The Michael Pulman Podcast

The Michael Pulman Podcast
The M Word is a podcast where freelance journalist Michael Pulman sits down and talks with interesting people from a wide variety of industries. New episodes released every few weeks.

Why The Last of Us Part II Is So Good
Jun 18 • 39 min
Riding solo again today, but it’s a goodie! I chat briefly about my new gig writing for NZ Rugby News before taking a deep dive into The Last of Us Part II which releases today on PlayStation. Read my full review of TLOU2 here:…
Rugby’s Back & I’m Anxious AF
Jun 9 • 22 min
A self-indulgent ramble about work and where to from here in this crazy yet exciting post-COVID-19 world.
Damian Light Talks Being A Politician & Leading United Future
May 25 • 48 min
Former United Future party leader Damian Light stops by the pod to talk about his political career, leading United Future into the 2017 NZ General Election, and challenges faced along the way.
Patrick McKendry Talks Rugby Writing & NZ Herald Career
May 12 • 49 min
Patrick McKendry joins the pod to talk about his career writing about rugby, primarily as a reporter for NZ Herald. We talk about the early stages of his career, landing at NZME and how he goes about his writing process.
Ross Karl Talks Isolation Nation & Life As A Rugby Journalist
May 7 • 54 min
Rugby journalist Ross Karl joins the pod to talk about Sky Sport’s Isolation Nation, life as a rugby journalist and the lessons learned along the way.
Daryl Mitchell Talks Blackcaps Debut & Journey In Cricket
Apr 14 • 37 min
Daryl Mitchell joins the show to talk about his journey in cricket which led to a Test debut in 2019, plus what else he does in life and the challenges that are ahead.
Jason Pine Talks Radio Broadcasting Career & State Of Sports Media
Apr 9 • 46 min
Radio host Jason Pine joins the show to talk about his near 30-years in the media business as a radio broadcaster, TV commentator and journalist plus touch on how the business has changed over the years through the advent of online website and social…
Anton Lienert-Brown Talks Lessons In Rugby & Mental Health
Apr 8 • 33 min
Anton Lienert-Brown joins the show to about some of the lessons he’s learnt as a professional athlete, challenges out of high school coming into pro rugby and mental health.
Oskar Howell Talks Esports & Starting Out In Media
Apr 7 • 38 min
I chat with 20-year old journalist Oskar Howell about his journalism work in the esports industry and his emerging career. The Wintec article we mention in the show can be found here.
The Good & Bad Of WrestleMania 36
Apr 6 • 32 min
Another WrestleMania is in the books, but this one was the most unique wrestling event in recent history and ended with several new champions. Let me share some of my thoughts. You can also watch a video version of the podcast on YouTube here.
Huw Beynon Talks Media Career & Producing NBL With Sky Television (Episode 11)
Mar 30 • 46 min
Today we are joined by Sky Sport NBL voice Huw Beynon who talks about his media career, starting out as a nervous journalist to NBL producer covering the Breakers basketball team. You can follow Huw on Twitter @huw_beynon.
Jamie Wall Talks The Impact Of COVID-19 On Rugby & Rugby Media (Episode 10)
Mar 30 • 62 min
Rugby author Jamie Wall joins the show to talk about how COVID-19 has impacted rugby in New Zealand and how it could shape the future of the sport.
A Non-Educated Discussion On PS5 Specs vs Xbox Series X (Episode 9)
Mar 23 • 36 min
Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X Specs have been revealed, but which one is better? Both new boxes have their strengths and weaknesses, so I take a deep dive and provide my non-educated POV.
Swedish Journalist Hermann Dill (Episode 8)
Mar 21 • 62 min
I sit down and chat with Swedish sports journalist and TV producer Hermann Dill to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting Sweden. We also talk about his career in sports journalism and TV. Watch the video version of the podcast on YouTube:…
My Thoughts On COVID-19 & Future Of Super Rugby
Mar 19 • 24 min
COVID-19 has truly changed life as we know it! I weigh in from the bunker in New Zealand! Video of this podcast also available on YouTube, you can watch it by clicking here:
Accessibility & The Dualshock 4 Back Button Attachment (Ep 6)
Mar 8 • 16 min
Discussing the Playstation’ back button attachment from a disabled gaming accessibility standpoint.
Those PS2 Memories!!! My Story With The World’s Best Selling Console (Ep 5)
Mar 4 • 29 min
The PS2 was happy days! Happy happy days! Here is my story as one of the 158million gamers to own a PS2.
Nigel Yalden Talks Rugby Broadcasting & Media Career (Episode 4)
Feb 25 • 54 min
Today we are joined by ‘the voice of rugby’ Nigel Yalden who talks about his journey from working in The Warehouse to becoming a major player in New Zealand’s sports media industry. Nigel Yalden is a sports radio broadcaster for Newstalk ZB and Radio…
Peter McGlashan Talks Politics & Cricket - Episode 3
Jan 19 • 43 min
Former BLACKCAPS wicketkeeper Peter McGlashan joins the podcast to talk about crossing over from sports into politics, and a whole lot more.
Paula Tesoriero Talks Disability Rights In 2020 - Episode 2
Jan 12 • 30 min
I sit down with Disability Commissioner Paula Tesoriero about her goals for 2020 and some of the significant issues facing the 1.1m disabled New Zealanders.
(RE Upload) Jamie Wall Talks New Book & All Blacks Media
Jan 9 • 49 min
Jamie Wall talks about his new book, Heroics & Heart Break and dishes on his experiences as part of the media team covering the All Blacks.
Blackcaps Fails and Media Influences - Episode 1
Jan 7 • 56 min
Pulman Media is here, but what the hell is it? I’ll discuss before weighing in on the terrible Blackcaps tour to Australia where so many flaws were exposed that it’s hard not to be cynical. Also, some of my all-time biggest influences in media. Follow…
Introducing: The M Word Podcast
Jan 6 • 2 min
The M Word is a weekly podcast that rambles and reacts its way through the world of media, sports, gaming and entertainment. New episodes release each week and are hosted by freelance journalist Michael Pulman.