The Jordan Phoenix Show

The Jordan Phoenix Show
A not-so-serious look at the talented people in and around St. Louis and the midwest at large. Host Jordan Phoenix talks with entrepreneurs, creators, hustlers, and entertainers for his own personal enjoyment, and maybe yours too.

35 - Blake Armstrong
Aug 5 • 70 min
Blake Armstrong is a Hollywood movie poster artist - also creating icon artwork for bands like In Flames & Slayer. He was most importantly the artist we worked with for the “Miracle” music video poster for Story of the Year. You’ve seen his work. Movie…
34 - Josh Wills
Jul 29 • 96 min
Josh Wills is the drummer for the band Story of the Year. We go deep into the origins of Josh including his start in music, line up changes in the band, politics, social justice, and more.
33 - Ryan Phillips 2
Jul 22 • 83 min
Ryan Phillips is an American Ninja Warrior and guitarist for the band Story of the Year. He is launching a YouTube channel, so we talk about that. And more stuff too. Join us, won’t you?
32 - Patrick Lawrence
Jul 1 • 92 min
Patrick Lawrence is a 6x Sundance Film Editor. He stops by the garage for a socially distanced discussion where we dig into his career, what keeps him going, and keeping on during COVID. He drove all the way from LA to be on the show, so give him a…
31 - Adam Russell 3
Jun 24 • 96 min
Adam Russell (bassist of Story of The Year) joins me yet again - but now IN REAL LIFE! We talk about some heavy stuff, including a smidge of COVID, some Black Lives Matter, Me Too, and motivations for success (or a lack thereof). We’re all over the place,…
30 - Katie Collier
Jun 8 • 53 min
Katie Collier is a super successful mom, chef, entrepreneur, and leader in the St. Louis Culinary World. NBD. For real though, I’ve known Katie a while and I’ve always been impressed with her execution of an idea, and it’s ability to tie back to…
29 - Enrique “Ricky” Sampson III 2
Jun 8 • 53 min
Ricky stays in music, plays a bunch of instruments, including guitar in Foxing, and nearly everything in his solo projects. We checked in with him, a touring musician, during an uncertain time to see how he’s holding up and what’s keeping him…
28 - Adam Russell 2
Apr 29 • 86 min
Adam Russell (bassist of Story of The Year) joins me again for another hang - this time remotely - to talk about his new podcast Thank The Maker. Plus, we talk about SOTY things past, present, and future. And inevitably, we get into life locked down…
CoronaCast 3
Apr 6 • 53 min
Fiber Internet, comediennes, flight advice, & 24oz Beer. Energy level: extra medium. Minimal corona.
CoronaCast 2
Mar 28 • 59 min
Corey And Jordan are back. Corey has better energy. Jordan drinks a Kickstart. They talk about stuff. Let’s hang out.
CoronaCast 1
Mar 26 • 29 min
CoronaCast is a special recurring BONUS show featuring Jordan Phoenix & Corey Smale. Two friends sharing their thoughts on the quickly changing circumstances and landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic. Quarantined and socially-distanced conversations for your…
25 - Sean Baltzell
Mar 18 • 43 min
Sean Baltzell is a pillar of the “The Grove” entertainment district in St. Louis, MO. He is an owner/partner of Tower Classic Tattooing, Knife and Flag, Scorpion Front Publishing, Union Barbershop, HomeGrown Hair Co., Parlor, Takashima Records, & Cúrador.…
24 - Dr. Dan the Pancake Man
Mar 11 • 121 min
Dan Drake (aka Dr. Dan, aka Dancakes) is a world-renowned pancake artist based out of St. Louis. We talk about his start in the pancake game, corona virus conspiracies, his new board/tarot game, and who he’s voting for. Carb load with me on this one bro!
23 - Bob Brazell
Mar 4 • 69 min
Bob Brazell is the owner of Byrd & Barrel, The Tenderloin Room, & Tamm Ave Bar. Bob talks about a health scare, the balancing act of running so many very different restaurants, and lots more. Recorded live at Nomad inside of Tamm Ave Bar. Get it!
22 - Victor Galvan
Feb 26 • 106 min
Victor Galvan is a fitness authority, personal/group trainer, sleep hacker, and nutrition expert. We lift heavy on this one, bro!
21 - Kevin K Neumann
Feb 19 • 77 min
Kevin K Neumann is the events manager at the Moonrise Hotel in STL. He shares some stories about his often odd occupation, dealing with some really heavy family stuff, and tips for wedding speeches. Plus more.
20 - Enrique “Ricky” Sampson III
Feb 12 • 96 min
Enrique “Ricky” Sampson III is a guitarist for the band Foxing. Really loved talking with Ricky, hope you like.
