The Cannabis Enigma

The Cannabis Enigma
Doctors, patients, scientists, and families talk medical cannabis. Cutting through the smoke to have intelligent conversations about medical marijuana, what it can treat, human stories, and the questions we’re all thinking about but never had anyone to?

Writing the Book On CBD & 2020 Election Preview
Oct 22 • 48 min
With so many products and so much conflicting information out there, how is a prospective patient supposed to figure out if CBD is for them? How do they learn to use it? And who is going to sift through all the science?Those are some of the questions…
Cannabis As An Addiction Treatment
Oct 8 • 47 min
When Dr. Joseph Morgan worked in addiction medicine, his clinic wouldn’t even admit patients if their primary substance was cannabis. Years later, he developed a treatment protocol to treat opioid addicts with cannabis.“CBD will reduce cravings, whether…
Dr. Ethan Russo: How Cannabis Can Be Better
Sep 24 • 52 min
The cannabis that most people have access to isn’t what it could be. A big part of that is a result of the way the plant has been bred to have high THC levels for the recreational market over the years.”For the most part, around the world, we’re still…
CBD Nation: Cannabis Science for the Masses
Sep 10 • 44 min
“The scientific material, which is complicated, if it is presented in a way that one can understand and really appreciate, can be a game changer in terms of shattering stigmas regarding cannabis,” explains David Jacubovic, producer of the new…
Cannabis At The Bar?
Aug 27 • 49 min
Marijuana has come a long way since the days of Reefer Madness and when you first learned about it from a DARE officer. But will it ever be treated like wine, with curated tastings available at high class events?That’s exactly what Dan Braunstein is…
The Fight for Legalization — and Access
Aug 13 • 50 min
Twelve states will vote on cannabis legalization measures this November. Those ballot measures — and the momentum that has given a majority of Americans legal access to cannabis — don’t come out of nowhere. Groups like Americans for Safe Access have…
Cannabis in Your Local Pharmacy?
Jul 30 • 30 min
“In a perfect world, we’d see cannabis available in pharmacies, just like any other drug or supplement. And if you don’t need the pharmacist’s help, great — somebody else will,” says cannabis pharmacist Dr. Melani Kane.In some US states, pharmacists are…
The Cannabis Nurse Is In
Jul 16 • 33 min
Cannabis is available in most of the US these days. Getting affordable answers about it is still out of reach for many — or at least it was.
Can Cannabis Treat ADHD?
Jul 2 • 28 min
Dr. Kirsten Muller-Vahl’s Tourette’s and ADHD patients told her they get relief from cannabis. She believed them, and started clinical trials.
More Than Just A Medical Card
Jun 11 • 42 min
Getting a medical marijuana recommendation is usually a one-time affair. It’s a box to check and then you’re on your own. But it shouldn’t be that way — and doesn’t have to be.
Cannabis and…Human Rights?
May 21 • 20 min
It’s easy to forget how the war on drugs ravaged entire countries. Some of those countries are now legalizing and view it as a human rights issue.
The First Puff Doesn’t Always Work
May 8 • 34 min
When Emily Earlenbaugh first used cannabis for anxiety and chronic pain, she found that some strains worked and others didn’t. Here’s what she did.
Using Cannabis To Treat Autism
Apr 23 • 29 min
Just four years ago, pediatrician Dr. Orit Stolar was dead set against using cannabis to treat autistic children. Today, she is running one of the only clinical trials in the world.
No Time For Clinical Trials
Apr 2 • 27 min
When Catherine Jacobson’s three-year-old son exhausted all available treatments for his life-threatening form of epilepsy, she wasn’t about to just give up.
Cannabis In the Age of COVID-19
Mar 19 • 15 min
While there’s no immediate reason to stop smoking cannabis, particularly if you don’t have a lung illness, it’s not a bad time to try different delivery methods, Dr. Roni Sharon says.
Healing Incurable Wounds With Cannabis
Mar 5 • 18 min
When Dr. Vincent Maida first starting recommending medical cannabis to cancer patients over two decades ago, he was viewed as an outcast by many of his colleagues in the medical community.“There was zero [cannabis] curricula when I went to medical…
When Your Kid Needs Cannabis
Feb 20 • 28 min
When Alfie Dingley’s mother first broached the idea of giving her epileptic son cannabis, their neurologist threatened to call social services.
Cannabis Drug Interactions, with Dr. Roni Sharon
Feb 6 • 11 min
When you go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription, the pharmacist checks to see if there could be any adverse drug interactions. With guest Dr. Roni Sharon.
What the Heck is Hemp? With Joao Gama
Jan 23 • 20 min
Cannabis lawyer João Gama talks about when CBD will be truly available in Europe, the future of legalization, and more.
Cannabis Bedside Manner, with Janosch Kratz, MD
Jan 9 • 28 min
When Janosch Kratz first sees a patient about medical cannabis, beyond their medical history, he wants to know how they react to other medications and even alcohol. If someone gets drunk off half a beer, he’s more likely to start them on a lower dose of…
Cannabis Data for Doctors: Mara Gordon
Dec 26, 2019 • 28 min
When Mara Gordon started using medical cannabis there wasn’t any lab testing — or any way to know how much of each cannabinoid or terpenes were in any given strain. So she started doing it herself. Gordon has been featured in the Netflix documentary,…
Cannabis Got Me Off Opiates After 25 Years
Dec 12, 2019 • 19 min
After nearly 25 years of taking prescription opiates, a friend suggested that Michael Miller try cannabis. At the age of 54, he smoked marijuana for the first time — and it changed his life.
How Science Is Learning From Patients About Cannabis
Nov 28, 2019 • 38 min
Patients have been using cannabis for much longer than scientists have been studying its medical value, says Tilray VP Philippe Lucas.
Migraines & Cannabis: A Neurologist Weighs In
Oct 31, 2019 • 31 min
Dr. Roni Sharon talks about treating migraines with medical cannabis. Cannabis can be used to stop a migraine once it’s started, he says, but it can also make them less frequent.
A Rural Canadian Doctor Starts Prescribing Cannabis
Oct 24, 2019 • 16 min
Canadian ER doctor Tiffany Keenan’s discovery of medical cannabis started with a documentary on TV, indicative of how many doctors are still uninformed about medical cannabis and the science behind it
Can Cannabis Help Children With Autism
Oct 15, 2019 • 10 min
There are many case reports and lots of anecdotal evidence of medical cannabis helping children with autism. “We need the evidence,” however, says Dr. Adi Aran, a pediatric neurologist who just completed one of the first clinical studies