FinTech Australia Podcast

FinTech Australia Podcast
Tier One People and FinTech Australia presents the FinTech Australia Podcast. Dexter Cousins brings exclusive interviews with leaders in Fintech to discuss their secrets on; Hiring the best talent - Creating a winning culture - Scaling the business suc…

Ep 42: Alan Jones, M8 Ventures
Sep 21 • 41 min
Dexter Cousins chats to Alan Jones of M8 Ventures. Alan is a startup founder coach and tech startup angel investor based in Sydney.
Ep 41: Brendan Malone, Raiz Invest
Sep 17 • 28 min
In ep 41 Dexter Cousins is joined by Brendan Malone, Co-Founder and COO of Raiz, an investment app that helps people save in the background of life.
Ep 40: Alex Badran, Spriggy
Sep 15 • 39 min
Dexter talks to Alex Badran, Co-Founder of Spriggy, a pocket money app that helps parents teach their kids all about money. 🐷As personal users of the Spriggy app for 3 years, we’ve seen the positive impact the product has on our own kids. And with over…
Ep39: John Winters, Superhero
Sep 13 • 27 min
Dexter talks to John Winters, Co-Founder and CEO of Superhero, a revolutionary investment platform making trading in Australian markets accessible to everyone.This week Superhero announced $8m Series A round backed by ZipCo CEO Larry Diamond and Nick…
Ep 38: Rebecca Schot-Guppy, FinTech Australia
Sep 9 • 28 min
FinTech Australia CEO Rebecca Schot-Guppy joins Dexter to kick off season 2 and talk about the Senate Enquiry into Fintech and Senator Braggs recommendations.
Business banking, lending and fintech special
Aug 20 • 72 min
In this bumper special Dexter shines a spotlight on just a few of the Aussie Fintech’s doing incredible stuff in the world of business banking and SME Finance.
Ep 37: Shaul David - Railsbank
Aug 17 • 22 min
In episode 37 of the FinTech Australia Podcast Dexter chats with Shaul David, APAC Region Director of Railsbank.
Ep 36: Nick Wilde - Thought Machine
Aug 17 • 37 min
In Episode 36 of the Fintech Australia Podcast, Dexter is joined by Nick Wilde, APAC Managing Director of Thought Machine. Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Paul Taylor, Thought machine enable banks to deploy modern systems and move away from the legacy IT…
Ep 35: David Birch - 15MB
Aug 17 • 32 min
In episode 35 of the Fintech Australia Podcast Dexter is joined by David Birch.
Ep 34 Damir Cuca - Basiq
Aug 16 • 28 min
In episode 34 of the FinTech Australia Podcast, Dexter is joined by Damir Cuca, CEO of Basiq
Ep 33: Stuart Grover - Look Who’s Charging
Aug 11 • 25 min
In episode 33 Dexter Cousins talks to Stuart Grover, CEO and Co-Founder of Look Who’s Charging.
Ep 32: Neal Cross - Picture Wealth
Aug 4 • 38 min
In episode 32 of the Fintech Australia Podcast Dexter is joined by Neal Cross, CEO of Picturewealth.
Ep 31: Brett King
Jul 30 • 36 min
The GodFather of Fintech, Brett King joins Dexter to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Moven and with it the 10th birthday of the neo bank.A Melbourne boy, Brett shares his unique story of how an Aussie came to build Moven, and launch the first in-app…
Ep 30: Joanne Cooper, ID Exchange
Jul 30 • 31 min
Dexter is joined by Joanne Cooper, Founder and CEO of ID Exchange.
Ep 29: Matt Baxby, Revolut
Jul 26 • 20 min
In episode 29 Dexter is joined by Matt Baxby, Country CEO for Revolut, one of the worlds fastest growing Fintech.Matt shares an insider’s view of the Rocket Ship that is Revolut. We discuss their unique approach to building a bank, the relentless focus…
People, Culture and Scaling - Sue Steel
Jul 23 • 25 min
This episode we are shining the spotlight on the Tier One People community members.Sue Steel of SuMaHa Collective is a specialist in People, Culture and Scaling. Most recently Sue scaled Aussie Tech success story, NearMap, taking the business from 50 -…
Ep 28: Beau Bertoli, Prospa
Jul 22 • 32 min
Dexter is joined by Beau Bertoli, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of Australia’s leading online business lender, Prospa.
Ep 27: Simon Lee, Patona
Jul 19 • 28 min
In episode 27 Dexter is joined by Simon Lee, ex-Founder of Assembly Payments and now Managing Partner at Patona.
Ep 26: The WealthTech Show
Jul 15 • 65 min
It’s episode 26 and Dexter is joined by Carla Harris, Founder of Longevity App to talk all things WealthTech. They are on a mission to change everyone’s financial future one cent at a time, by automatically boosting your existing super fund with a…
Ep 25: Anthony Thomson, 86 400
Jul 12 • 21 min
Anthony Thomson is Co-Founder and Chairman of 86 400, Australia’s first Smart Bank. And with a resume that includes Founder and Chairman of Atom Bank the UKs first mobile-first bank and Metro Bank in the UK, Anthony is one of the world’s leading pioneers…
Ep 24: Christian Westerlind Wigstrom, Monoova
Jul 8 • 27 min
In episode 24 Dexter talks to Christian Westerlind Wigstrom of Monoova, an end-to-end payment solution allowing businesses to automate how they receive, manage and pay funds.
Ep 23: Fred Schebesta, Finder
Jul 5 • 25 min
Dexter Cousins is joined by Fred Schebesta co-founder of Finder, a global personal finance comparison website.
Ep 20: Open Banking Special
Jul 1 • 64 min
Join your host Dexter Cousins for a HUGE celebration! Open Banking is now live in Australia and in honour of this ‘Game Changing’ event for Fintech we have an amazing line up of guests.
Ep 21: Gareth Gumbley, Frollo
Jun 30 • 23 min
In episode 21 Dexter Cousins talks open banking with Gareth Gumbley, CEO of Frollo.
Ep 19: Tim Cameron - Transferwise
Jun 24 • 24 min
In episode 19 and today I’m joined by Tim Cameron Australia New Zealand Country Manager for Transferwise.Launched in 2011 with the vision of making international money transfers cheap, fair, and simple, Transferwise now has over 7 million customers and…
Ep 22: Jonny Wilkinson - Equitise
Jun 24 • 24 min
In episode 22 of The FinTech Australia Podcast Dexter Cousins is joined by Jonny Wilkinson, co-founder of Equitise.
Ep 18: Bianca Bates - Cuscal
Jun 19 • 26 min
Bianca Bates is Chief Client Officer at Cuscal, Australia’s largest independent provider of payment solutions.
Ep 17: Carolyn Breeze - Go Cardless
Jun 16 • 29 min
Welcome to episode 17. Today I am joined by Carolyn Breeze, General Manager for the ANZ region of GoCardless.
Ep 16: Francine Ereira - Klarna
Jun 14 • 21 min
In episode 16 and I am joined by Francine Ereira, Country Head of Klarna.
Ep 15: Shadi Haddad - Till Payments
Jun 9 • 16 min
In episode 15 Dexter is joined by Shadi Haddad, CEO of Till Payments.Till are the payments people behind payments, enabling millions of transactions across the globe.Founded and head quartered in Sydney,Till payments is another example of Aussie…
Ep 14: Fintech Australia Podcast Show - Episode 3, The Blockchain Special
Jun 8 • 59 min
The blockchain special show with Alan Tsen, R3, Consensys, Agridigital, Civic Ledger and BTC Markets
Ep 13: Katrina Donaghy - Civic Ledger
Jun 3 • 24 min
I’m joined by Katrina Donaghy, CEO of Civic Ledger. They build modern digital platforms to help governments transform the way entitlements and public resources are managed. Winner of multiple awards Civic Ledger recently delivered a world first by using…
EP 12: Emma Weston - Agridigital
May 25 • 21 min
Emma Weston is CEO and Co-Founder of AgriDigital, an Australian headquartered Agri/Fintech focused on digitising global agriculture supply chains. Founded in late 2015, Agridigital have been working with blockchains, distributed ledgers and smart…
EP 11: Tim Dwyer and Dan Peters - Limepay
May 21 • 17 min
In this episode Dexter chats with Tim Dwyer, CEO and Dan Peters, CRO of Limepay.Limepay is the next generation of payment gateway, increasing revenue, removing friction at the checkout and keeping customers in the merchants ecosystem.The platform brings…
Ep 10: The FinTech Australia Podcast Show
May 19 • 61 min
We have a HUUUUGE show to share folks. This episode I am joined by Simone Joyce, CEO and Founder of a Brisbane based Payments Fintech.
Ep 09: Paul Weingarth - Slyp
May 15 • 23 min
Slyp - How to partner with the major banks
Ep 08: David Hyman - Lendi
Apr 30 • 27 min
Dexter catches up with David Hyman and talk about the Lendi journey on the FinTech Australia Podcast.What a journey it is 🚀🚀🚀 As one of Australia’s first Fintech, launching in 2013, the business is now 430 people and a fine example of Aussie ingenuity…
FinTech Australia Show - April
Apr 23 • 47 min
In this first feature show Jimmy Grafton of The InnerLoop acts as my wing man.Subscribe to the InnerLoop Taylor, CEO of Douugh gives us an exclusive - You can register your interest in their Series A raise through Equitise -…
Nell Hardie - Reinventure Group
Apr 21 • 13 min
Nell Hardie is Head of Talent for Reinventure Group, the Westpac backed VC fund for Fintech. Nell is ideally placed to give a finger on the pulse of the current hiring market across Fintech.
Ep 07: Eric Wilson - Xinja
Apr 13 • 30 min
Eric Wilson, CEO of Xinja talks to Dexter Cousins
Ep 06: Marie Steinthaler - True Layer
Apr 5 • 29 min
In this show, I’m joined by Marie Steinthaler VP of Asia for TrueLayer - the leading open banking API platform. The True Layer platform connects major banks across the world. They are backed by leading venture capital including Tencent and Temasek, and…
Leading Through A Crisis
Mar 24 • 37 min
I’m joined by David M. Brear CEO of 11:FS and Shelley Laslett CEO of Vitae to discuss how Fintech Leaders can respond to the Covid-19 crisis.David Discusses the 11:FS approach to remote working, how to keep people motivated in a crisis and how to make…
EP 05: Travis Tyler - 86 400
Mar 22 • 24 min
Travis is Chief Product and Marketing Officer of 86 400 - an Australian Neo Bank at the forefront of open banking innovation.I talk to Travis about his experience building a fully cloud based bank and how the people, systems, processes and working…
Ep 04: Stuart Clout - Thedocyard
Mar 11 • 24 min
Stuart Clout is CEO of ASX Listed Fintech, thedocyard, a global platform that is gearing to be the Atlassian for corporate advisory teams. Listen to Stuart share his thoughts on building a global platform and being CEO of an ASX listed…
Ep 03: Jessica Ellerm - Zuper
Feb 16 • 29 min
Jessica Ellerm, CEO of Zuper
Ep 02: David M Brear - 11:FS
Jan 20 • 29 min
David M Brear, CEO of 11FS in a podcast unlike any other he has done before!
Ep 01: Anthony Nantes - Wisr
Nov 6, 2019 • 16 min
Anthony Nantes, CEO of Wisr shares his secrets to building a high performing team at scale.