The Landlord's Almanac - Landlord Conversations

The Landlord's Almanac - Landlord Conversations
Landlords - Whether you own one rental property or hundreds, you want to run a profitable business because your future depends on it. Education is the key to opening the doors. Your success depends heavily on knowing and complying with dozens of rules …

E25: Eviction Moratorium Deadlines Approaching
Jul 23 • 38 min
Eviction Moratoriums are fast approaching causing many questions about what to do? what are the real stats? What does it feel like in court? and a story about a landlord facing a squatter situation. These are uncertain times making it difficult to…
E24: Money While you Sleep
Jul 9 • 42 min
What appetite do you really have? How much time do you really have? What is your skill set do you REALLY have? These are valuable questions to ask yourself to determine where to start, go, and end up in the rental property game.
E23: What happens next? Covid & Evictions
Jul 2 • 40 min
Courts are starting to open for some and not for others, what happens next? Can landlords go to court now? What will it be like when we do go to court? Everything is different now.Host:Kassandra TaggartDave Stohr Links:The Landlord’s AlmanacFacebook…
E22: Proactive Repairs Creates Profits
Jun 17 • 44 min
Doing proactive maintenance for $1,500 a year is way cheaper than 1 fire, 1 flood, 1 tenant turnover, and stress.Host:Kassandra TaggartDave Stohr Links:The Landlord’s AlmanacFacebook PageWebsiteProperty ManagementDonationsSponsor the clubBook: Pain or…
E21: Consequence of slow rent payments
Jun 5 • 40 min
E21: Consequence of slow rent payments
E20: Reserve Mistakes: Expectations vs Reality
May 29 • 50 min
Reserves, Savings, Cash Flow, NOI……so many buzz words that landlords don’t know what reserves really are and how not understanding it can get you into a large amount of financial troubles.
E19: Secrets to Maximizing your Profits
May 21 • 42 min
There are many tricks that can be done to maximize your profits. To name a few is the management of time, systems, and how you look at money.
E18: Small Details in A Turnover Matters
Apr 30 • 35 min
Today let’s talk about when doing a turnover of a rental property, what small steps can be done to avoid larger headaches later. This is key to being able to self-manage a rental property while working a busy day job.
E17: Tenants paying rent during a global event
Apr 23 • 40 min
Most tenants spend up to 30% of their income on rents. When many have lost their jobs, it has made a precarious finance even in the best of time. Now that thousands of Alaskans have suddenly found themselves without jobs, it has created a temporary…
E16: Changing rental operations during a pandemic
Apr 14 • 42 min
Changing rental operations during a pandemic – COVID-19
E15: Those Annoying Pests being Pesty
Apr 9 • 31 min
Those Annoying Pests!
E14: The cost of overlooked details
Mar 27 • 43 min
E14: The cost of overlooked detailsSummary:Details are boring, but needed for profits. It is easy to get busy in life and forget them or get tired and not want to pay attention to them anymore. However, it is one of the keys needed to make a profit on…
E13: Disasters is something you can prepare for
Mar 19 • 30 min
The kind of vendor you want on your side is the one that has their mission on their uniform - “We are here to help!” Disasters don’t happen often, but when they do you will tell the story for many many years. Therefore, you want to listen & learn today on…
E12: Consistently Receiving Rent Payments
Mar 5 • 43 min
Title:Consistently Receiving Rent PaymentsSummary:Cash is king and it is the air that properties need to survive and give returns. One of the best ways to assure that is by doing things that allows consistency in collecting rent payments.Host:Kassandra…
E11: The Eviction Process
Feb 27 • 24 min
E11: The Eviction Process
E10: Getting into the details of finding tenants
Feb 20 • 43 min
E10: Straetgy for Renting Rentals
E9 Interviewing Property Managers
Feb 6 • 43 min
E9 Interviewing Property Managers
E8: Passion of being a new landlord
Jan 23 • 38 min
E7: Foundations of Profitable Landlords
Jan 16 • 42 min
To understand why certain landlords make it and others don’t, is to understand what are the foundations and differences between those that make it and those that don’t. We will explore the stories of the landlords that make a profit compared to those that…
E6: Continue: Leasing Processes That Scale
Jan 9 • 31 min
E6: Continue: Leasing Processes That Scale
E5: Scale & Leasing Processes to Consider
Jan 2 • 30 min
E5: Scale & Leasing Processes to Consider
E4: Common Mistakes Made
Dec 12, 2019 • 44 min
Common costly mistakes that landlords make in managing their rental property.
E3: Many Flooring Options
Dec 5, 2019 • 58 min
Learn about the many different ways to leverage vendors to get specialty work completed as well as several common questions from the forum.
E2: Landlord Habits
Nov 28, 2019 • 43 min
These are fundamental habits that separate the profitable landlords vs those that have costly mistakes.
E1: Happy Landlording Introductions
Oct 1, 2019 • 16 min
Show Keynotes: Being a landlord is a tough business but it has many rewards. We enter the landlording business either by force or by choice. I’ve been a landlord for 2 decades and have scary stories as well. A story about a house fire. A story about a…