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“Leave Her Alone!” — Dwight K. Nelson
Aug 13 • 4 min
There has been a rise in cases of abuse since the onset of COVID. Where is Jesus amidst this kind of suffering?
Struggling to trust: Why I raised my Promise percentage — Marcos Faiock Bomfim
Jul 19 • 9 min
In a time where financial certainty is deserting many of us, what can we learn about persisting in faithful giving? About trusting God with everything?
Four things to do before you decide to walk away — Kevin McDonald
Jul 15 • 8 min
Pastoral ministry is difficult — how can you know if it’s time to walk away or continue?
Lessons from Peter on ministry crisis management — Daniel L. Honore
Jul 13 • 14 min
As leaders in our churches, what can we learn from Peter about how to manage, even thrive, in the current crises?
Songs in the Night — Marye Trim
Jul 7 • 7 min
Hear how God ministered directly to a woman during some of the hardest nights — and how He continues to
Less can be more! Finding positive opportunities in hard financial times — Jerry N. Page
Jul 6 • 18 min
Many of us are finding ourselves in financially difficult times — how can we rely on God through these times?
The holy ground of confinement — Alan Wilson
Jul 3 • 4 min
How can we stay close to God, positive, and a blessing to others when we are confined by circumstances?
Editorial: Get Off the Bank — Jeffrey O. Brown
Jul 2 • 5 min
How do we know we’re doing the right thing in times like these?
Editorial: To Post or Not to Post — Jonas Arrais
Jun 17 • 6 min
As Christians, what do our lives portray?
If We Ever Needed the Church Before… — Gary Blanchard
Jun 16 • 13 min
In the midst of suffering and fear, people are longing for truth. We are in a unique position to share the very truths that people are thirsting for.
Even God Uses Cell Phones — Karen Glassford
Jun 15 • 10 min
In a time of social distancing, how can we reach people with the good news of Christ? Turns out that all you need is a cell phone.
Social Distancing: New Normal or Old Habit? — Dave Livermore
Jun 12 • 7 min
Social Distancing may be a new phrase that we’re using — but is it something we’ve inadvertently been practicing for a long time? Is this old kind of social distancing actually Christ-like?
Working Together for Good — Pavel Goia
Jun 11 • 13 min
With the world becoming worse and it taking a toll on all of us, what should be our focus? How should we spend our time?
When Ministry Becomes Overwhelming — Hymers Wilson
Jun 10 • 14 min
As a minister of God, especially in these trying times, ministry has a way of becoming overwhelming. Listen to how one minister has learned to cope with the stressors of life.
It’s Not Over When It’s Over — Arthur Edwin Gibb
Jun 9 • 4 min
We may think that retirement brings the end to ministry — but God has wonderful blessings in store for us at every stage of life. Fruitful and meaningful ministry is even possible in retirement.
The Power of “We”—Pastoral Ministry in a Corporate World — Ingrid Hernández
May 28 • 11 min
How can a congregating exist outside of a church or school? Better yet, how can such a congregating minister to one another amidst these hard times?
A New Normal? — Jimmy Arthur Atkins
May 27 • 9 min
In this new kind of community that we find ourselves, how can we adapt with technology to ensure a close community?
Amazing Jesus in Turbulent Times — Kayle de Waal
May 26 • 16 min
Sometimes we overuse the word “amazing”; but Mark, in his epistle, used this word intentionally to describe many facets of Christ’s character and actions. How can be continuously be amazed by Him?
Retired Leaders: A Proven Asset — Randall R. Childress
May 25 • 4 min
Effective ministry takes time. How can we learn from those who have gone before us and continue to minister beside us?
Get Some Roots! — Carlton P. Byrd
May 22 • 12 min
How can we learn to trust God in the good times as well as the hard times? How do we lay down roots that can weather the storms of life?
By Few or By Many — Boris-Jordan Flores
May 21 • 3 min
How many does God need to to pray in order to answer them?
