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010 The Metagame
Nov 21 • 76 min
In this episode we discuss why the spork best captures the zeitgeist of its time, why all Dictators should have a copy of Monopoly, and how Disneyland is a constant reminder of our own mortality. Print and play The Metagame at It’s 7…
009 Snake Oil
Nov 14 • 68 min
In our most ridiculous episode to date we play ‘Snake Oil’. Put two random words together to make a product and then sell, sell, sell! Who will be crowned the best salesperson? Here are the products: Potato Wig Brush Box Skirting Board Warmers Toilet…
008 Nuclear Winter
Nov 7 • 69 min
In this episode we play ‘Nuclear Winter’. 20 people are randomly assigned 20 characteristics. Then choose which 10 people we would want in our bunker and which to leave for dead in the radioactive wasteland. The 20 randomly selected people: A Scuba Diver…
007 We’en, Hallo We’en
Oct 31 • 75 min
Happy Halloween! Today we talk about the origins of Halloween, try to guess the knock-off costumes and discuss our favourite spookytime snacks. Follow us on: Instagram : Facebook : YouTube…
006 Spill The Tea
Oct 24 • 63 min
We read our tea leaves, play with a ouija board and try not to use the letter T. See if you can read our tea leaves here - Follow us on: Instagram : Facebook :…
005 Ghost Stories
Oct 17 • 79 min
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004 Scary Stories
Oct 10 • 50 min
This American Life - And the Call Was Coming from the Basement Post-it notes left in apartment. Post-it notes UPDATE Potato neurotoxin story Distorted Warning Signals by Ashley Rose Wellman The scariest story Kelly Link has ever heard White with Red by…
003 Horror Movies
Oct 3 • 121 min
Contains spoilers for Orphan, A Quiet Place, The Mist, The Descent, Signs, Nightmare on Elm Street, It Follows, The Babadook, The Ring, and The Others. In this episode we talk about how we feel about horror movies, pick our favourites and discuss who is…
BONUS: The Lonely Coco Pop
Sep 28 • 15 min
In this bonus episode we discuss out weird quirks and habits. What are your idiosyncrasies? DM us on instagram @fourfrontgames our shoot us an email [email protected] —- Send in a voice message:
002 Fears, Phobias & Anxiety
Sep 26 • 75 min
In this episode we talk about the difference between fears and phobias, discuss Omphalophobia (the fear of bellybuttons), and read an account of someone living with Agoraphobia for 20 years. Follow us on social media @fourfrontgames —- Send in a voice…
001 Irish Folklore - Faeries, Banshees, Pooka and The Dullahan
Sep 19 • 84 min
What is a Faerie ring? Why would the Dullahan be great in an escape room? Who is the Púca in Donnie Darko? And who turned off Ciara’s bathroom light? Find out in todays episode! Follow us on social media @fourfrontgames and sent us your scariest ghost…
000 Introduction
Sep 17 • 0 min
A brief introduction to the new FourFront Games Podcast. Don’t miss our first episode this Thursday! —- Send in a voice message: