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mnemonic security podcast
The mnemonic security podcast is a place where IT Security professionals can go to obtain insight into what their peers are working with and thinking about.

OODA Loops with Open Source
Sep 22 • 36 min
This time, Robby has invited his most recent online friendship and the uncrowned king of open source, Simon Simonsen, to the podcast. Simon also happens to have a lot of experience developing and utilising security architecture defense strategies, or as…
Security Validation
Sep 7 • 38 min
How can we prove cybersecurity effectiveness?With USD 124 billion being spent worldwide on IT security last year alone, it’s no wonder this is a question many would like the answer to. However, finding a quantitative metric to evaluate security…
A shared responsibility
Aug 31 • 36 min
For this Norwegian episode of the mnemonic security podcast, Robby and co-host for the day Manager of Governance, Risk & Compliance at mnemonic, Gjermund Vidhammer, are joined by two major actors in the Norwegian cyber landscape: Robin Bakke,…
Data science and security visibility
Aug 17 • 33 min
How can we best apply data science techniques to gain security visibility? What data you collect obviously affects your detection capabilities, but as many have painfully experienced; there can be too much of a good thing!In this episode, Robby is…
KPIs vs. Empowerment
Aug 3 • 23 min
How effective is the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in security? Are they even relevant, and if so, do KPIs work differently for security teams than others?In this episode, Robby chats with someone that’s had a lot to do with KPIs, both in his…
A chat with KraftCERT | OT miniseries
Jul 20 • 34 min
Who better to continue our Operational Technology (OT) miniseries with than KraftCERT, the Norwegian Energy and Control System CERT!KraftCERT helps industrial control system (ICS) related industries establish incident response teams, build digital…
Why should we care about PAM?
Jul 6 • 42 min
For this episode, Robby has invited two experts that see privileged access management (PAM) from two different viewpoints. From the customer side he has Thor Milde, SVP and Head of IT Security Services in Norway’s largest bank DNB, share his PAM journey…
You can’t protect what you don’t know you have | OT miniseries
Jun 22 • 33 min
In this episode, we continue our Operational Technology (OT) miniseries where we look into the security challenges in the OT space. This time, Robby chats with PhD Andrea Carcano on the importance of visibility in OT environments. Andrea is passionate…
Turning users from targets to defenders
Jun 8 • 30 min
In this episode, Robby chats with Erlend Gjære, Co-founder and CEO of Secure Practice, on how to turn an organisation’s users into its last line of defense against email threats. Erlend has spent most of his career studying people and their email…
OT’s role in a CISO’s world | OT miniseries
May 25 • 18 min
The CISO role in Operational Technology (OT) means securing environments where digital and physical worlds meet, and where a service disruption in the digital space can have a direct and immediate impact on our physical world.In this episode, Robby…
Microservices, in theory and practice
May 11 • 43 min
In this episode, Robby chats with two experts from mnemonic that are highly passionate about microservices; security researcher Andreas Claesson and Head of Development of our Argus security platform, Joakim von Brandis.Andreas explains how he works…
To SOAR, or not to SOAR? (Part 2)
Apr 28 • 33 min
How to best avoid being stuck in Groundhog Day?In the second part of our mini series about SOAR, Robby chats with a gentleman that was referred to as The Godfather of SOAR in the first episode of the series.Rob Gresham, SANS Instructor specialising in…
To SOAR, or not to SOAR? (Part 1)
Apr 21 • 28 min
Do it smart, so you won’t have to do it again.In this episode, we chat with Tibor Földesi, Security Automation Analyst in Norlys, one of the largest Telco & Energy companies in Denmark. At Norlys, his main motivation is to get more time to enjoy his…
Securing healthcare data while studying COVID-19
Apr 15 • 34 min
In this episode, we chat with the people in charge of the healthcare and sensitive data collected in what is amongst the world’s largest COVID-19 studies to date.The study known as the Corona Study, is lead by the Oslo University Hospital and aims to…
IAM these days
Apr 6 • 39 min
Who should own Identity and Access Management in an organisation?In this episode, Robby speaks to Espen Skjøld from Sailpoint about the evolution of Identity and Access Management - and he also found some interesting people to discuss this with from…
Bug Bounties and Unicorns
Mar 23 • 35 min
In this episode, we speak with a security expert that is actually willing to pay money to “hackers” - the Product Security Director in Visma, Espen Johansen. As you can imagine, eliminating software vulnerabilities in a company with 5,000 developers is…
Hack my (hard-coded) heart
Mar 9 • 29 min
In this episode, we chat with the former Head of the SOC at the Norwegian National CERT, and current member of mnemonic’s Threat Intelligence team. She also happens to have a personal interest in the “Internet of Things” and medical devices. In 2011,…
Super CISO! With 300 brands to secure
Feb 24 • 34 min
In this episode, we chat with the CISO of consumer goods conglomerate Orkla - Antonio Martiradonna. In 2017, he accepted the task of building up a security organisation to secure 300 brands, helping us to keep food in our fridges and beauty products in…
Securing our financial future
Feb 9 • 31 min
In this episode we pick the brain of a Senior Vice President and CISO for a multinational insurance enterprise – Bjørn Watne of Storebrand. In our discussions with Mr. Watne, we touch upon the topics of:- 3rd party risk management,- …
Out of Control
Feb 3 • 36 min
In this episode we chat with two of the main contributors to the #OutofControl report, Finn Myrstad, Digital Policy Director for the Norwegian Consumer Council and Tor Bjørstad, Application Security Lead in mnemonic.The report uncovers how every time we…
Cyber Insurance for Y2K
Jan 27 • 38 min
In this episode we chat with a cyber insurance underwriter for one of the largest insurance enterprises in the Nordics - Erlend Hjelle from Gjensidige.We discuss the development of the market, and which types of organizations have been early adapters….
Pentesting these days - Crowdsourcing
Jan 8 • 31 min
Interview with a hacker for hire
Special Edition: Under the hood of Argus
Jan 8 • 24 min
In this episode we interview one of the founding fathers of the Argus platform - Joakim von Brandis. He tells us about the background of the platform, why it was created, what it does, and how it is used by security analysts working within mnemonic and…
Cloud security with an Angel
Jan 8 • 30 min
Interview with CISO Angel Alonso
Boss of the SOC
Jan 8 • 26 min
In this interview we interview the boss of the SOC - Stig Nordby in mnemonic. Stig has worked with dozens of large organizations to build out their cyber defense strategies, and is today a 3rd line security analyst and senior consultant for companies…
Sharing is caring - Threat Intelligence with ACT
Jan 8 • 21 min
In this episode we chat with PhD candidate, and former CISO for mnemonic - Siri Bromander. She’s been dedicating her time the past years on improving threat intelligence, specifically the way we can use automation to enrich security incidents and share…