Nerds & Non/Sense™ with Larry Compton

Nerds & Non/Sense™ with Larry Compton
We’re Laughing & Learning together, not shoving our opinions down your throat. Call (541) 314-4271 to leave a message & let us know, “What’s Your Opinion?” — Facebook & Twitter? Nah, we prefer our own FREE Patreon Community. 😎❤️

From the Road: Happy Saturday
Nov 16 • 1 min
Just a quick note from the Road.
Episode 2 - It All Comes Back Around
Nov 14 • 34 min
My apologies to my planned guests for episode 2, I assure you I will include you in Episode 3.
Tag, You’re It!
Nov 12 • 1 min
Give me a call when you get a chance. (541) 314-4271
What We Need In This Country
Nov 12 • 1 min
This is exactly what we need. More love.
“Chosen”, from The Truth (Extended version, 18+)
Nov 11 • 3 min
This, my friends, is “Chosen” from The Truth (Extended version, 18+)
“Chosen”, from The Truth
Nov 9 • 1 min
This, my friends, is “Chosen” from The Truth
How to Call-In to the Show at (541) 314-4271
Nov 6 • 3 min
Call-In & Let Us Hear Your Opinion @ (541) 314-4271
Episode #1 - In the Beginning…(18+ Explicit Language)
Nov 3 • 57 min
We all have to start somewhere. Let’s Do This!
My Next Anonymous Guest
Oct 26 • 4 min
Not everybody needs to know everything, all the time, and sometimes it’s for a very good reason.
What’s Your Opinon? The Encryption Backdoor Debate: An Interview w/Brett Shavers
Oct 19 • 4 min
An excerpt from an interview with Brett Shavers, from DFIR Training, regarding the renewed “Encryption Backdoor” debate.
About the Show: Our Patreon Community & Chapter Markers
Oct 19 • 2 min
Skip the Non/Sense™, if you want, it’s doable.
Parody Infomercial: The AssMaster 400 XL (18+)
Oct 12 • 1 min
You might’ve known it was coming, with the 18+ restrictions and all. I swear in this!
About the Show: Our “Holy Sh*!, Did You Know!?” Segment (18+)
Oct 12 • 3 min
A brief overview of one of our regular segments you can expect called “Holy Sh*!, Did You Know!?”, where I get to feature some fascinating people & stories.
About the Show: Why Comedy Larry?
Oct 4 • 4 min
A brief clip about why I chose to do a comedy podcast, and I drop a few topics that’ll be in the first show.
Random Moments with Larry’s Mom (2-fer Her)
Sep 28 • 0 min
My mom is hilarious, at least to me. She’ll be dropping in on the show randomly for sure, especially in this new segment “Random Moments”.
Behind the Scenes: Meet Music Man Mark
Sep 28 • 3 min
A brief Behind the Scenes look with Music Man Mark and I chatting about customer service practices these days.
Parody News Alert: This Just In (Political Constipation)
Sep 24 • 1 min
A brief PARODY news alert regarding Politicians and a serious epidemic that has crossed party lines.
Parody Commercial: AstraPharmaSuitica - Ghehtbenghnt
Sep 22 • 0 min
Parody commercial - AstraPharmaSuitica & Ghehtbenghnt
Introduction to Nerds & Non/Sense™: What & Why?
Sep 21 • 3 min
A short introduction to Nerds & Non/Sense™, my new audio podcast dropping it’s first episode on November 2nd.