Please Send Help!

Please Send Help!
Comedians Andrew Mercado and Justin Marquez try to do a podcast, but almost die every single time.

22: More Government Secrets (This Time, With Aliens)
Aug 8 • 41 min
Andrew and Justin are captured by secret service agents and wake up in Area 51. They meet a few aliens and try to find a way out, while also encountering a familiar friend.
21: Government Secrets (Shh, Don’t Tell Anyone)
Jul 24 • 51 min
Andrew and Justin crash through the ceiling of the Oval Office and encounter Donald Trump’s fat stupid body sleeping on a couch, and that’s just the beginning! We uncover secrets you weren’t even considering and probably aren’t even true, but are fun to…
20: Bouncy Castle in the Sky
Jul 14 • 35 min
Andrew and Justin get bored of falling and finally find a place to land—at least temporarily. It just happens to be a bounce house held afloat by a flock of birds, and our guest, comedian Dalia Malek, is their master.
19: Freefallin’
Jul 1 • 33 min
Andrew and Justin find themselves free falling after being shot out of a buttplant in Atlantis and they do not know where they will land or even how they will survive. They meet an old friend who routinely seems to be on the brink of death. Will they…
18: Please Send Kelp? Part 2
Jun 16 • 37 min
Andrew and Justin visit the lost city of Atlantis and citizen of the city and our special guest this episode, Elyse Joseph, shows them around. There’s weird creatures, including a living plant that looks like a butt. While everything seems fine initially,…
17: Reality Detour 3
Jun 11 • 78 min
Andrew and Justin take a break from the normal sequence of episodes to try and have an honest discourse about a movement that has by now spread across the globe. They talk about their support of the movement and the history of systemic racism in America…
Ep. 16: Please Send Kelp? Part 1
May 30 • 69 min
Andrew and Justin escape the alien spaceship, but their escape pod crashes into the middle of the ocean, where they find the lost city of Atlantis, where they meet our guest Elyse Joseph and each one of them share the legends they have heard of the…
15: Our Declassified Idiocy Part 2
May 18 • 54 min
Andrew and Justin are trapped in an alien space ship and must find a way out before they most assuredly torture them—in the case of Justin—or inexplicably pamper them—in the case of Andrew. Some guest appearances include Dennis Rodman, Amelia Earhart, and…
14: Our Declassified Idiocy
Apr 29 • 26 min
Andrew and Justin wake up separated in a corn field, but they are not alone. An alien with a peculiar knowledge of 90s action films pursues them. Patrick Bornhop joins us for an episode that shows us that while aliens might be more technologically…
13: Volcano Rest for the Wicked (Part 3)
Mar 31 • 38 min
Justin and Andrew meet Satan himself, played by comedian and filmmaker Tony Bartolone. Is this the end? Have they finally pushed the boundaries too far? No, actually. Satan doesn’t get a lot of regular visitors unrelated to a personal judgment day, so he…
12: Reality Detour 2
Mar 12 • 55 min
As we bide for time to conclude the trilogy of our current storyline, Justin, Andrew, and Daryl meet to catch everyone up on the goings on of the local comedy scene, the making of current episodes, and current events. There’s no clear agenda, just fun…
11: Volcano Rest for the Wicked (Part 2)
Mar 6 • 69 min
Justin and Andrew meet comedian Evan Cassidy while searching for an exit inside of an active volcano. As they travel its depths, they encounter various eccentric and familiar characters. Why are there so many strange personalities in this place who maybe…
10: The Reality Detour 1
Feb 26 • 55 min
Hello everyone. This is a new category of episode we will occasionally do to connect with our audience. Andrew and Justin sit down with Daryl and we discuss the behind the scenes process of the podcast. We also riff and talk about things to come. There’s…
9: Volcano Rest for the Wicked (Part 1)
Feb 20 • 56 min
Justin and Andrew go on vacation to Krakatoa island. Everything seems to be going great until they fall into a giant volcano and quickly realize it will become one of the worst days they have ever had. This time the topic is mental health, and while it…
8: The Spiritual Exodus (or an Excuse to Take Mushrooms in the Desert) Part 2
Feb 12 • 34 min
Andrew and Justin continue their journey through the desert as they become stranded and answer some tough existential questions from comedian April Lotshaw. Join them for a conclusion to the story that serves as less of a spiritual exodus and more of a…
7: The Spiritual Exodus (or an Excuse to Take Mushrooms in the Desert)
Feb 5 • 31 min
Andrew and Justin venture out into the desert for what Justin calls a spiritual exodus, which basically means they find a place to take mushrooms. As they talk about evolution, both characters get lost and find guest April Lotshaw making bacon and…
6: Almost Dying Harder
Dec 24, 2019 • 50 min
Andrew and Justin conclude their journey through the Hiroshima plaza building while they encounter more terrorists and meet their eccentric boss, played by comedian Robert Amador. Also, we continue to talk about ghosts. Listen as this will surely end with…
5: Almost Dying Hard
Nov 27, 2019 • 47 min
Andrew and Justin are somehow invited to the same holiday party by two separate people, so they decide to record a podcast in the elevator. And again, although it seems safe, a terrorist group takes over the building and shuts down the power, so the duo…
4: Stranded
Nov 19, 2019 • 85 min
Andrew and Justin attempt to survive after their plane crashes into the ocean. In their frazzled and desperate state, they find Neeraj Srinivasan and pull him onto their emergency lifeboat made out of the ruins of the plane and lots and lots of airline…
3: Safe Travels?
Nov 12, 2019 • 33 min
Andrew and Justin decide to record their next episode on the safest form of travel—an airplane—but something doesn’t seem right. I guess nothing ever does. Catch this podcast duo as they go down in flames again, but maybe this time a little more…
2: The Sasquandary
Nov 5, 2019 • 58 min
Andrew and Justin continue their adventure when they encounter Sasquatch and his partner, Frankie Muniz, played by comedians Rafael Decamargo and RJ Sains respectively. They’ve already narrowly escaped the clutches of a grizzly bear, so how will they…
1: Soul Laid Bear
Oct 27, 2019 • 49 min
In this inaugural episode, Justin and Andrew go on a hike while discussing their respective religious backgrounds, disillusions, and reshaping of overall perspectives. Oh, and one more thing: They are chased by a bear! Will they survive? One of them will,…