Supernatural Housewives

Supernatural Housewives
The Supernatural Housewives of Ballystrange tells the tale of a small town in Ireland that was cursed hundreds of years ago, a curse that condemned each generation of men folk to marry supernatural brides until the end of time. Or until such time as a …

S1E11 - Deception
Dec 15 • 10 min
Turlough gloats as his fairy changelings thwart his great internet rival… but Diarmuid gets suspicious of the faulty code.
S1E10 - This is a Mad Town
Dec 8 • 13 min
After betraying the town and wives to the demon slayer, Peter discovers his wife may be supernatural after all.
S1E9 - The Stare of an Angry Woman
Dec 1 • 11 min
Deirdra the Demon Slayer ups the ante in her reign of terror against the supernatural housewives.
S1E8 - Crime and History
Nov 24 • 17 min
The demon slayers lurk as Turlough and Tony put the talents of their supernatural wives to illegal use; and the history of the town and how Dr. Winterman met Jane.
S1E7 - Supernatural Housewives Laying Low
Nov 23 • 9 min
A snotty waiter incurs the wrath of Jane.
S1E6 - The Demon Slayers Arrive in Ballystrange
Nov 17 • 20 min
Deirdra the Demon Slayer arrives in Ballystrange…
S1E5 - All That Money Can Buy
Nov 9 • 12 min
Turlough gets desperate in his quest for tech immortality…
S1E4 - The Love of the Supernatural Housewife
Nov 2 • 10 min
The supernatural wives at play…
S1E3 - The Business of Demon Slaying
Oct 27 • 8 min
Sergeant Crowley finds death on the beach, while Terence goes to Dublin in search of Demon Slayers.
S1E2 - All Around the Fairy Tree
Oct 26 • 10 min
Turlough requires the help of his supernatural wife to succeed in a business venture…
S1E1 - The Curse, The Cop, The Men & The Demon Slayer
Oct 19 • 18 min
Ballystrange, Ireland - the town of Supernatural Housewives