Impeachment, Explained

Impeachment, Explained
Ezra Klein puts the impeachment of Donald Trump in perspective

How Andrew Johnson’s impeachment created the template for Trump’s
Dec 7 • 55 min
This week, the fact-finding phase of the Trump impeachment inquiry officially ended. Reports were released, hearings were held, articles of impeachment are being drafted. Andrew Prokop helps us break it all down. Then, the impeachment analogue that most…
Was Rudy Giuliani always like this?
Nov 30 • 57 min
Rudy Giuliani will prove to be the crucial character who pushed Donald Trump towards impeachable offenses. But how did Giuliani go from “America’s Mayor” and icon of the moderate Republican establishment to…whatever he is now? There’s an answer, and it’s…
What’s wrong with the Republican Party?
Nov 23 • 73 min
The core question this impeachment process is raising isn’t “what did Donald Trump do?” The hearings have filled in important details and added confirming witness, but the story is largely the one we’ve known since the White House released the call…
With obstruction of justice for all
Nov 16 • 42 min
This week kicked off the public phase of the impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday, we heard the testimonies of State Department officials Bill Taylor and George Kent and on Friday the testimony of former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Vox’s…
The biggest difference between Trump and Nixon is Fox News
Nov 9 • 33 min
This is a helluva episode. First, we’ve been working with Ipsos and PerryUndem on a national survey exploring Americans’ beliefs about what is impeachable. The results are back, and they’re both fascinating and chilling. Then, there was an amazing moment…
A no-BS guide to how the House impeachment process really works
Nov 2 • 45 min
This week, the House passed an impeachment resolution laying out how the process will work from here. There were unusual and important decisions made that will shape what comes next, and Vox’s Andrew Prokop joins me to explain them. Then, California Rep.…
The Ukraine story is a Russia story
Oct 26 • 53 min
We talk about this as a Ukraine story. But it’s also a Russia story. The leverage Trump had on Ukraine came from Russia’s invasion of Crimea and continuing support for insurgents in Ukraine. The leverage Trump had on his own government came from the…
The four words that will decide impeachment
Oct 19 • 53 min
This was the week of confessions. Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admitted to a Trump administration quid quo pro with Ukraine, with cameras rolling. EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland confirmed that President Trump made Rudy Giuliani the hinge…
We are living through history
Oct 12 • 1 min
This will, in all likelihood, be the fourth time a US president is impeached. But it’ll be a devilish story to follow. Already, there are more threads, places, names, and events than even full-time reporters can remember. What’s the role of the EU…