The Engineering Leadership Podcast

The Engineering Leadership Podcast
On this show, we uncover stories and examples of great leadership in software engineering, explore the experiences of industry leaders, as well as share actionable insights from leadership and management thought experts artful and skilled in the application of leadership. Join our community of software engineering leaders @! Our objective is to expand your capacity for impact in your teams and companies as a software engineering leader through the artful, intentional, and skilled application of leadership in your career.

The Meaning Revolution with Fred Kofman Advisor, Leadership Development @ Google #4
Mar 6 • 54 min
The hardest business problem has a soft solution. Scientists and engineers display a (well-deserved) skepticism toward touchy-feely ideas such as leadership. Fred shows there’s a very technical way to understand why most organizations, from couples to…
Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies with Reid Hoffman Co-Founder of LinkedIn, Partner @ Greylock & Sarah Guo, General Partner @ Greylock Partners #3
Mar 6 • 45 min
In an interview between Reid Hoffman and Sarah Guo, they discuss “Blitzscaling” and how companies achieve massive scale at incredible speed. Reid shares insights and lessons on how to prioritize speed and efficiency in an environment of uncertainty, the…
Managing Creative Teams with James Everingham, Head of Engineering, Calibra @ Facebook #2
Mar 6 • 28 min
Facebook’s James Everingham shares about his early leadership and management experiences and the secrets he learned from quantum mechanics to manage creative teams. You’ll hear insights about how to unleash creativity by focusing on outcomes and…
Mastering Difficult Conversations With Sarah Clatterbuck, Director of Engineering @ Google #1
Mar 5 • 25 min
Difficult conversations for engineering leaders range from telling someone they have lettuce in their teeth to delivering life-changing bad news. Learn to level-up your ability to handle difficult conversations with a few techniques, practice and…