The Resilient Pathway

The Resilient Pathway
The Resilient Pathway to Happy Work & Life, with Alexia Georghiou, Life Coach

EP14 The Happiness Mindset
Nov 3 • 26 min
According to researchers around the world happiness is a science, skill & choice. Happiness is good for our health and optimal brain functioning. We can rewire our brain by learning to practice this skill. Today we learn the how to!
EP13The Forgiveness Mindset
Nov 3 • 24 min
Forgiveness is good for your health, and it changes the brain! Tune in for the science and practical application on a daily basis. Holding on can entangle us and impede our progress in life. Learning to let it go is a skill.
EP12 Squashing those cravings-The Controlled Emotions Mindset
Oct 28 • 32 min
How to squash cravings with mindset. We talk about the science; how our thoughts contribute to neuroplasticity, ie. rewiring of the brain. When we feel and control our emotions, this pathway leads us to heal and take control of our cravings!
11 Adapting to Challenges
Oct 25 • 25 min
Resilience is the ability to recover from setbacks, & adapt to challenging circumstances. We talk about the ‘words mindset,’ from Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book, “Think, Learn, Succeed.”
10 The Controlled Mindset
Oct 21 • 26 min
We share how we knock the toxic thoughts out of the ball park. What is toxic and how do we do this?
9 Retelling our Story
Oct 21 • 24 min
By retelling our story we knock shame out of our lives.
8: The Luck Factor & Opportunity
Oct 20 • 28 min
We share about the study, “The Luck Factor,’ showing how lessening anxiety helps us notice opportunities around us. Luck is dispelled with the key attribute being positive calm thinking.
7: What is Mindset & Why is it Important?
Oct 20 • 29 min
We introduce what mindset is and how a positive mindset sets the pathway of our life for success.
6: How our body reacts to stress & what to do about it.
Oct 15 • 23 min
Polyvagal theory in a nutshell, helping us understand the process our body undergoes when responding to stress. Quick tips on how to manage the stress as it occurs.
5: Creating Healthy Culture
Oct 15 • 24 min
How to foster healthy relationships & manage conflict.
4: Creating the Emotional Climate to Success
Oct 14 • 20 min
It takes 5-7 positives for us to metabolize 1 negative…this and more about climate at work!
3: The Power of Optimism as a skill in our work!
Oct 14 • 27 min
How to increase your sales & work productivity!
2: Telling your story & how the mind heals the brain!
Oct 11 • 22 min
We share the science as explained by Dr. Caroline Leaf on how telling our story is healing.
1: Mental Toughness
Oct 11 • 29 min
In this inaugural episode we will introduce the mental toughness mindset.