in Long Beach, California, as well as a teacher. In this episode we talk about art as not just therapy, but a form of meditation, grief and loss as an aggravator of triggers, and we discuss the still very relevant topic of…
Jul 15 • 39 min
Maisy is an art history student who took a few years off before starting college, in no small part due to misophonia. We talk about healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms, sleeping arrangements, and other ways to live with a partner. Maisy is a big fan…
Jul 8 • 42 min
Natalie is a student at UCLA and is the founder of the Misophonia Support and Awareness group at UCLA. I’m really excited to have her on because I noticed her student group last year and really see her as an inspiration hopefully for other schools and…
Jul 1 • 37 min
Ella is a high school student in Washington State and we talk about life at school, her miso origin story, meeting Dr. Marsha Johnson, ADA accommodations and her plans for the future. Shout-out to the 2020 Misophonia convention! This is the annual…
Tim J.
Jun 24 • 44 min
Tim works as an LGBTQ advocate professionally and we talk about, many of his common experiences as someone with misophonia but also some interesting similarities in the life experiences of bring an LGBTQ person and a misophone. Both are very personal…
Jun 17 • 62 min
Ana is an active misophonia advocate. In this wide-ranging conversation we talk about her coping mechanisms which include changing her thought process during triggers, breathing exercises, meditation, journaling, and living a healthier life. We also…
Dr. Eric Storch
Jun 10 • 52 min
Dr. Storch is a clinical psychologist, vice chair of Psychology at the Baylor College of Medicine, and leading a study at Baylor on misophonia. I’m usually speaking with other misophonia sufferers on this podcast but once in a while I like to bring…
Jun 3 • 39 min
Shela lives and works from home in California, leading a team of stylists at Stitch Fix. We talk about the pros and cons of online meetings and work from home. Working with different therapists and insights on what has worked and what hasn’t. Advocating…
May 27 • 56 min
Gilles is a strategy consultant living in Sweden, and a longtime fan of the podcast. We cover so many topics in this show… his unsupportive parents, difficulty making friends as a child, bodybuilding, ayahuasca retreats, being triggered by his…
May 20 • 58 min
Lizzie is a graphic designer in London. We talk about life in lockdown in downtown London with housemates and noisy neighbors, miso in her family, and dealing with miso when she went to the office! Check out her Spotify playlist below. And don’t forget…
May 13 • 38 min
Kater╠îina is in Prague, Czech Republic, and this marks the first time she has talked to someone with misophonia. She’s a senior in high school and we talk about how miso has affected her family relationships, how her school friends have reacted, and…
May 6 • 55 min
Claire is a visual artist based in northern California who is also a misophonia advocate. This conversation is jam-packed with her thoughts and insights on the psychology and even metaphysics of dealing with misophonia. There are some great stories too…
Apr 29 • 40 min
Welcome to Season 2! I decided to start going by seasons because I’m recording interviews in bunches anyways - this is the first interview recorded since December 2019. This week I talked to John, a Lutheran pastor in Saint Paul, MN… and my next-door…
Apr 22 • 28 min
This week I talk to Isabel who lives in London. She’s in her early 20s and has had miso from a young age, like most of us. It’s really accelerated in the last few years, but she’s also recently found out what it is, like most of us, and is taking steps…
Apr 15 • 37 min
This week talk with Liz, a mom working from home that suffers from misophonia, tinnitus, and also cares for a child with autism. We talk about all that and how they relate, plus we talk about events that are dubbed “sensory-friendly” for people with…
Apr 8 • 41 min
This week I’m bringing a conversation with Carson, a sophomore studying architecture in New York City. We talk about growing up in Nebraska, how he deals with Misophonia in NYC, how he uses the ADA effectively to get accomodations for miso at school,…
Apr 1 • 46 min
Roz lives in Florida, has two adult children in their 50s and has been dealing with her miso since the age of 7. We talk about those early years, raising her own family… and even get a guest appearance by one of her kids! Links: Book: Too Loud, Too…
Mar 25 • 43 min
Heidi is a coach for creative professionals. She also hosts the Vibrant Visionaries podcast. On this episode we talk about mindfulness techniques, her tips for approaching strangers and co-workers about misophonia, and some of her related issues that…
Mar 18 • 49 min
Lindsay’s story is one of misophonia alongside a host of other issues that she has dealt with throughout her life, including addiction, co-dependent relationships, and self-harm. She is in a much better place now and we talk about how she has worked on…
Mar 11 • 52 min
Laurel is a mixed media artist who expresses her struggles with misophonia through her artwork. Check out our Instagram or follow her @actions.that.echo In this conversation, Laurel takes us very deep into her miso origins and the family trauma she had…
Mar 4 • 43 min
Elise is a project manager in Portland that I met at the Misophonia Association convention last fall. She also runs a video chat for sufferers to share experiences and support each other. We talk about her childhood and just how we all deal with this…
Dr. Alisa Lehman - 23andMe
Feb 26 • 26 min
Is there a genetic basis for misophonia? On this week’s episode I have a special guest, Dr. Alisa Lehman from 23andMe. We discuss their report that studied the genetic results of 23andMe customers to see if there is a genetic marker that could indicate…
Feb 19 • 42 min
Yale is a software engineer and father of two in Portland, Oregon. We have quite a bit in common and this is a really fun interview. We talk a lot about work life and dealing with miso in public. Enjoy! —- Web: Email:…
Feb 12 • 41 min
I met Ellen at the annual Misophonia Association convention (see below for links on that). We talk a lot about classic stuff we all face, challenges in school all the way up through grad school, introducing new friends to our miso, dealing with family…
Feb 5 • 38 min
This week I talk to Kevin, an engineer in NY, about co-workers, managers, misokinesia, ASMR, herbal supplements and a lot more.
Jan 29 • 44 min
Marjorie lives in Panama and talks about the challenges of living in a place with even less awareness.
Jan 22 • 55 min
Cris is the founder of, a non-profit aimed at spreading awareness and education about Misophonia.
Jan 15 • 31 min
Sim is a nursing student in Canada and we talk about life in nursing, having roommates for the first time, large classes, new friends, and all those “fun” experiences of going out in the world.
Jan 8 • 57 min
Jon’s symptoms began in a very unique way just a couple years ago, well into adulthood, and we talk about his interesting thoughts and insights.
Dr. Marsha Johnson
Jan 1 • 65 min
Dr. Johnson is a pioneer in the world of misophonia having identified the condition in her patients since the 1990s. We talk about the early days, recent research, and her thoughts on growing the community and future research.
Dec 25, 2019 • 34 min
Switching careers from teaching to software engineering and how she has coped in each. Surviving the holidays. Her thoughtful strategies for explaining misophonia to new people.
Dec 18, 2019 • 36 min
Imagine having misophonia for over 60 years. This is Lyle’s heartbreaking but inspiring story.
Dec 11, 2019 • 37 min
Recording studios, Tinder dates, ASMR, working in bars, and her origin story.
Dec 4, 2019 • 43 min
Tim talks about misophonia inside a large family, being homeschooled, adjusting to college life, and the psychology of grappling with this isolating disorder.
Nov 27, 2019 • 27 min
Linda is on the podcast from the Netherlands. We talk about having a job where she has to analyze recordings of people speaking, her sister who also has this disorder, and having “the talk” with a significant other.
Nov 20, 2019 • 35 min
I talk with Andrew about life as a graphic design student, having a supportive spouse, and a timely story about losing it at Thanksgiving.
Nov 13, 2019 • 19 min
In this first episode, Gisselle talks about coping with Miso at school, origins with family, and all the headphones in her arsenal.
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