The Ian Bousfield Experience

The Ian Bousfield Experience
The podcast for brass players!

10: Nerves
Dec 9 • 28 min
Tune in to hear my experience with nerves, my thoughts on dealing with nerves and at the end my practical checklist for dealing with nerves. Hope it helps!
9: The Best Trombone Player in the World?
Dec 2 • 10 min
A recent social media post brought the nerd out in me even more ;) Here are my thoughts!
8: Being a Nerd
Nov 25 • 9 min
In this episode I share with you the inescapable truth of what it takes to make it at the highest level - and it may come as a surprise. Enjoy!
Epiosode 7: Q&A Session No. 2
Nov 19 • 53 min
The Q&A session was a such a huge hit, so here are some more questions from you all. Hope you enjoy it! Show notes: 01:00 - balancing work and life 09:00 - what kind of tools do I use for my students (apps, breathing, recording, etc.) 14:30 - my…
6: What I Learnt From….Denis Wick
Nov 14 • 17 min
We all have people in our lives who have had a huge influence on us. Denis Wick has been a great impact on me throughout my life, and in this podcast I hope you get to learn a little more about him and the influence he had on me as a trombone player,…
5: What I Learnt From….Maurice Murphy
Nov 14 • 12 min
In this podcast I describe what it was like to work with and be inspired by one of the most natural brass players ever to put a mouthpiece on their face. Many of you will know him to be the trumpet sound behind Star Wars soundtracks. I knew him closely as…
4: What I Learnt From….Viola Players
Nov 14 • 12 min
Not just being about viola jokes, although there are one or two in there ;), this is a podcast on the inspiration I received from the viola section in the Vienna Philharmonic.
3: Q&A Session No.1
Nov 14 • 57 min
In this podcast I attempt to answer all of the wonderful questions that you posted on social media. Some brilliant questions, and I hope that you find the answers interesting. You will find the show notes below with minute markers for specific questions,…
2: How To Be A Student
Nov 14 • 20 min
This is to help guide you as to how to plan your life and your career, starting with your days as a student.
1: Starting Right
Nov 14 • 15 min
How we speak to ourselves while we are playing and are practicing is of enormous importance. In this podcast I tell you how I learnt as a child and the attitude that was put in my head by my father.
Why I Started a Podcast
Nov 3 • 1 min
Welcome to the Ian Bousfield Experience! In this first podcast ever, I just briefly explain why I wanted to start. Enjoy, and stay tuned!