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Rebel Performance Radio
A podcast for educated meatheads trying to forge super freak athletes

32: Jake Tuura
May 24 • 65 min
Jake Tuura, Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach at Youngstown State University and mastermind behind, joins the show today to discuss jumper’s knee, power/force development, his time at Minnesota under Cal Dietz, coach-athlete…
31: Kassem Hanson
May 17 • 65 min
On the show this week we welcome Kassem Hanson from N1 Training to talk about how he got started in the science of human performance, his paradigm shifts over the last several years, acquiring knowledge and problem solving, and of course training for…
30: Ryan Horn
May 10 • 61 min
Ryan Horn, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Wake Forest, joins the show today to talk about his 14 years in the business, training and developing athletes, coach-athlete relationships, lessons and principles, in-season training, fatigue management, and…
29: The Dudes - OHPS20
May 3 • 63 min
James, Kyle, and Matt bring you an episode of The Dudes to discuss the 2020 Online Human Performance Summit brought to you by Rebel Performance. This totally remote event features an incredible lineup of coaches on May 7th, 8th, 9th, as well as 7-day…
28: Dr. Mike Israetel
Apr 26 • 61 min
Dr Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodization joins the show today to talk about his background in training, why he gravitated towards sports science, and what really grinds his gears with some of the internet gurus.
27: DJ Murakami
Apr 19 • 59 min
DJ Murakami joins the show today to talk about all things movement, the necessity of intention, and getting away from some of the dogma that exists in strength and conditioning.
26: Will Crozier
Apr 12 • 65 min
Will Crozier, world’s strongest respiration nerd, joins the show today to discuss all things getting strong. From the importance of maximizing muscle in your weight class to looking outside the traditional powerlifting realm to break through training…
25: Tyler Friedrich
Apr 5 • 69 min
Tyler Friedrich, Director of Olympic Sports at Stanford University, joins the show today to share his wealth of knowledge in collegiate strength & conditioning, discuss coach development, culture, training methodologies, and data collection in collegiate…
24: Joseph Franzo
Mar 29 • 70 min
Joseph “Joey Flexx” Franzo from Flexx Training Systems joins the show today to share his thoughts and process from years as a successful powerlifter and coach. We dive into all things powerlifting including training, mental side of training, and weight…
23: The Dudes - Making the Most of Training at Home and the Q2 Group Mentorship
Mar 22 • 59 min
James and Kyle bring you an episode of The Dudes to discuss our training options during these interesting times and how to keep all your gains. We discuss how to get the most out of training at home, our TRAIN at-home program, the Rebel Performance, Q2…
22: Katie St.Clair
Mar 15 • 69 min
Katie St. Clair, creator of the Empowered Performance program, joins the show today to talk about her journey through the fitness world, community building, strength training for women, body image issues, blood sugar, movement, PRI concepts, and intensity…
21: Dean Somerset
Mar 8 • 52 min
Dean Somerset joins the show to talk about all things training, mobility, how to provide a great service as a trainer, understanding your role, and staying open minded.
20: Chris Kelly
Mar 2 • 66 min
Chris Kelly, co-founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, joins the show today to talk about the things that need to take place outside of the gym in order to optimize your life and your performance inside of it. This includes “how to win at angry birds”, a 4…
19: Brandon Senn
Feb 23 • 64 min
Brandon Senn, Head Coach at Kabuki Strength, joins the show today to talk about his path to powerlifting, powerlifting coaching, the use of velocity based training, Kabuki Strength equipment, and his philosophies on programming.
18: Bryce Lewis
Feb 16 • 57 min
Bryce Lewis, 3 time USAPL National Champion and founder of The Strength Athlete, joins the show today to talk about onboarding clients, developing coach-athlete relationships, weak points, and the psychological side of peaking.
17: The Dudes
Feb 9 • 67 min
James, Kyle, and Matt sit down to talk shop, answer questions, give insights on our philosophies, training, coaching, cueing, exercise selection, business development, and more.
16: Mark Fisher
Feb 2 • 72 min
Mark Fisher, Super Human Unicorn, joins the show today to talk about all things life and business, including marketing, sales, learning, processing information, and time management.
