The GeePaw Podcast

The GeePaw Podcast
GeePaw is a software development coach with over 30 years in the field. His unique understanding of how to enact lasting change among teams has cemented him as an authority on the agility concept known as “Sociotechnicality”. Here you can find his weekly podcasts. Support this podcast:

Stories about Stories | S0-E6
Nov 10 • 7 min
“There is no story in the history of the English monarchy that could not be readily re-framed as the story of mobsters and their heirs wielding raw power and vying for the legitimacy that would clothe its violent, cunning, often psychopathic, murderous,…
How Stories Change Things | S0-E5
Nov 7 • 6 min
“When I say tell and re-tell the story of us until it becomes the story we want, bringing us together in a culture of kind and creative community, I am not being mystical, airy, saintly, hippie-esque, poetic, or intellectual. I am talking about…
What I’m Up To | S0-E4
Nov 5 • 3 min
“I don’t know what will thicken the software making trade’s culture. But I know (part of) what I’m trying to do: tell the story of us, re-tell it, and re-tell it again, as many times as it takes, until that story is the story of a community of kindness…
Thin Culture and Stories | S0-E3
Nov 1 • 6 min
Episode 3 is now live. If you have any feedback you can always tweet @GeePawHill on Twitter, or drop a voice message via the voice messages link here on Anchor. You can also read the full transcription of the podcast over on —- Send in a…
Easiest Nearest Owwie First (ENOF) | S0-E2
Oct 27 • 7 min
When facing especially weak code, it’s easy to feel daunted; there just seems so much wrong with it. To get my mojo on, I find the simplest infelicity to fix, I fix it. Then I do it again. Everyone encounters code from time to time that she does not…
When to Start TDD | S0-E1
Oct 21 • 8 min
First Episode of the GeePaw Podcast is now live! These episodes will be posted every Monday morning and will go hand-in-hand with either an old or new blog post on the website GeePawHill.Org. If you love it, sign up to the GeePaw Weekly newsletter to…