19 - Lux
Feb 5 • 121 min
Lux is a radio personality on 105.7 The Point in St. Louis. She is also a social media guru, animal activist, & influencer. Lux is very open about some of the big struggles she’s been through in the last few years. We get into some of that, but also talk…
18 - Matty Merch + Tim Trad
Jan 29 • 107 min
Matty Merch run all of the merch from huge international artists like Taylor Swift, plus literally every other huge tour in the US and abroad. Tim Trad is an entrepreneur in the clothing world and is currently filming a documentary of Matt as they travel…
17 Ryan Key (YELLOWCARD) + Adam Russell (SOTY)
Jan 22 • 80 min
William Ryan Key is a singer/songwriter/author and former frontman of Yellowcard. He joins me and returning guest Adam “the Skull” Russell (bassist of Story of the Year) to promote their new podcast “Thank the Maker”. We talk about lots of stuff too, but…
16 - Joey Goldsmith + Ben Vogelsang
Jan 15 • 58 min
Joey Goldsmith is a video editor, vfx artist and DP. Ben is a director & editor. They both work at Hubbard Radio which is home to your favorite STL stations including The Point, KSHE & the Arch. Let’s get silly on this one.
15 - Birthdaycast
Jan 9 • 36 min
It’s my birthday! And because this last year was especially awesome, I thought I’d take the time to thank some of the incredible people & brands I worked with as a 32-year-old. (sorry if I forgot you in advance) Here’s the reel of music videos I shot the…
14 - Nick Lambrou
Jan 8 • 82 min
Nick Lambrou is a director & editor who has worked with huge bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones, Goldfinger, Story of the Year, Bullets & Octane, & many many more. He is an old friend and someone I looked up to for a long time. He has dealt with some…
13 - Justin Harris
Jan 1 • 77 min
Justin Harris owns Saint Louis Hop Shop with his brother on Cherokee Street. He is a pillar of the community there, but more importantly, I went to high school with him. We talk about how he got his business up and running against huge obstacles, the…
12 - Rob Tweedie
Dec 26, 2019 • 103 min
Rob Tweedie is a designer and former singer/frontman for Adair & Disturbing the Peace. He has also been behind some of the country’s coolest national tours. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
11 - Ryan Phillips
Dec 18, 2019 • 120 min
Ryan Phillips plays guitar in Story of the Year. He is also a photographer, American Ninja Warrior, mountain climber, family man, and friend. Ryan likes to “get deep”, so I do my best to oblige for about 2 hours. Follow him on IG @ryan_t_phillips (for…
10 – Mvstermind
Dec 11, 2019 • 45 min
Mvstermind is a hip-hop artist, producer, and entrepreneur from St. Louis, Missouri. He has a shoe deal w/ Dr. Scholls, has been covered by just about every local and regional publication, was featured on the NPR 20 Artists To Watch In 2019 List, & has…
9 - Christian Ethridge
Dec 4, 2019 • 67 min
Christian Ethridge is the owner and head chef at Taco Circus - a trendy/hip tex-mex restaurant on “the Hill” in St. Louis, MO. Christian goes deep w/ Jordan about the long journey to his success in the restaurant biz including underground hip-hop shows,…
8 - Porter McKnight
Nov 27, 2019 • 64 min
Porter McKnight plays bass for the band Atreyu. He is joined in studio with fellow bass player Adam Russell of Story of the Year. Porter talks about recording their most recent album with mega-producer John Feldmann, work-life balance, The Photo Odessy,…
7 - Adam Russell
Nov 20, 2019 • 77 min
Adam “the Skull” Russell plays bass in Story of the Year. We talk about toilets, music, the fame game, John Williams & the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, & more. Follow Adam on IG @adamtheskull
6 - Laura Windisch
Nov 13, 2019 • 85 min
Laura Windisch is the owner & executive chef of Stacked STL. We talk about her start in the culinary world, rumors of how Stacked came to be, and her dislike of ranch dressing. Follow her on IG @StackedSTL
5 - Corey Smale
Nov 6, 2019 • 53 min
Corey Smale is a marketing guru, past owner of Good Fortune restaurant & Strange Donuts, current marketing manager for Stag Beer, and the brain behind SuperGiantWorld. He and Jordan have worked on many projects together, including the first Stag Beer…
04 - Chris Bauer
Oct 30, 2019 • 68 min
Chris Bauer is a photographer, dancer, and possible part-time co-host of the Jordan Phoenix Show. He has been on lots of shoots & projects with Jordan over the last few years and has become a good friend. This is the first of many episodes featuring this…
03 – Jon Michael Ryan
Oct 23, 2019 • 66 min
Jon Michael Ryan is a DP and director. He is the mind behind TangentMind™ (TM™). He’s lensed series for Netflix and Go90 and has operated ShotOver™ systems out of helicopters. He does not own a Tesla. And we talk about why not in this episode. We also…
02 - Moon Valjean
Oct 16, 2019 • 91 min
Moon Valjean is the frontman of Greek Fire, guitarist in Goldfinger, and former guitarist in Story of the Year. Plus, he’s a host on morning radio’s Rizzuto Show and a million other things. We talk about music videos we’ve made together, hustle & grit,…
01 - Ben Vogelsang
Oct 4, 2019 • 68 min
Ben Vogelsang is a producer/director/DP for Hubbard Communications (The Point, KSHE, New Country) and also the co-director of almost every music video I’ve shot over the last 2 years. He’s also an accomplished concert photographer and lover. See his work…