God of the Open Door — Mark Finley
May 20 • 16 min
How can we view God during this time of uncertainty? Let’s take lessons from the life of Paul as we see God as the God of opportunity.
Editorial: Breaking News or Normal News — Jeffrey O. Brown
May 19 • 4 min
In these uncertain times, our definition of normal is changing. How are we to adapt? What should we strive to maintain even in this new normal?
Prepared and Protected — Pavel Goia
May 2 • 13 min
Jesus performed many miracles when He was on earth. Does that mean that miracles are always from God? How can we tell? How can we be prepared to have spiritual discernment?
Dealing with the Demonic — Kelvin Onongha
May 1 • 13 min
What does the Bible say about demon possession? How does it happen? What are precautions we can take?
Dual Allegiance — Christopher Kabwe Mukuka
Apr 30 • 11 min
What happens when we try to compromise Christian beliefs for the sake of of blending with other religions? Is any amount of compromise okay? How can we know if we’re compromising or not?
“Come out, in Jesus’ name!” — Conrad Vine
Apr 29 • 11 min
We can often throw around terms like “demonic possession” without really knowing what they mean practically or biblically. What are the correct definitions? More importantly, what do the Biblical definitions of these concepts teach us about receiving…
“You Have No Authority Over Me!” — Jonathan Walter
Apr 28 • 3 min
An experience of an ordinary Christian being led by the extraordinary Savior.
Deliverance ministry—A Biblical Imperative — Michée Badé
Apr 27 • 10 min
Many churches or religious leaders have different versions of “deliverance ministries”—but what is a Biblical template? Is there one? How can we minister to those who are oppressed by evil spirits?
Guest Editorial: If the Son shall set you free … — Emmanuel Osei
Apr 26 • 4 min
How can we keep ourselves safe in Christ—safe even from demonic possession?
Keeping Our Sense of the Call — Miguel Valdivia
Apr 25 • 10 min
We are often told to follow God’s call for our lives, but this simple phrase is multi-faceted in practicality. How do we sense God’s call? What is our part and what is God’s part?
Emotional Hurt Lurking in the Pew — Victor D. Marshall
Apr 24 • 9 min
Why are some people unwilling or unable to forgive? What causes these scars, and how can we help people heal in the way Christ does?
How Children Experience Grief — Natalie Dorland & S. Joseph Kidder
Apr 23 • 13 min
Because children also go through loss and trauma, they inevitably experience grief. However, their grief is often overlooked or misunderstood. How do they experience grief, and how can we love them well during this difficult experience?
Making Room for Those with Special Needs — Shaun Brooks
Apr 22 • 13 min
When Jesus called for the little children to come to him, he called all children. How can we make our churches a place where all children and all people are welcome, loved, and treasured?
The culture of Adventism: A study on haystacks, Rook, and engagement watches – Aimee Leukert
Apr 21 • 13 min
Playful fathers – by Richard Daly
Apr 20 • 13 min
I am a child of the Most High – by Alex Niculaescu
Apr 19 • 4 min
​Abraham—Come out of her, My people – by Elizabeth Ostring
Apr 18 • 12 min
Practical Pointers: Confessions of a chaplain–A person’s greatest need – by Anthony Chnadler
Apr 17 • 3 min
Practical Pointers: The art of the “ask” – by Tony Foglio
Apr 16 • 6 min
Jesus asked more questions than He answered. In fact, “according to the Gospels, Jesus asks 307 questions, is asked only 183, and answers fewer than 10 of those he is asked.” When we ask for a response, we are asking a question, wanting the hearers to do…
Editorial: Every little bit helps – by Jeffrey O. Brown
Apr 15 • 4 min
Sexualized narratives in preaching: Insights for personal and professional growth – by Orville Browne
Apr 14 • 13 min
Editorial: God is love, know it – by Pavel Goia
Apr 13 • 4 min
Preachers, there is no other way to tell God’s story. To reflect upon this love, to make it the goal of your life, is the only way to…
Over half of our flock are dropouts – by Louis Posthauer
Apr 12 • 9 min
On average, across the United States, more than 50 percent of those believers who should be in church are not. They are those who profess Christian beliefs but have willfully disconnected themselves from any meaningful relationship to the body of Christ.…
Narrative Preaching: Engaging young listeners as actors – by Stephen Reasor
Apr 11 • 10 min
How can preachers both meet the expectation that preaching be biblical and also capture young hearers?
