PRO-AGE Rampage! Taking positive aging to the next level.

PRO-AGE Rampage! Taking positive aging to the next level.
Taking EVERYTHING about Pro- Aging to the NEXT LEVEL. No apologies, no excuses. Let’s openly talk about it ALL!! What is pro-aging? It’s aging the best we can with a positive & enthusiastic attitude. This isn’t about anti-aging. Who’s against aging? The alternative is a lot worse. Your host, KaZ Akers, is a professional writer, & certified meditation master. She talks about relationships, health, diet, exercise, sex, community, career, family, children, travel & more! KaZ is transparent, honest, real & genuine. You’re not going to get a cookie cutter podcast by the numbers here.

There Is No Such Thing As Being In Balance. Hear Me Out.
Dec 11 • 6 min
Balance is not generic. It is on a case by case, person by person basis. Being out of balance is sometimes a good thing. It is part of life and a part of appreciating being life. Complete balance does not exist and being out of balance is not always a…
Yes! This Is Pro-aging is now PRO-AGE RAMPAGE. Taking positive aging to the next level!
Dec 9 • 5 min
I’ve decided to take my passion for PRO-aging to the next level. What does that mean? Being as real, open, honest and transparent as possible. That also means being vocal, informative, and establishing a dialogue. Fearlessly addressing aging and what it…
PRO-AGE Rampage! Taking positive aging to the next level. (Trailer)
Dec 4 • 0 min
Sometimes You Just Gotta Fart.
Nov 27 • 11 min
Bodily functions are perfectly normal. Here I discuss teaching in juvenile justice and how bodily functions in class, after my students had dinner, made for a very interesting classes. In the film Shrek, Shrek would say “better out than in“. Sometimes it…
Training Your Dog is Loving Your Dog, Your Family and Your Community.
Nov 22 • 7 min
There is almost nothing more wonderful than a family dog. They are loyal companions. They love us unconditionally. But, an untrained dog, even with the most basic of commands can be a challenge for your family, your community and your dog. Untrained dogs…
Two Tubes of Lipstick and a Gallon of Vodka.
Nov 15 • 5 min
The title might not sound like it but this is an end of life story. The story of a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s and her daughter who helped care for her. It’s actually a funny, poignant story. If you yourself or anyone you know is suffering from…
Get Real About Aging!
Nov 7 • 6 min
No one else defines you, YOU define you. Aging is not a curse. Why would any of us want to anti-age? The alternative is so much worse. We’ve become obsessed with the clock not moving forward. Is it vanity, fear, ego, insecurity, societal pressures? All of…
If Life Throws You Curve Balls, Get A Catcher’s Mitt.
Nov 1 • 14 min
Life is messy. We are always trying to “figure it out”. We don’t have to figure it out. Let’s let go of the “what if’s and what happened?” Learn to flow more like water. Water flows over and around rocks and boulders. Be like water or get the tools you…
Welcome to YES! This is Pro-Aging! The Premiere Episode on Being Yourself as You Age.
Oct 27 • 41 min
Meet your podcast host, professional writer, meditation master, speaker and former stage, television, film, stunt, dance and circus performer and producer, KaZ Akers. Learn about who she is, and her journey, why PRO-aging is her passion and what you can…