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Ministry Magazine Podcast
The Ministry® Magazine podcast provides practical, theologically deep, and inspirational content to support your ministry..

Stewardship of the saints: Safety and church mission trips – by Frank Figliuzzi
Nov 18 • 4 min
Each year, about two million US churchgoers travel abroad to build schools and churches, provide medical care, teach in orphanages, and spread the message of the gospel. Most local people welcome ministers of the faith. Yet, some among the multitudes view…
Prayer as praise: Toward a theology of prayer for mission engagement – Kelvin Onongha
Nov 11 • 11 min
Prayer is one religious discipline that has received much attention through the ages. Christians have placed a great deal of emphasis on the necessity of prayer for maintaining a close relationship with God. But another function of prayer that needs more…
Pornography and intimate partner violence: Dangerous kissing cousins – by Pamela and Claudio Consuegra
Nov 6 • 11 min
Porn is a global, estimated $97 billion industry, with about $12 billion of that coming from the U.S.” The consumption of pornography (porn) in the United States has climbed sharply with the proliferation of the internet and smartphones. More than 77…
The Elijah Message for Today – by John B. Youngberg
Oct 31 • 14 min
Restoration of the family lies at the heart of our end-time message.
“I nearly killed my wife.” Keep (pastoral) marriage alive – by Gábor Mihalec
Oct 28 • 12 min
How are you safeguarding your pastoral marriage?
Team ministry: A blessing to families – by Raquel and Jonas Arrais
Oct 20 • 15 min
Team ministry, in all its varieties, can still halve the burden and double the blessing.
Pastor, how loved do you feel? - by Elise Harboldt
Oct 10 • 4 min
There are times when pastors should prioritize their own spiritual and emotional health.
Clinging to Jesus in a foreign land – by Katie and Jared Miller
Oct 6 • 12 min
When surrounded by the new and unfamiliar, know that God is still sufficient.
Adventist Family Ministries: A retrospective – Willie and Elaine Oliver Interview Ron and Karen Flowers
Oct 1 • 6 min
We proffer that if the Adventist Church is to remain the relevant revelation to the world … then fostering healthier marriages and families will be the deliberate and sustained strategic focus of our existence.
The Transforming Power of Story – by Jerry N. Page
Sep 12 • 5 min
Narrative changes lives
Sep 1 • 13 min
Read what happened when Sucheen was given more than just proof texts; she was given the truth in story.
Sharing our faith with millennial generations - The power of storytelling - by Kleber Gonc╠žalves
Sep 1 • 15 min
To effectively communicate the gospel to the millennial generation, we must think creatively and analyze how they listen and learn.
Stories: Unlocking hearts for God
Sep 1 • 13 min
Some cultures are only drawn to the salvation story through relatable language, songs, and stories. How can we reach them?
The “story” telling and outreach – by Pat Gustin
Sep 1 • 14 min
The Bible is God’s story book. It is over 75 percent stories showing who He is and how He deals with every kind of person. Our calling is to tell His story.
“Let me tell you a story”: The transforming power of narrative preaching and teaching
Aug 26 • 33 min
Stories connect with the tenacity of glue, sometimes holding for decades while intermittently releasing memories that recalibrate personal values.
Return to basics and renew your church
Aug 15 • 12 min
Growth happens when the Holy Spirit does His part—and we do ours.
“Never hang alone”
Jul 15 • 8 min
It is not good for the pastor to pastor alone—utilize your team of leaders.