Aging And Awesome

Aging And Awesome
Informing, enlightening, and inspiring a community to be active, healthy, and young at heart! Starring Jo Dellaripa and Kerri McKenzie.

Living Comfortably As We Age, Episode 6
Nov 20 • 33 min
Jo and Kerri welcome Marcia Rambaud with Trans-Action Realty 500 on the podcast for a discussion on decluttering, downsizing, and living comfortably as we age!
Heritage and Ancestry
Nov 16 • 45 min
On the Aging & Awesome Podcast and on TV, Jo has told us amazing stories of living in Italy, speaking Italian and embodying what it means to be Italian. Kerri and Jo discuss Jo’s authentic Italian heritage and how she lives it out everyday!
Relationships, Part 2
Nov 12 • 49 min
Jo and Kerri continue their conversation on cultivating good relationships and avoiding the bad ones.
Relationships, Part 1
Oct 8 • 45 min
Jo and Kerri are back for another episode to talk about relationships and marriage! We’ve heard a lot about Jo’s friendly relationships, but let’s hear about her romantic ones!
Overcoming Challenges
Sep 30 • 40 min
We continue our Podcast series with the topic of overcoming challenges! Whether it’s overcoming loneliness, difficult people, or the ever-changing world, Jo and Kerri break down how life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.
Sep 17 • 42 min
The old saying “the best things in life are free” is lived out by Jo Dellaripa. Find out how at 86 years old she continues to find happiness in aging!