15: Mike Reinold
Jan 27 • 54 min
Mike Reinold, physical therapist aficionado, joins the show today to talk about systems, principle-based training, how to execute a Performance Physical Therapy model, his approach of Restore-Optimize-Enhance, and breaking down how to progress a specific…
14: Zac Cupples
Jan 19 • 70 min
Zac Cupples, rap battle and PT extraordinaire, joins the show today to talk about learning, movement, the squat, inhaled and exhaled skeletons, the foot, the ankle, and why these matter for how you program for your clients.
13: Tony Gentilcore
Jan 15 • 68 min
Tony Gentilcore, a connoisseur of picking up heavy things and putting them back down, joins the show today to talk about business, surpassing the 600 lb deadlift milestone, training his clients like athletes, and his upcoming Deadlift & Squat Workshop,…
12: Dean Guedo
Jan 12 • 74 min
Dean Guedo, Canadian Sensation, joins the show today to talk about football, powerlifting, and his transition from old school training practices that left him feeling like shit, to new school training that allows him to perform at a high level and feel…
11: Joe Geletko
Jan 5 • 67 min
Joe Geletko, collegiate athletics extraordinaire, joins the show today to talk about strategies and models for developing collegiate athletes, acceleration and energy system development, culture, and relationship management in collegiate athletics.
10: Vinny Brandstadter
Dec 29, 2019 • 61 min
Vinny Brandstadter, real-life meat gorilla, joins the show today to talk about principals of training, infrasternal angles, the importance of environment, balancing expectations, and narrowing your focus to get the results you want.
9: Dr. Mike T Nelson
Dec 22, 2019 • 71 min
Dr. Mike T. Nelson, heavy metal concert connoisseur, joins the show today to talk about metabolic flexibility, physiologic flexibility, metcons, mitochondria, aerobic capacity and all other things human performance physiology.
8: Lance Goyke
Dec 15, 2019 • 73 min
Lance Goyke, the modern-day renaissance man, joins the show today to talk about generalists, learning and his path to finding a smarter way to train. As someone who shares Lance’s interest as an education junkie, it’s always nice hearing how he approaches…
7: Casey Metoyer
Dec 8, 2019 • 78 min
Casey Metoyer, assistant athletic performance coach at UCLA, joins the show today to talk about collegiate strength and conditioning, velocity-based training, and load monitoring. As someone who lives in the private world, it’s always great getting to jam…
6: Steve Tripp
Dec 1, 2019 • 68 min
Steve Tripp, owner of The Top Strength Project in Providence, Rhode Island, and all-around superhuman strength athlete joins the show today to talk all things strength training. Steve brings TONS of under the bar experience and coaching hours to the…
5: Andrew Triana
Nov 24, 2019 • 74 min
Andrew Triana, a co-founder of The Performance Vibe and Allostatic Labs and world champion of vibing, joins the show today to talk about developing freaky humans. We kick things off getting into Andrew’s background and talk about how he found the sport of…
4 - Dr. Michelle Boland
Nov 17, 2019 • 65 min
Dr. Michelle Boland joins the show today to dive into coach’s education, models, rigid mindsets, movement, and, of course, programming. Right off the bat, Michelle and I get into her background, talk about our mutual grad school experiences, and get a…
3 - Ryan L’Ecuyer
Nov 10, 2019 • 91 min
Ryan L’Ecuyer, professional meat titan, joins the show today to talk all things hypertrophy and how to get more bigger. Right off the bat, Ryan and I get into his background and early love for training and come to realize he owes everything to Billy…
2 - Kyle Dobbs
Nov 4, 2019 • 78 min
Kyle Dobbs, professional tall guy and mentor to trainers/coaches around the world, joins the show today to talk about developing world-class coaches and, of course, picking things up and putting them back down. We kick things off getting into Kyle’s…
1 - Dr. Pat Davidson
Oct 24, 2019 • 85 min
Dr. Pat Davidson, exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant, traveling lecturer, and avid Patriots fan, joins the show today to drop some biomechanics knowledge bombs. Right off the bat, Pat and I get into his background,…