The Doctor Zest Show

The Doctor Zest Show
Do you agree that there just is not enough laughter in the world? Do you agree that there seems to be a shortage of personal insight into what we are supposed to be DOING here on this planet? Radio personality, author, and 21st century psychologist, Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones IS Doctor Zest. Doctor Zest was the name of his former talk radio show, and is the name of his infamous website - DZ shares powerful tips on relationships, stress, personal development, fun, more smiling, and flat out enjoying of life. Support this podcast:

SEPARATION: The Toughest Decision
Nov 12 • 7 min
When do you stay and when do you go? Dr. DJ has a lot of suggestions and a bit of a quiz on how to know when “sticking it out” is NOT a good idea. —- Support this podcast:
That Relationship with Ourselves
Nov 7 • 5 min
How significant are your relationships to you? At we have 4 blog areas on relationships: Work/Family/Friends/Intimacy, but what about that really important relationship even more close to home: The relationship with ourselves? Dr. Zest, in…
Lives of Significance
Oct 26 • 5 min
I can prove that you DO want your children to have significant lives. Ready? Is the following statement true or false? “I hope my kids grow up to have insignificant lives!” True or False? False, of course! Well, there is only one other choice: To have a…
The ONE GOOD REASON to couple up!
Oct 5 • 3 min
Why do we insist on having a partner? Something warm in the bed next to you to warm your feet? Someone to watch TV with? Share expenses? Make or adopt babies! NOPE! None of those! There is actually only ONE good reason to be a couple. —- Support this…
Correcting your relationship’s trajectory!
Oct 5 • 3 min
When should you correct a wrinkle in your relationship? Never? 10 years from when it happens? 1 year after it happens? 2 days later? Fill in the blank:___? —- Support this podcast:
A Relationship Pothole: Assumptions!
Sep 29 • 4 min
Do you know what messes up relationships almost every day? Yep: Assumptions! Doctor Zest discusses the role of assumptions, and just how deeply infectious they can be - undermining your intimate relationship constantly. Why? Well, simply because you…
The Power of CHOICE!
Sep 10 • 2 min
So many go thru each day, duplicating yesterday, not realizing they have choices…that they can CHOOSE differently today. Yes, we all have obligations and if we make a commitment we should honor it (unless it becomes damaging to someone). But, for the most…
How to gain POWER in your life…
Sep 9 • 3 min
This is the first real podcast by Doctor Zest…sharing with you the power of your choices. —- Support this podcast: