The Whistleblower Revolution with Heidi Weber™️

The Whistleblower Revolution with Heidi Weber™️
Download & join US each week, as national HigherEd whistleblower, “the unstoppable” Heidi Weber, shares a rare view into the world of whistleblowers. Listen as real whistleblowers, whistleblower attorneys, (and other anti-corruption partners) share an

5 : For Profit Higher Ed Hoax with David Halperin
May 22 • 59 min
As a higher education whistleblower, and the first administrative dean to go through a trial against a large For Profit chain and win, my case caught the attention of higher ed watchdog, David Halperin, so many years ago. I found out how fortunate we…
4 : FBWhy Didnt They Listen-with Coleen Rowley
May 12 • 54 min
Coleen Rowley spent over two decades as a FBI Special Agent. In 1990 she was transferred to the FBI Minneapolis field office where she became the Chief Devision Counsel, teaching constitutional law as well as overseeing the Freedom of Information…
3: Breaking Bullyocracy with Don Jeffries
May 4 • 58 min
Don Jeffries returns to talk about taboo subjects and his new book Bullyocracy.
2: No Gutts, No Glory with Reuben Guttman
Apr 25 • 74 min
You definitely do not want to miss one “Guttsy” whistleblower Attorney with a long history of cases everywhere from civil rights to pharmaceutical to nuclear exposure. My friend, Reuben Guttman has earned respect both in and outside the whistleblower…
Season Two- Episode 1 Do April Showers bring May Whistleblowers?
Apr 20 • 54 min
In this Season 2 opener (sorry about delay-listen to hear why), Host Heidi talks candidly about the Covid19 crisis using her 25 years experience in direct healthcare, how its affected her and in general regarding unsurmounted trials in life from the…