The inseparable duo: The Holy Spirit and preaching – by Rodney Anthony Palmer
Apr 6 • 12 min
The power of the Holy Spirit is indispensable when crafting and delivering effective sermons. To downplay His role in preaching creates a false dichotomy between the discipline of homiletics and the doctrine of pneumatology. The Holy Spirit plays seven…
12 principles of evangelistic preaching – by David Klinedinst
Apr 1 • 11 min
As ministers, one of the most awesome opportunities we have is to preach God’s words of life to spiritually thirsty people. Most of us do this on a weekly basis at church. However, a major difference exists between worship-service preaching and…
Independent congregations or worldwide organized church?
Mar 29 • 14 min
Two church leaders accused James White of something absolutely scandalous. And James readily admitted that the accu- sation was true. So, what was this tale that Iowa Conference president B. F. Snook and secretary W. H. Brinkerhoff spread all around just…
A multichurch district board: Helping or hurting?
Mar 22 • 9 min
What exactly is a multichurch district council or board? A multi-church district is an amalgamation of several local churches in a given geographical territory under the guidance of a single pastor with associates, if any. The highest decision-making body…
Editorial: Where are the Miracles? — Jonathan Walter
Mar 18 • 4 min
What is the most effective ministry strategy for one of the most secular countries on earth? Furthermore, how can we experience the successful ministry that Jesus wants us to experience with Him?
Emotional Intelligence for Effective Ministry — Lori Ciccarelli Stotko
Mar 18 • 13 min
For excellent performance, EQ is twice as important as IQ. What exactly is EQ and how can it be practiced effectively?
What Every Pastor Should Know About Disabilities – Patrick Johnson
Mar 15 • 12 min
How do we relate to people with disabilities in our churches? How do we include them? How do we make them feel?
Hannah in the temple: A spiritual care response to involuntary childlessness
Mar 8 • 8 min
How do we, as pastors, deal with those struggling with involuntary childlessness?
Seven pictures of prayer – by Patrick Etoughe Anani
Feb 17 • 9 min
Ministering to the disabled community by the local congregation – Daniel M. Forbes
Feb 10 • 9 min
I have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with and ministering to members of the disabled community and their families, as well as their caregivers. Blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth await a congregation willing to prayerfully…
​The five levels of commitment and how they affect the local church – by Diego Boquer
Feb 6 • 13 min
In my first three years of ministry, I was committed to preaching—but not to sermon preparation. The result was dozens of halfhearted sermons prepared the night before to be endured by the dear saints. It took a Damascus Road experience to make me realize…
Jesus: God’s Story and Storyteller – Kenley D. Hall
Feb 3 • 11 min
If telling stories was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us.
God’s longing for His church – by Ron E. M. Clouzet
Jan 27 • 11 min
“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth” (John 16:13a, NIV).
What do you see? – Jeffrey O. Brown
Jan 20 • 5 min
I was working at Agona-Ashanti Secondary School in Ghana when it happened. While I was speaking with Dr. Joseph Addai, the school chaplain, his son suddenly burst into tears. “Why is he crying?” I asked. The father conversed with his son, then turned to…
Editorial: Our Greatest Treasure – by Melody Mason
Jan 15 • 4 min
Do I really recognize the treasure I’ve been given in the Word of God? Is spending time in prayer and meditating on God’s Word more precious than all my earthly pursuits?
