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Creator Spotlight: Celio’s Network
Jun 4 • 38 min
Luke River Morsa, aka Celio’s Network, comes to talk about how he became a content creator, who he is as a person outside the game, and much more. Intro music by Frank Percic (@pokepercic on Twitter). Outro is “Hack” by Col Friday. Find it here.
The TURBO PATCH PANIC: Power Creep Part II
May 26 • 29 min
When Turbo Patch was announced as an upcoming card, Rob’s friends called it “Sacky Trash,” among other things, so here are Rob & Owen talking about power creep again, as well as some of the changes in the game (such as new weaknesses!?!). Intro music by…
Top Tips from North American Top 10 Players
May 12 • 35 min
Have there ever been so many top players in one podcast? We’ve gathered five- to ten-minute interviews with Zach Lesage, Danny Altavilla, Isaiah Bradner, Grant Manley, and Azul Garcia Griego. In each interview we ask them a little about how we can all…
What belongs behind paywalls?
May 5 • 15 min
Rob & Owen discuss a recent controversy in the Pokemon TCG surrounding the topic of paywalls. Are player bios good enough to be behind paywalls? What content should be behind paywalls? Are Pokemon TCG Players too entitled? Find out this & more. Thanks to…
Interview with Frank Percic, Part II
Apr 14 • 28 min
Featuring music by Frank, this episode delves into how to build a rogue deck, why some rogue decks don’t work even when they test well, and a series of fun questions about Frank. Intro song is by Frank, @Pokepercic, used with his permission “Hack” by Col…
Interview with Frank Percic, Part 1
Apr 2 • 28 min
Frank Percic, the Marco Polo of Pokemon, joins us to talk about how he got started in the game, rose to become a top 16 player, and met a thousand souls along the way, including but not limited to: John Mostowy, Darin O’Meara, Justin Boughter, Andrew…
BONUS: Mew World Order (Story Only)
Mar 17 • 6 min
This version is the version WITHOUT COMMENTARY. Just the story of Kyle Sucevich battling the Reptilian overlords. “Unpromised” by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:…
Mew World Order
Mar 17 • 22 min
An old story brought back to life by Owen & Rob. Includes one of the craziest TCG lists ever made: Mew World Order. “Signal for Safe Passage” by Marzie and Machine Learner Link: Used with permission. Unpromised by…
How will COVID-19 Impact Pokemon TCG? (with Jesse Parker and John Mostowy)
Mar 13 • 21 min
Professor Dr. Rob Stephens, PhD is joined by Ohio Legend Jesse Parker and Pharmacist turned TCG player John Mostowy to discuss the potential impact of COVID-19 on Pokemon long term, as well as what we can all do to make Pokemon safer and better for…
Interview with AJ Schumacher: Round 3 Events, 2008, Doing your taxes
Mar 4 • 42 min
The Heat Factory is back! We audit regional champion and regional manager AJ Schumacher. We learn more about the man behind all the tournaments in Ohio. Break out your calculators and call your accountants, we dive into the good old days and possibly…
How to Organize a League Cup with AJ Schumacher
Feb 10 • 55 min
This episode is dedicated to the Judges. We venture into the less than talked about “Other side of things”, the organizing parts. World Class and Premier Tournament Organizer AJ Schumacher , goes through EVERYTHING needed to run a successful league cup.…
Hunter Butler has the Stones and you can too
Jan 27 • 33 min
Hunter Butler’s grandma is confirmed cooler than yours, and there’s nothing you can do about that. What you can do is listen to Hunter talk about how he got into Pokemon, what most players could to improve and get the Stones. Hunter also talks about his…
The Andrew Mahone Interview, Part Two: Present & Future
Jan 21 • 38 min
We finish our interview with Andrew Mahone while he discusses his Tricky Gym, how he quit a promising career as a teacher to stream Pokemon, and, of course, what he orders at McDonald’s Intro music in this episode is the track “Signal for Safe Passage” by…
The Andrew Mahone Interview, Part 1: The Mahone Origin Story
Jan 13 • 24 min
We meet and talk with a Pokemon Gym Leader. The master of the Tricky Gym, Andrew Mahone, sits with the Heat Factory and talks about the good old days of Pokemon, Skateboarding, influential people and inventing a broken deck. Andrew had so much to talk…
THE FUTURE of the Heat Factory & 2019 Season Recap
Jan 9 • 14 min
Owen Rob & Professor Dr. Rob take a pod to reflect on their first season and talk about some exciting preview for Season 1.
Singles vs. Sealed: Which is Best Value?
Dec 30, 2019 • 23 min
Owen and Rob discuss the pros and cons of buying singles vs. buying sealed product for the Pokemon TCG. And a special surprise after the episode — Rob reveals the contents of a booster box he opened. Featuring music by Machine Learner and Marzie.
Interview with Kiernan Wagner: GaS, Teams, Mew3 in Expanded
Dec 21, 2019 • 26 min
Kiernan Wagner joins us to talk about the origins of Team Gas, what a scholar of Pokemon TCG is, and some hot takes on the current expanded meta. With music by Marzie and Machine Learner.
Building a Successful Tournament Rogue Deck
Dec 11, 2019 • 27 min
Owen Rob and Professor Dr. Rob Stephens, PhD discuss their favorite recent rogue decks as well as rogue decks they’ve played at major tournaments or created. They then talk about the ingredients for a successful rogue deck, why you should try everything,…
Predictions for Pokemon San Diego Regionals 2019
Dec 7, 2019 • 13 min
Owen Rob and Rob S. make predictions on what decks they think will top 8, what players they think will top 8, and what the heck Frank Percic is up to.
How to Dominate League Cups and Challenges with Jesse Parker
Dec 5, 2019 • 30 min
Owen and Rob are joined by Jesse Parker, who is a master of local tournaments — in quarter 1 of 2019, Jesse went to 10 League Cups, placed at 7 of them, and won 5 of them. He’s here to tell you his secrets to dominating your locals. Featuring music by…
An Interview with Jesse Parker
Dec 2, 2019 • 24 min
Jesse Parker, who was 20th in North America in CP this quarter, joins the Heat Factory to discuss his insane first quarter, his mom helping him decipher an Unown code, and why he isn’t watching more Ocarina of Time speed runs. With music by Marzie and…
Chester Wakefield’s Origins
Nov 21, 2019 • 13 min
The Heat Factory spills the tea! We unveil Chester Wakefield, the up-and-coming player from Ohio, and his real identity! Gather around as 3 friends talk about this mythical Pokemon player in the newest episode of The Heat Factory Podcast.
Interview with John Mostowy, creator of Lucario Melmetal
Nov 17, 2019 • 24 min
John talks to us about his 11th place finish at Knoxville, his pre-tournament routine, and how tennis is like Pokemon.
Cosmic Eclipse Set Preview
Nov 8, 2019 • 38 min
Our take on the cards from Cosmic Eclipse. Featuring music by Marzie and Machine Learner.
Power Creep is Good?
Nov 3, 2019 • 12 min
In this Episode, Professor Rob, PhD argues that Power Creep is actually good for Pokemon TCG? Say what? Featuring music by Marzie and Machine Learner.