Your Sacred Place

Your Sacred Place
Reflections from Sacred Place United Church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA where we seek to create a just world where ALL are included in the family of God, one Sacred Place at a time.

Make Paths for Peace
Dec 12 • 10 min
So often, the peace celebrated in our preparations for the birth of the Christ child seems like an impossible dream. Can it be real?
Guide Us with Hope
Dec 4 • 8 min
As we journey toward Bethlehem following that shining star during this Advent season, may we do so carrying hope with us.
Build With Joy
Nov 21 • 10 min
We long so often for superheroes who might save us from the evil in our world. Do we really need someone to save us?
Build With Your Story
Nov 14 • 8 min
Our stories have power, a deeper magic which can transform. Your story can make a difference in the world if you only share it.
Build With The Blessed
Nov 6 • 8 min
Last week, we celebrated All Saints’ Sunday, the day on which we remember the saints in our lives who have blessed us so that we might be a blessing. How does that build this Sacred Place? Find out on this week’s episode.
Mission Sunday: Justice Made Real
Oct 30 • 8 min
Once a month, we take a break from our usual Sunday Worship Gathering for a Mission Sunday focusing on justice, inclusion, or family. Why? Find out on this week’s episode of Your Sacred Place.
Build With Passion
Oct 25 • 7 min
Our third episode searches for the modern-day Zacchaeus in a world full of a different kind of oppression than experienced by the subjects of the Roman Empire in the 1st century. How might we create sacred places in our contexts?
Build With The Marginalized
Oct 18 • 10 min
Our second episode continues the story of how Sacred Place came to be. Through the story of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry we find ourselves looking to the future.
Build With Friends
Oct 10 • 8 min
Our first episode begins with a little bit of our history and how we got to building Sacred Place. World Communion Sunday reminds us of our mission of inclusion. Join us for the journey to create Your Sacred Place.
Welcome to Your Sacred Place
Oct 7 • 1 min
“Your Sacred Place” is s podcast from Sacred Place United Church in Rancho Cucamonga, California, a new church with a long history. Find out more in this introduction.