Call It Like I See It

Call It Like I See It
The Disruption Now crew drops honest, thoughtful, and insightful observations on notable issues in culture, politics, sports and more.

EP:8 - Tribalism Through Political and Ideological Labels
Dec 12 • 56 min
Do people generally use ideological labels to describe their belief system or their club (0:49)? Is this phenomenon getting worse, or do things like social media just show what’s already there (16:25)? Is the United States particularly vulnerable to…
EP:7 - Making Sense of the Streaming Wars
Dec 5 • 52 min
What makes streaming different and what does it mean to me (0:47)? What is in it for the media companies (9:40)? What makes a streaming service worth it (15:41)? Is streaming an example of technology making things better for all stakeholders (24:39)? Are…
EP:6 - Do Bernie’s Policies and His Movement Transcend Identity? [Bernie Double Dose]
Nov 22 • 36 min
Are identity politics dead or can they still serve a purpose (0:38)? Is there an obligation to support politicians that look like us, or can beliefs transcend identity (10:43)? Are Bernie’s policies viable (14:49)? Could his movement get him elected and…
EP:5 - Can Bernie Sanders Save Black Lives? [Bernie Double Dose]
Nov 22 • 32 min
Can Bernie Sanders tell you how not to get shot by the police (0:41)? Would you rather be offered honest advice or empathy, and would rather agitate the system or take control of it (3:23)? Is there room for compromise and understanding in the fight for…
EP:4 - The Culture Series: The New Golden Age, a Book by Ravi Batra
Nov 15 • 59 min
Can all humans be classified into one of four classes (1:00)? Can the law of social cycles explain what is going on and anticipate what is coming next (11:46)? What do you make of the final year syndrome (25:11)? Is deceiving and being deceived about…
EP:3 - Why Do Americans Seem to Hate Each Other and Love Fake News?
Nov 8 • 58 min
What about our politics makes Americans hate each other (0:57)? Regardless of the reason, the extreme political polarization is serving the interests of our rivals (24:15). Fake news is driven by demand, but the ability to effectively deliver the supply…
EP:2 - China Buys LeBron’s Silence?
Oct 24 • 50 min
Even in the face of controversy, LeBron James has never backed down when standing against injustice. Does his unwillingness to discuss the issues in Hong Kong signal a change in approach? Or does the size of the Chinese market, or its distance from the…
EP:1 - Our American Experiment Threatened
Oct 17 • 62 min
The continued existence of America, as a nation of laws and not men, is being threatened. Patriots must call out these threats and work together to answer them. We must keep America America! (1:02:21)