Not by might, nor by power— but still done only by His Spirit – Jan-Harry Cabungcal
Jan 13 • 4 min
Why not give Him the woes in your life and ministry? Remember, His work in us is accomplished “ ‘not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts” (Zech. 4:6, NKJV).
A Theology of Leadership for Pastors – Ted N. C. Wilson
Dec 20, 2019 • 16 min
Leadership is a topic on which many books have been written, seminars presented, and lectures given. Leadership can be a power for good—or evil—depending upon its use. As a prophecy-led, last-day remnant movement, how important it is that we have a…
Stewardship of the saints: Safety and church mission trips – by Frank Figliuzzi
Nov 18, 2019 • 4 min
Each year, about two million US churchgoers travel abroad to build schools and churches, provide medical care, teach in orphanages, and spread the message of the gospel. Most local people welcome ministers of the faith. Yet, some among the multitudes view…
Prayer as praise: Toward a theology of prayer for mission engagement – Kelvin Onongha
Nov 11, 2019 • 11 min
Prayer is one religious discipline that has received much attention through the ages. Christians have placed a great deal of emphasis on the necessity of prayer for maintaining a close relationship with God. But another function of prayer that needs more…
Pornography and intimate partner violence: Dangerous kissing cousins – by Pamela and Claudio Consuegra
Nov 6, 2019 • 11 min
Porn is a global, estimated $97 billion industry, with about $12 billion of that coming from the U.S.” The consumption of pornography (porn) in the United States has climbed sharply with the proliferation of the internet and smartphones. More than 77…
The Elijah Message for Today – by John B. Youngberg
Oct 31, 2019 • 14 min
Restoration of the family lies at the heart of our end-time message.
“I nearly killed my wife.” Keep (pastoral) marriage alive – by Gábor Mihalec
Oct 28, 2019 • 12 min
How are you safeguarding your pastoral marriage?
Team ministry: A blessing to families – by Raquel and Jonas Arrais
Oct 20, 2019 • 15 min
Team ministry, in all its varieties, can still halve the burden and double the blessing.
Pastor, how loved do you feel? - by Elise Harboldt
Oct 10, 2019 • 4 min
There are times when pastors should prioritize their own spiritual and emotional health.
Clinging to Jesus in a foreign land – by Katie and Jared Miller
Oct 6, 2019 • 12 min
When surrounded by the new and unfamiliar, know that God is still sufficient.
Adventist Family Ministries: A retrospective – Willie and Elaine Oliver Interview Ron and Karen Flowers
Oct 1, 2019 • 6 min
We proffer that if the Adventist Church is to remain the relevant revelation to the world … then fostering healthier marriages and families will be the deliberate and sustained strategic focus of our existence.
The Transforming Power of Story – by Jerry N. Page
Sep 12, 2019 • 5 min
Narrative changes lives
Sep 1, 2019 • 13 min
Read what happened when Sucheen was given more than just proof texts; she was given the truth in story.
Sharing our faith with millennial generations - The power of storytelling - by Kleber Gonçalves
Sep 1, 2019 • 15 min
To effectively communicate the gospel to the millennial generation, we must think creatively and analyze how they listen and learn.
Stories: Unlocking hearts for God
Sep 1, 2019 • 13 min
Some cultures are only drawn to the salvation story through relatable language, songs, and stories. How can we reach them?
The “story” telling and outreach – by Pat Gustin
Sep 1, 2019 • 14 min
The Bible is God’s story book. It is over 75 percent stories showing who He is and how He deals with every kind of person. Our calling is to tell His story.
“Let me tell you a story”: The transforming power of narrative preaching and teaching
Aug 26, 2019 • 33 min
Stories connect with the tenacity of glue, sometimes holding for decades while intermittently releasing memories that recalibrate personal values.
Return to basics and renew your church
Aug 15, 2019 • 12 min
Growth happens when the Holy Spirit does His part—and we do ours.
“Never hang alone”
Jul 15, 2019 • 8 min
It is not good for the pastor to pastor alone—utilize your team of leaders.