Very Old Money

Very Old Money
A look at history thru money

2.5 (6) - The King’s peace
Nov 4 • 17 min
With the conquest of Lydia, the Persians were introduced to coinage. The Lydians did not take to the shipment of their hard won treasure east meekly. After bringing the Lydians to heel Cyrus finished his last great conquest Babylon, before heading to his…
2.4 (5) - I am the badge of Phanes
Oct 27 • 16 min
The Phanes coins are the first coins with Greek inscriptions. The Greek alphabet itself was adapted from the Phoenician Alphabet after the Greek Dark Ages. This episode takes a look at the emergence of the Greek script and the coins of Phanes. Five of the…
2.3 - (4) The first Ionian coins
Oct 21 • 17 min
It is almost a century since the disastrous end of the Greco-Turkish War ended the almost three millennia of Greek presence in Western Asia Minor. The Greek cities of the region played a pivotal role in shaping Greek culture and Western Philosophy. They…
2.2-(3) He shall destroy a mighty empire
Oct 14 • 18 min
A new power rises in the Middle East. The Persians under Cyrus the great are on the move, taking Media and Babylonia.In Lydia, Croesus has succeeded his father Alyattes and issues the first gold and silver coinage. Comforted the advice of the Oracle of…
(2) Lydia
Oct 7 • 20 min
The first western coinage is generally attributed to the Kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia. The Greek cities of Ionia are another contender and started minting coins at the same time or soon after. However, the electrum deposits used to make these first coins…
Sep 27 • 12 min
An introductory episode to discuss the evolution of money, what this show will cover and what it will not.